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¤ You Came Too Early ¤

Chapter 25- Our happy place


Once again, I'd barely slept at all. Replaying in my head every word we'd shared on the date wasn't exactly the best way to find peaceful sleep. Did I do enough? Did she realize how serious I was; in my apology, in my declaration of love? And where do we stand, now? Did I give too much credit to those kisses? Did they mean something different for her?

And more than anything, do we even want the same thing for our future, our family?

At some point I knew I would have to regain the hours of sleep I've been depriving my body, but right now I could only lie wide awake in my bed, my eyes fixed on the celling as I was waiting for my alarm clock to go off. My parents' flight was an early one, leaving at eight o'clock, so we had to be there for six-thirty – thank God for domestic flights. I'd calculated half an hour to get to LAX airport with the hope we beat the traffic, and half an hour to get ready. It seemed that five-thirty was early enough, and it would've allowed me five hours of sleep... had I slept.

At five o'clock, I cancelled my alarm and got out of bed, opting for a shower instead of this incessant state of insomnia. I took a long one, letting the hot water loosen my back muscles. Once I was done, I brushed my teeth, did my hair and got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, that was all I could handle today. After a few days ignoring it, I decided it was about time I shave. I hurried though; coffee seemed a better way to spend my morning.

I quietly made my way downstairs, where I was welcomed by the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee. I turned at the bottom of the stairs to face the kitchen and immediately spotted Bella in front of the patio door, looking outside, a mug between her hands. She'd traded my warm sweater for a loose t-shirt that matched her short pyjama bottoms.

It was obvious she hadn't heard me, yet.

I grinned, all tiredness forgotten, and joined her. She must've sensed me right before I got to her for she stiffened and snapped her head to me, startled a bit.

"Edward, hey!" She welcomed, a relieved grin spreading on her lips. "It's you."

I frowned. "Were you expecting someone else?"

She shook her head, chortling. "I wasn't expecting anyone."

I put my arms around her waist. It was an audacious move, but I had to know if she was going to shut me out again. There was a short moment of uncertainty on her part, but as soon as she leaned back into my chest and sighed pleasantly, I let go of a breath I didn't even notice I'd been holding.

"Did you sleep well?" I asked, hugging her closer to me as I looked outside over the top of her head. The sun was just starting to rise.

She shook her head. "Not really. Your daughter spent the night kicking me out of my own bed."

I rolled my eyes and chuckled. "So now she's only mine, huh?" Like most parents, Bella had a habit of discrediting herself when the girls would act disagreeably... to be fair, I might do the exact same thing.

"Yeah! She is." Bella laughed. "I'd finally decided to go and sleep in her bed, but once I was up, I just came downstairs instead; there was no point in trying anymore."

I smirked a bit. "I couldn't sleep either," I confessed.

Her shoulders dropped a bit as she realized I'd figured her out; Juliet's kicks hadn't been the only reason she'd stayed awake. Surely she'd gone through the same reflexion that I had.

She turned towards me and I removed my arms to give her some space. She arched an eyebrow up, motionning to her empty mug. "Coffee?"

"Yes, please!" I urged, feeling the need in my body.

Bella smiled knowingly and we walked back towards the kitchen, where she poured my coffee and refilled hers. There was no need to discuss why neither of us got any sleep; we knew.

"Are you going to tell me why you are all dressed already?" She asked, holding the mug out for me.

"My parents are leaving this morning," I reminded her while taking the mug. "Thanks."

"Right," she said. "What time?"

"Their flight's at eight. They should be up soon; we have to get going." I bent backward in order to look at the clock on the stove behind me. We still had a few minutes left.

I saw her nod and sip her coffee from the corner of my eye. "So, after today, it's just gonna be you, me, and the girls," she stated casually.

I looked back at her and smiled. "That's right. Just us and our girls."

I loved that idea; our little cocoon, our family. There would be no more undesired girlfriend, no more prying parents around. Just the four of us.

I couldn't wait for it to happen. There was so much that needed to be said and done, and so little time left. It was Monday already and Bella's plane was leaving on Saturday. Juliet's next appointment for her x-ray was the only thing keeping her here this long to start with.

