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Chapter 15

Naruto's POV

"Hey Hina! Do you want to do something tonight?"

I watched from the side of my eyes and saw as she tilted her head. 'Kawaii.' I thought.

"And if I agree, what will we be doing?" she said covering her mouth as she let a silent giggle escaped it.

I smiled to myself. I have never felt this happy, especially with a girl. "Hmmm... not sure. WAIT!" I shouted. I turned to looked at her; she looked as she had stepped on a piece of leggo.


I felt my eyes sparkled. This was so not my character, but this place makes me feel so happy inside. "We can go to this..." I paused and looked around, my eyes narrowed, to make sure no one was listening to us. "Lean closer." I whispered in her ears.

Obliged, she leaned in closer to me. I leaned into her ear and said, "My secret place."

"OW!" I said as fell to the floor, holding on to my head.

Steam was coming off of her fist as she shook it in a threatining manner. I rubbed the bump on my head and smiled.

"Naruto you're so bipolar." she said.

I noticed she couldn't help but let a smile grace her face. I stared at her, lost in thoughts.

'Hinata-chan, you're so much prettier when you smile... smiling suits you so much.' I thought.

Coming out of my thoughts, Hinata had stooped down in front of me and shook me.

"Are y-you.. okay, Naruto?" She asked, her voice sweet as the soft ocean breeze.

"And you say I'm the bipolar one." I mumbled underneath my breath. "Yes, I am okay. So would you like to join me? It's very pretty at night... the fireflies comes out and put on a nice show." I said with half a smile.

"Sure... but I don't know if my mother would let me out..." she said quietly.

"Well... I don't want you to get in trouble... so maybe some other times." I replied, kind of disappointed.

I got up and brushed off my pants. "Let's go." I said stretching out my hands towards her.

Hinata's POV

I watched as he held out his hands toward me. Naruto was like a prince! So gentle and delicate. I felt bad, but there was no way my mom was going to allow me to leave the house late at night, especially with a boy she had never met.

I chewed the bottom of my lips in frustration. I grabbed his hand and walked off into the sunlight. I knew my face was heating up. I wanted to squeal, his hands were so gentle, yet rough.

We walked the remainder in silence. I had finally spoken up. "Naruto..." I said my voice trailing off.

He looked down at me. "Yes Hina-chan?"

I gasped softly. "I'll join you tonight..."

He looked back at the road ahead of him. "I wouldn't want you to get in trouble. It's okay." he said smiling brightly.

The wind picked up and the trees started to move, as almost if they were doing a dance. I had to held my skirt down with my free hand. This wind was quite annoying. My hair blew back and forth, lashing me in my face. I felt him as he moved his hand from mines. I took that hand I held my hair.

He dugged in his pocket and took out a rubber band.

"Ha! I knew these things came in handy, other than slashing people."

Naruto went behind me and moved my hand from my hair. "I'm going to make it all better, Hina."

He gathered my hair and put it into a neat ponytail. I felt no traces of hair moving at all. I turned around at him and bowed respectfully.

"Arigatou!" I said with a huge blush on my face.

He laughed at me. "Hinata..." he simply said.

I looked up at him. "I'm going to join you tonight, Naruto. Do you want to meet up down my street?" I asked.

He covered his face from the sun and smiled. "Sure."

Normal PV

"There you are!" Naruto shouted.

Hinata stared at him dumbfounded.

"HINATA! OVER HERE!" Naruto said as he jumped up and down trying to get the girl's attention, which he already had.

"Naruto... you baka! You're going to wake up the neighbours." Hinata whispered.

"Hehe..." he grinned, scratching the back of his head. "Sorry."

Hinata shook her head. 'So dense..." she thought as she smiled at him.

The two walked side by side, hushed. The only sounds that was heard, were the sounds of the owls and trees dancing. It was such a pretty night, the moon was full and huge. The stars sparkled even brighter than before and the air felt so fresh, it was nostalgic.

