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Chapter Six

I am Number Four

xxx September 7th

xx High School First Period Study Hall


Bernard fiddled his pencil as he sat in the dull study hall, why Santa, the Council, and Laura thought it would be beneficial for him to join the local community school as a visiting student for the next three or so weeks was beyond him.

The only bright side was he had all of Charlie's classes, the principal of this school assigning the senior in high school to "Show the New Student Around".

Charlie was currently either reading a textbook to study, or sleeping, Bernard couldn't quite see him from the angle he was at, but the human hadn't moved for a good ten minutes now.

At least until the hand propping his head up gave out and his head slammed onto the table with a rather loud bang in the quiet cafeteria.

Several students laughed while the teacher waited until Charlie woke up enough to sit straight.

"Charlie Calvin? Do you need to come and sit with me?"

"No Mrs. Willer."

"Alright then, stay wake and get your work done."

Charlie nodded before rolling his eyes as the teacher went back to reading a book, he merely shifted to lay half on the textbook, flipping a few pages before dozing off again.

The other student at his table, (long cafeteria bench tables), was also a senior, a tall girl with brown hair, glasses, and a passion for getting her work done, she had already finished the list of assignments in her little planner, and was now reading a play by Shakespeare.

Bernard settled for staring at his textbook for Economics class, the last class of the day, he knew just about all of the information in the book, but a refresher wouldn't hurt.

The bell rang, and Charlie stood and nearly tripped as he saw Bernard

"So you're the 'new kid', huh?" He smirked, taking in Bernard's black jeans, converse shoes, blue t-shirt and gray button up over it. A black, less decorative messenger bag slung over his shoulder that didn't have the sling on it.

Bernard shrugged, smiling a little as Charlie clasped his shoulder briefly, "More or less for a few weeks."

The human laughed, leading the way to the next class.


The first half of the day and on past lunch was rather dull, but interesting enough that Bernard didn't fall asleep, or strain his bad shoulder.

The class he and Charlie had after lunch was Art, he didn't know why Charlie was taking that until the class got under way. It was independent study, the students do basically anything they want for the hour, and it was mostly goofing off.

The girl Bernard had seen in Study Hall sitting near Charlie happened to be in all the same classes as well, and she and Charlie were nearly stuck together like glue by the time the middle of Art class rolled around.

Charlie was rolling out white paint onto a banner, his strength pushing the base coat into the heavy material while the girl painted details on a second banner that had been painted white earlier.

Bernard couldn't really do much, it was Friday so starting a project would be worthless, he just sat watching Charlie, mildly enjoying the fact that he had nothing to do.


The girl's voice was middle toned, not high or low...


"Miller with 'e' or 'a'?"

"E" Bernard answered out of boredom.


Bernard looked to Charlie until the teenager noticed, raising an eyebrow when the girl did the same thing, both looking impatient.

"Oh, Bernard this is my housemate Kate, Kate this is my dad's step...whatever Bernard."

Kate smiled, shaking Bernard's hand after wiping the paint off before whacking Charlie with a paint brush.


"You could have introduced us sooner, then walking around school wouldn't have been awkward."



Kate was a...middle person...not the quiet one, but not the overly loud one either...The rest of the day was still dull, even the bus ride home since Kate's car was being used since Scott and Carol were staying for a few days.

Bernard followed Charlie downstairs to his room in the finished basement. The two merely laying on two beds while the stereo played music from the radio.


"Yes S-Scott!"

"C'mon up, Jack's here with...well you know."


Bernard walked into the kitchen and stopped seeing Jack spin around a girl hugging his neck, setting her down when he saw the elf.

"Hey Bernard! I want you to meet my bachelorette."

The girl was Kate.