"Don't tell your parents, but... I'm kind of glad," Bella said as she put her coffee down on the counter and reached into the bowl of fruit for an apple. I stopped her by gently grabbing her wrist and turned her towards me.

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe it was this new sense of urgency, but my mind wasn't concentrating on anything but the fact that I wanted to kiss her.




I put my own mug down, further on the counter and cupped her face in my hands. A startled expression formed on her beautiful face but she didn't push me away. Just the opposite...

Right before I captured her lips, I stupidly dared a glance behind her, to make sure no one was about to interrupt us this time.

"Edward," she said with haste as she grabbed my own face with her palms and made me look at her. "No one's coming," she assured me before pushing up on her toes and pressed her lips to mine.

To say that I was astonished was an understatement, but that didn't stop me from grinning and kissing her right back. Her hands trailed all the way around my neck and I couldn't help but moan as she pulled on my hair, just the way I liked it.

This was no longer those hesitant but sweet kisses we'd shared yesterday, or even those passionate but then-forbidden ones we'd had a few days ago. This kiss was filled with need, and lust, hunger and repressed love.

"Bella," I all but growled because she was completely driving me crazy; her softness, her scent, her passion. I felt like I was about to combust; I hadn't felt this way in years, especially not for a simple kiss.

Her only response was to grab my bottom lip between her teeth and suck on it heavenly. My hands went to her rib cage and I not-so-delicately pushed her against the kitchen counter. I bent over her, not breaking the connection between our mouths and tongues, as if I could never get enough of her. She tasted of coffee and a distant hint of mint toothpaste. One of her legs rubbed up against mine and I quickly grabbed the back of her thigh with my palm and lifted her up on the counter.

The movement made us break the kiss, but Bella didn't let me go. She squeezed my waist between her thighs and leaned towards me – over me – kissing me deeper. When we both needed air, she arched back, panting heavily, and held on to my shoulders. One of her hand found the way to my waistband and went up under my t-shirt, on my abs.

I opened my eyes and enjoyed the view for a fraction of a second – eyes closed, lips swollen, satisfied grin, complete abandonment – before I went right back in and kissed her again, on her lips, on her jaw and neck, all the way to her collarbone and shoulder. Her loose t-shirt was easy to set aside and I worshiped every part of her skin my lips could get to. She turned her head towards mine and softly whispered my name right to my ear. If I wasn't already hard, that would have done it.

Bella changed position then, arching even more so we could touch and intensify the rub between our bodies. Doing so, she lost her balance a bit and quickly put an arm behind her to hold herself up while I circled her waist with my arms. I didn't let the movement distract me as I was starting to go further down with my mouth, towards her breast, but suddenly the loud, irritating sound of a wooden bowl hitting the floor and wobbling startled us.

I wasn't sure what had just happened, but the mood was instantly killed. Bella collapsed on her back on the counter, her legs going limp on either side of me. My own feet were still on the floor and I hugged her waist, burying my face into her shirt as I groaned my frustration and disappointment.

"Oops!" She giggled from beneath me, passing her fingers through my hair, soothing me.

I turned my head and looked at the bowl of fruit that had once stood on the counter and started to understand what had happened; in her haste to hold herself up, Bella had knocked the bowl down. The apples, oranges and avocados were now emptied on my floor, still rolling away, as the wooden bowl lay askew on the ceramic.

"My bad," Bella said, as I stood up straight and tried to discreetly rearrange myself in my pants. I caught her eyeing me as she sat up with her elbows behind her. "Cock-blocked by a bowl of fruit, who would've thought?" She joked.

"You think this is funny, don't you?" I accused with a smirk. If I didn't know better, I would've thought she did it on purpose.

"No!" She laughed and I playfully glowered at her. "No, I swear," she repeated. She gave me her hands and I helped her off the counter.

I noticed our two mugs of coffee behind her and was glad that she hadn't burned herself, at least. We'd been carried away a little bit too much back there.

Bella let go of my hands and rearranged the bottom of my t-shirt that she'd lifted up earlier. "We should probably..." she mumbled, pointing to the fruit we'd knocked down before she went and picked them up.

"Yeah." I followed, crouching near her. She gave me a smile and I couldn't help but notice her lack of blush; she wasn't embarassed by what she – we – just did. And yet...

