Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost

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Elisa Maza had no idea where she was.

The last thing that she had remembered was getting back to her brownstone apartment, showering, and waiting for her husband Goliath to wake up from his daytime sleep. She had changed into a light blue dress, because they were going to be going to a party that the Clan was holding for their fifth anniversary, as soon as they woke up. Leaning against the sun-warmed stone of her love's flank, she had started to feel a little dozy, when-

There had been a sharp pain in her neck, and-


Blinking the sleep sand from her sore eyes, she tried to look around, but couldn't move her head. She jerked, trying to move the rest of her, when she realized that she couldn't feel the rest of her body, either. Dread formed a hard, cold knot in her unfeeling middle.

What was going on?

"Well, my dear, it seems that you have finally awaken at last," said a familiar, hated voice.

"Severius," she hissed, or at least tried to. All that came out was a hoarse croak.

"Now, now, my dear, you have been unconscious for the past three weeks, so you will be a little rusty. I have been harvesting quite a nice little crop from you, and that is why you can't feel anything."

"What?" she managed to rasp out. Swallowing against the pain in her chest, she continued," Is this one of Xanatos' little tricks?"

"Oh, him? No, why would you say that? He has been keeping to the straight and narrow since associating with you lot. This is purely business, you understand. An associate of mine has been wanting some super fighters, and asked me to engineer them. I immediately thought of you and Goliath for the raw materials."

"I'm sorry to say, this means that you will be unable to bare children naturally. Although, I will be creating thousand of embryos for this experiment that will be genetically the offspring of both you and Goliath. I think that would be some consolation to you."

Even trapped and at this beast's mercy, Elisa wanted to howl with rage. How dare this monster do this to her? They had been at peace for the past several years. Why was he doing this?

An answering roar shattered the hideous silence after Severius' pronouncement, and filled her with a sudden hope. Maybe they would escape!

In her desperate hope, she managed a scream, and pain filled her head and throat.

"Don' worry, Elisa, we will get you out," responded a gruff male voice. It was cold as night, but was enough to make her weep with joy.

Then she fainted.


Feeling very blurry, Elisa slowly opened her eyes again, thinking about the very, very strange dream she had been having.

"I need to get up," she told herself, annoyed that she had allowed herself to fall asleep like that.

Getting out of bed, she stumbled to the bathroom, and hit a wall.

It was not her bedroom.

Fear gripped her, as she realized that she was back in the castle.

She took a quick inventory, and found that she didn't have any weapons, but there was a heavy vase on a bookshelf that would be just dandy.

Hearing the door start to creak open, she jumped behind it, ignoring the ache of misused limbs.

Pushing all her strength into the blow, she brought the vase down-

And stopped abruptly, seeing whom her target was.


The elegant female gargoyle whirled, putting a talon to her face, covering her mouth in shock.

"E- Elisa?"

"What?" Elisa asked, looking into her friend's once innocent face.

"What's wrong?"

"You're awake," she whispered, and pulled her into a rough hug

"This is great, girl, but," she wheezed, gasping, "could you let me down? I can't breath."

Hastily Angela dropped her, and Elisa leaned against her solid shoulder, getting her breath. It was then that she noticed something strange. There were all sort of monitors attached to her bed.

Seeing the frightened and disbelieving look on Elisa's face, Angela answered gently, "You've been in a coma for the past two months."


It took them a good hour to calm down the hysterics that Elisa went into. They had never seen her so worked up.

Elisa sputtered for a long time, shaking and screaming. She just couldn't accept the fact of what had happened to her.

Somewhere, in the back of her mind, she had always kept the hope that she would someday be able to have kids. It was one of the things that had made her life bearable. She had been living with the weirdness day in and out, yet the hope of a normal life, one that she thought she had given up, had never really left. It had just gone to sleep.

"Where," she choked, swallowing her tears, "Where is Goliath?"

The Clan, which had gathered to console their shattered friend, looked at each other uneasily.

"We'll take you to him, lass," Hudson told her, grief showing on his grave, battered face. The others wouldn't look at her anymore.

Not speaking, knowing she would not like what she found, they walked out to where the Clan roosted for the day.

Goliath was stone, his noble face frozen in a snarl of defiance, wings spread, in a fighting stance. He looked magnificent.

Tears falling down her face, Elisa collapsed into a sobbing heap.


Doctor Gero looked at the developing fetuses that Severius had delivered to him. They were all variations on the same theme, some male, some female.

All had the potential to defeat his greatest adversary; his nemesis Goku.

With the modifications that were made by Severius, and the mechanical ones that he was planning when they reached full growth, even his wonders Seventeen and Eighteen would seem inferior.

Smirking, and rubbing his hands together with glee, the mad scientist awaited the incubation of his latest creations.