"I'm sorry for the way I launched at you," she said as she reached for an avocado near her feet and put in back in the bowl.

I laughed out loud. "Bella, please. Never apologize for that. You're always welcome to launch at me." I winked and she joined in, laughing carelessly.

I felt happy and lighter than I'd felt in days. I was seriously considering kissing her again... when we heard them. We couldn't perfectly hear what they were saying, but it sounded like they were arguing about something. Their naked little feet pitter-pattered as they ran their way downstairs.

I grinned and started to stand up to go meet my girls, quickly dropping off an orange in the bowl, when Bella grabbed my wrist.

"Edward, wait!"

I stopped mid-movement, probably looking ridiculous, and glanced down at Bella. "What is it?"

"Listen," Bella rushed in a whisper before the girls could join us, "let's keep... whatever's going on between us to ourselves, okay?" She swiftly glanced at our daughters and I followed her gaze; they were still arguing between themselves and hadn't yet noticed us, but surely they would in a matter of seconds. She lowered her voice even more, "Let's not kiss in front of them or that sort of thing. I wouldn't want to... confuse them, you know."

Well, that confused me a little, but I restrained myself from frowning. I mean, who was I to argue? Bella was their mother, the one that took care of them twenty-four seven; she did know best. We still had a lot of things to clarify first and maybe bringing our children into it wasn't the best course of action. If she thought it was best not to tell them right away, I would respect that.

"Okay," I said, and I could see a wave of relief on Bella's face as she thanked me with her eyes.

"Mom? Dad?" Emma's voice reached us and made us come out of our little bubble. Bella quickly released my wrist and I straightened right up.

They both had stopped a little further away from where we stood and looked at us with questioning glances. Juliet picked up an apple that had rolled all the way across the kitchen floor and which lay at her feet, before she exchanged a look with her sister.

"Why are there fruit on the floor?" She asked.

"Yeah," Emma added, just as confused, "what happened?"

"Uhm," said Bella, raising her hand in the air, "guilty. I uh— kind of knocked the bowl off the counter?" Both girls giggled at their mom's confession.

"You're so clumsy, Mommy," Juliet said, and surprisingly, that was the end of it. They didn't ask for any more specifications, and I couldn't help but smile at that. That Bella was, in fact, clumsy was common knowledge.

"Yeah, anyway... how was last night?" Bella asked with real interest to our daughters as she stood up and gave me the bowl, a subtle smile on her lips. I winked at her, impressed at how fast she managed to divert the conversation.

"Oh, it was so much fun, Mommy!" Juliet exclaimed as she ran towards us and hugged Bella's waist, who gently grabbed her chin up and bent down to kiss her.

"Yeah? You had a good time?"

Juliet nodded profusely. "Yup! Grandpa even helped me build a fort in my room, and he let me drink Coke while Grandma was not watching, and we got permission to skip bathtime." Juliet babbled as she climbed on a stool. Bella helped her as she was still stumbling with her cast.

"Wow, sounds like you guys had fun," Bella said. "I don't think your Grandparents are that permissive when they babysit you in Seattle." We shared a glance over the counter and I could tell that, at least, she was hoping they were not. "Or are they?"

I shrugged, really not knowing.

"Not all the time." Juliet giggled like it was obvious. "But they said that we were all here on vacation, so..." She yawned, unable to finish her thought.

"You're up early for someone on vacation," I pointed out, looking back at the stove to check the time. "It's not even six o'clock yet."

"I know," Juliet continued, excited despite her visible tiredness, her brown eyes now filled with water. "Emma woke me up to be sure we say our goodbyes." Then she looked at me, crooking her head. "Daddy, did you shave?"

"Hum, yeah," I said, confused by this sudden change of subject, subconsciously rubbing my jaw.

Juliet nodded approvingly. "You're very handsome."

I chuckled. "Thanks, princess." Bella smiled at me.

Emma, who'd stayed quiet the whole time, took her place on a stool next to her sister. Her green, deep eyes were going back and forth between her mother and me as she eyed us thoughtfully.

Like me, Bella took notice. "Go ahead, Emma," she said with an indulgent smile, "ask away."

A gorgeous grin lit up our daughter's face. "Did you guys have fun on your date? What did you do? Where did you go?"

Bella looked at me, a bit unsure, but still with this radiance in her eyes. I indicated to go ahead with a move of my hand, that I would follow her lead.

Bella settled her eyes on our daughter again, clinging to her mug of coffee. She spoke coolly. "Well, we had a great time. Your father took me to a seafood restaurant and we talked... a lot. Then we went to the beach and walked. It was neat."

I would've been offended by her choice of words – neat, really? – had she not looked my way and smiled that half-biting lip smile, her eyes playful. She really took it down a notch. Or two.

Emma frowned, rightfully so. "Is that all?"

Bella shrugged and I couldn't help but chuckle. "What did you expect?" I asked my girl.

"I don't know," she admitted, looking up at me over the counter, dejected. "It was supposed to be a date!"

I nodded, faking a smug look. "And it was a really neat one!" Both Bella and Emma scoffed, but for different reasons; my ex-wife was trying to hide a laugh.

"But, it doesn't make sense," Emma argued.

"What doesn't?" Bella asked.

Emma pouted, looking at her little sister. "Juliet told me this morning— actually, why don't you tell them, Jules?"

But Juliet just looked at her sister with big, confused eyes. "About the raccoons?" She asked.

What? Bella mouthed to me, wondering just as much as me what this was about, for we had no clue. I shook my head, restraining a laugh.

Emma rolled her eyes. "No, Juliet! Not about the raccoons, about Mom's empty bed."

"Oh, right." Juliet nodded then looked seriously at Bella. "Mommy, I wanted to sleep with you, but you weren't there when I fell asleep and still not there when I woke up... Did you and Daddy sleep together again?"

I gagged as I almost choked on my own saliva. I needed to remind myself that for my six-year-old, 'sleeping together' actually means sleeping together. I couldn't help but stay quiet and look at Bella to see how she would handle this one.

She rolled her eyes, but had a gentle smile. "Actually, I slept right beside you, miss little kicker! I will tell Grandpa, no more Coke, especially before bedtime!" Then, she went in a different direction. "Besides, Juliet, have we not already discussed this, time and time again? You have to sleep in your own bed, sweetie."

Juliet gasped and had the sense to look ashamed. "But I missed you, Mommy." And she fluttered her long eyelashes. Once again, I had to restrain my laughter. She would've totally won me over.

But Bella sighed, "Don't Mommy me." She pushed some hair behind Juliet's ear. "You know I don't want you coming to my bed at night anymore. You're a big girl now."

Juliet nodded, looking at her hands on her lap. It was a rule I wasn't aware of.

"At home," Juliet defended herself. "I don't do it at home anymore."

Bella shook her head. "Well, this is home, too, Juliet Esme," she declared to my surprise, "the same rules apply here." There are no words to describe how happy this simple statement made me.

That didn't last long as our youngest shook her head vigorously, pointing at me. "But Daddy doesn't mind!" She pleaded.

I cringed, remembering the talk we'd had a few days after Bella's arrival, about how I wasn't good at disciplining the girls and how none of us saw me as an authoritative figure. Besides, I never minded my little darling joining me early in the morning, but then again, I wasn't around the rest of the year. At six years old, it was about time Juliet learned to sleep alone and in her own bed through the night.

I could feel I was in trouble just by the sharp look Bella gave me. "Yeah, about that..." I was certain I was about to get chastised too, when my mother arrived, dropping a bag next to the front door.

"Oh, hey, Mom!" I joyfully welcomed her, hoping to change the subject. "Are you all set to go?"

"Good morning," she said to everyone and kissed the girls' heads once she'd joined us. "We're done packing, your father's taking a quick shower; he should be down in five."

"That's fine." We still had time.

Mom sweetly smiled at Bella, then looked back at me. "So... did you two have fun—"

"It was great, Mom. Thanks," I cut her off abruptly. I didn't mean to be rude, but she needed to learn not to pry.

"Alright." She was clearly taken aback but didn't let it show too much. "Hum, I'm gonna go call your sister to tell her that we're leaving for the airport."

She started to walk away when Bella stopped her. "Are you sure, Esme? It's still very early."

"Oh, I know, dear. She's the one who asked," my mom replied, patting Bella's arm as she left to get some privacy.

Bella looked at me, puzzled.