"What?" he screamed, hearing something different from what he was used to.

They were roars; frightening, huge roars that made him want to shake inside. Gero had been afraid when he had seen Goku, but this was something different.

He knew that Goku at least looked human, and these creatures didn't.

Then he heard something even more frightening. It was the police.

Trying to get out, he pushed the self-destruct button, and his projects and information were all destroyed.

It had taken the gargoyles and Xanatos nearly five months to find the lab, and in that time, the embryos had almost come to term. Gero looked at his work, and raged at what this raid would cost him.

It was then that he made it to the surface of his lab, and to the exit. Turning to run, he looked at the night sky, and shuddered. There was something wrong…

Hearing a low growling, he turned again. Behind him were two sets of glowing red eyes. In the shadows, the two female gargoyles looked nearly identical. He wanted to scream as they came towards him…


(Well, that was why Gero became an android. Because his other body was shredded by Demona and Angela.)


The Cell games were over, and Chi-Chi was crying.

Her husband was gone, and all she had left of him was the baby growing in her womb.

Gohan was fine, he could do without her for few days, she thought, looking back at her house. Whenever things had gotten too bad for her, she had always been able to throw herself into housework, and into her love for her family. Now, well, Gohan didn't need her anymore, she had seen that for herself, although it tore at her heart.

She had been a wild child, like Goku, but for her father. She sniffed, thinking it might be a good idea to go see him, be decided against it. Alone would be the best thing right now.

She walked off, leaving everything behind.


Crying alone, she reflected, could be either cleansing, or depressing.

Depressing, definitely, she thought.

It didn't help that she was having mood swings, and that the bulge of her belly was keeping her from seeing the ground in front of her.

Muttering to herself, she wandered down the hillside she was currently walking on, and tried valiantly to keep her footing on the cracked shale of the slope. It had been raining in a steady drizzle, making her more than a little miserable. Plus, it made the stone gravel slippery.

Chi Chi wanted to smile tightly. It was only a matter of time until she fell; that much was obvious. Despite the insanity that led her out there in the first place, she wasn't stupid. All she could do now was wait for it, and up her ki to the point where she could protect herself and the baby.

There was a crack of thunder in the distance, heralding the inevitable fall. It startled her, and she made her misstep. Loose rock gave around her foot, and she slid, along with a lot of the hillside.


She made a loud grunt as she hit, but it wasn't in pain, just surprise. That Kami for her tournament days, she thought.

Rubbing her head, she sat up, looking around. She was fine, and so was the baby.

There was the sound of falling stones hitting stone, then an odd note. It was stone hitting glass and metal.

The sound of strange out here, in the middle of nowhere, that Chi-Chi frowned in concentration. The whispers out the wilderness became more prominent as she used her ki to enhance her hearing. The sound was coming from the bottom of the ravine…

Her curiosity piqued, she clambered down. Breathing laboriously, she hiked down, and saw light reflecting off of something shiny. It was half buried.

Heaving, she pulled it out of the ground. It proved to a canister, one that was made of glass-

"Oh, great Kami," she breathed, almost dropping it. There was a baby inside.


"I think it's some kind of birthing chamber," Bulma said, as she and Chi-Chi looked the contraption over.

Chi Chi had almost run back to civilization when she had found the canister, and took it to the closest expert she could think of, being Bulma Briefs.

Right now, they were examining it, seeing the developing body inside.

Running a scan over it, Bulma was about to open her mouth to say something more, when a beeping came from the scanner.

Bulma choked.

"Its still alive!"

"What?" Chi Chi shrieked.

It was true, there was a tiny heartbeat being registered by the monitors.

"It, well, what do we do now?"

"I haven't a friggin' clue!"

The two women looked at each other, and maternal instinct kicked in. Whatever it was, no matter the species, it was a baby. Someone would have to take care of it.

Bulma grimaced. She still had trouble-getting Vegeta to acknowledge his own child, let alone one that wasn't theirs. Turning to Chi-Chi, she explained why she couldn't take the baby.

"You know that I don't have that much experience with children anyway," she told her, "and I thought you always wanted a girl." She was still looking at the readouts.

"It is a girl?" Chi-Chi asked softly, looking through the glass. Bulma busied herself with hooking the artificial womb to some wiring so it would function properly.

"That is what the scans show. It isn't all human, but is partly, and it's a girl. I think that it will be ready to come out in about a month. About the same time you are due."

Chi-Chi sat down to think.

"I have a month to decide?"

"Not really, because there isn't anyone else, but I'll try to look if you don't think you can do it."

Chi-Chi looked again at the small, indistinct shape.

"I guess I don't have much choice, do I?"

To be continued…