"Alice..." I said in lieu of explanations.


I gave my cadet all my attention. "Yes, sweet pea?"

"Are you going to drive Grandma and Grandpa to the airport?"

"Yeah. Wanna come with us?" The thought just came to me, but the possibility that Juliet's presence would restrain my parents from asking too many intrusive questions pleased me. Juliet grinned and nodded. "Great! You should go change, though," I said, smiling at her cupcake themed pyjamas.

Bella chuckled. "Come, sweetheart, I'll braid your hair." She helped our youngest off the stool and together, they left. After a few steps though, Bella looked back and smiled at me, like she had a secret.

We had a secret.

"Seriously, Dad? Not even one little kiss?"

I snapped my head back to my older daughter, who was looking at me with evident frustration on her delicate features. "What?"

"I mean," she went on, "weren't you supposed to 'woo' her?"


"Let me help you with that, Carlisle," I beseeched my ex-father-in-law as I grabbed one of the suitcases.

"Why, thank you." Carlisle smiled as he grabbed the second one and headed downstairs.

I motioned for Juliet to go first and I followed her. She'd wanted to dress herself, resulting in a kinda cute but mismatched ensemble that I'd completed with two long braids that bounced on her back. As soon as we reached the bottom of the stairs, Edward helped her to put her hoodie over it all.

"It's still pretty chilly out there," he told her. He hurried yet was careful with her cast.

Emma was engulfed into Esme's arms, who hugged her heartily. "You enjoy the rest of your summer, sweetheart," Esme was saying. "I love you."

"Love you, too, Grandma." Then Emma was passed around to Carlisle's waiting arms. "I love you, Grandpa."

Esme came to me then and kissed both my cheeks before hugging me. I reciprocated the embrace. "You take good care of them," she told me. "Call us when you're back in Seattle."

"I will," I agreed.

Then it was Carlisle's turn to say his goodbyes to me. "It's been a wonderful surprise to have you here with us this past week," he said between kisses and a hug. "You have no idea what it meant for us; you'll always be family."

I nodded, my eyes tearing up. "Thank you, Carlisle. Have a safe trip back," I managed.

"You, too."

Edward's parents exited the house, bags in hand. He grabbed the last one, urging Juliet out the door. "Go, go, go, go!" Then he turned towards Emma and I. "Don't eat breakfast, Jules and I will bring back some treats."

"Okay, sounds good," I told him, holding the door open as he walked away to say a last goodbye to Esme and Carlisle. Emma and I waved at them until they reached the car. Once they were all in, I closed the door and turned my head towards my daughter. "So, how about... we go back to bed?!"

Emma nodded, laughing. "Yes!"

I smiled and together, we started to climb the stairs when suddenly the door opened again and Edward entered in a rush.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Mom can't find the plane tickets; she thinks she left them in the top drawer of the dresser—"

"I'm on it," Emma exclaimed, hurrying upstairs.

I looked back at Edward and smiled. Once again we were left alone and I could only think of one thing; the taste of his lips.

The need must have been obvious in my eyes, because the thought had barely crossed my mind when Edward looked up to be sure Emma was out of sight, took two quick steps towards me, grabbed my waist and kissed me. Hard.

"Hmm!" I mumbled under the assault, more than pleased. I readily passed my arms around his shoulders and pulled him against me. I was up on the first step of the stairs and the extra-height made me almost as tall as him.

Each time we kissed, the more addicted I felt. He was like a drug to me; both right, and wrong. We weren't supposed to be at this stage, yet. We still needed to talk things through, to figure the future out, to get to know the people we'd become, to get acquainted with our new lives.

Making out like horny teenagers – let's be honest here – wasn't going to help. If anything, it could only complicate things!

But despite what my brain and my heart were telling me, it was like my body had a mind of its own. I craved his touch, his body. My need for him was carnal, deeper than what I'd never experienced for any other men. When I was in his arms, I felt desired, beautiful, confident.

And loved.

Mostly, I felt loved, and it was both exhilarating and frightening.

Starting to feel my heartbeat race, I pushed Edward away. "What's wrong?" he quickly asked before kissing me again.

"Edward, stop," I begged weakly for I wanted him to go on. "Emma," I said as an explanation.

Edward sighed and moved away. "Okay," he breathed, "okay." He looked like it had required a great deal out of him. "Sorry."

I shook my head, apologetically. "No, it's all right," I said, passing a hand over his smooth cheek. "It's just that I don't want Emma – especially Emma—"

"Yeah, I know," he cut me off.

I really hoped I wasn't giving Edward whiplash with my actions. I didn't mean to be hot and cold with him; I wanted to keep things cool, and uncomplicated, but I also wanted to jump him! Not only were these two things totally conflicting, but more than anything, I needed to protect my children.

We were playing with fire here, taking a chance to end up hurt, but we were grown up people who knew what they were doing. Maybe it was all a huge mistake, but we were ready to take that risk.

Our kids shouldn't have to.

"I get it, love. I do." Edward smiled at me. "It's just that... Gosh," he breathed, "it's gonna be hard." I couldn't help but giggle as I restrained myself from saying 'pun intended'.

"DAD," Emma's panicked voice came from upstairs, "I CAN'T FIND THEM!"

"Did you look in the bedside tables?" Edward shouted back, though more composed.

"YOU SAID DRESSER!" She now sounded annoyed. I found that odd.

Edward sighed and looked back at me. "Your daughter is frustrated with me," he admitted, looking half-way between defeated and amused.

I laughed. "So now she's only mine, huh?" I repeated his earlier words.

"Totally," he agreed, leaning back on the staircase railing.

"Why? What did you do?" I asked, taking a step towards him. It was like I couldn't stay away.

He smiled at our closeness, his eyes running over me. He had to find his focus again before he could answer. "It's more of what I didn't do, actually." I frowned at him. "She thinks I didn't 'woo' you enough. On our date."

I rolled my eyes at Emma's behaviour. Of course she would have interrogated her father as soon as she'd found herself alone with him. I felt bad, for I'd been the one to diminish what had actually happen.

Wanting to show him I meant what I was about to say, I took a step closer and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Oh, I think you did plenty of wooing, babe."

He grinned at the pet name but a glimmer of doubt ran through his eyes. "Did I, though?"

"Hm-hmm." I kissed him chastely. Once. Twice. He grabbed my hips and I moved away before we lost it again.

He smiled knowingly, but quickly became serious again. "I swear to you Bella, if you give me the chance, I'll spend the rest of my life wooing you," he suddenly declared, leaving me speechless.

"Oh. Edward..." I whispered after a moment, biting my bottom lip.

He gently pulled it out with his thumb. "I mean it."

"FOUND THEM!" Emma's sudden cry startled us. She stomped down the stairs and gave the tickets to her dad.

"Thank you, honey. I gotta go," Edward said. "We don't want my parents to miss their flight and stay with us one more week, do we?"

"God, no! Go, go." I joked and Edward stormed out, laughing. I mean, I loved Carlisle and Esme dearly, but the past week had been sufficiently awkward and draining as it was.


Napping turned out to be as difficult as sleeping through the night. The bed in Edward's guest bedroom was plenty comfortable, the opaque curtains kept the sunlight out and the whole house was silent. Under any other circumstances, I would've slept like a baby, but Edward's declaration about wanting to spent the rest of his life with me – wooing me – kept me thinking. Was that really what he wanted?

Was that what I wanted?

Was it his way of saying he would always try to make it up to me? Because that wasn't what I was asking of him. I didn't want him to feel like he had anything to prove, that he needed to be forgiven. I wished we could put our past where it belonged; in the past, and move on.

For the first time I realized that no matter how we wanted this to work, how we wanted to be together, things would never be the same between us. How much time would it takes for us to start blaming each other? What would it take – a fight, a disappointement, a mere discord? – before one of us would regret ever trying this again?

Being back together seemed to be something we both wanted, but was it realistic? Could we do this on our own? Would we need help to be sure we wouldn't end up with resentment and unresolved isssues?

And then I realized, I didn't care. All those insecurities and doubts didn't weigh much into my decision right now. It wasn't like I had a choice, really; I just couldn't go and not try to live those last few days here in Los Angeles to the fullest. Edward was here, and he was mine. That was all that mattered.

I would worry about the future and what it all meant later. For now, I was in my happy place with Edward.

To be continued...

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