"Did you eat dinner?" Naruto asked Hinata as they made their way through a hidden path.

"Yes..." she replied. "Uh... did you eat dinner?"

"Mhm.. my little sister wanted to make something. She's not good at it, but she tries." he said in a husky voice.

Hinata nodded. 'I wonder what happened to his dad. He hasn't mentioned him, only his mom...'

Naruto grabbed Hinata's hand, which caused her to yelp in surprise. He turned and grinned. "I didn't want you to get lost, because this has many pathways. So we have to stick close together."

Hinata nodded ger head. He turned on his flashlight and they started the journey. Leaves crunched beneath their feet as they walked the pathway. Hinata looked left and right and noticed the trees and branches waving at her. She started to shake in fear.

'I'm with Naruto. I'm with Naruto. I'm with Naruto.' she kept on saying to herself.

"YOSH! We're here Hina." Naruto said as he cut off the flashlight.

Hinata opened her eyes. 'Great! Now he thinks I'm a scaredy cat.'

"Everyone has something they are afraid of, so don't be shy about it." he said walking up to Hinata.

"I... I wasn't afaid or anything." Hinata said waving her hands back and forth in defense.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "So explain to me, why are you shaking?" he said with a cocky attitude.

Hinata narrowed her eyes and glared at Naruto. "Are we-

"Yes." he simply said.

Hinata took a look around her surroundings and her eyes instantly sparkled.

"It's so... beautiful!" she said as she clasped her hands together.

In this particular area, it was bright, because of the mon hovering right over it. There were some Sakura trees next to pond, with a few boulders for people to sit by the pond. And what made it even more amazing, was the amount of fireflies flying around the place, showing their lightbuds.

"It's really pretty." Hinata exclaimed.

"I know. I come here at night to clear my head. It's a really nice place."

Hinata nodded. She continued to look around the place. "Look! There's a swing there!" she said pointing at the swing. She ran to it and then glimpsed back at Naruto. He walked slowly towards her.

"Go ahead." he said ever so smoothly.

Hinata sat on the swing, while Naruto walked behind her and started to push her softly.

Hinata giggled.

"So did you had a tough time sneaking out?" He asked.

Hinata blushed/yelped. "Well...

Flashback (Hinata's POV)

"I need to sneak out for Naruto." I mumbled to myself.

I sat on my futon and looked at the door. "It's now 11:00. Everyone is asleep."

I put on some clothes and opened the window slowly. A little creaked was heard, but nothing major. I smiled to myself. "Easier than expected."

I giggled to myself. "I should be a spy." I was half way out of the window, when it shut right on my pants. I yelped. 'Nooo!' I thought. "I'm going to be late."

End of flashback

"Got stuck in the window." Hinata said.

Naruto laughed. "You're so funny Hina-chan!"

Hinata grumbled. :T


Naruto rested his head on her shoulders. "Yes Hina-chan?

"How does your girlfriend feel about all of this?"

Naruto lifted his head from her shoulder and stood beside her.

'Hinata YOU BAKA! Why did you have to say that?'

"She's a girl... girls get jealous, no offense, so..."

Hinata nodded her head in agreement. "I don't want to get in the way of your relationship with her."

Naruto plucked a little flower from the earth. "It's okay." he said as he looked at the sleeping flower, dreamy. "At least I managed to accomplish one thing."

Hinata tilted her head. "And what was that?"

"I got you out of your shell." he said as he threw the little flower towards her.

Hinata paused and stared at him. There was breif silence, before Hinata smiled.

"Arigatou!" she said smiling brightly.

Time Change (A week later 1 PM: Naruko and friends)

"GUYS!" Naruko said yelling at her friends.

Hanabi cleared her throat. "Last time I checked, I'm a girl."

Syuki nodded in agreement.

"So what's up?" Armi asked.

Naruko covered her face. "I have a crush on someone." she said giggling.

"OHhhh. Do tell." Syuki said, interested.

Naruko shook her head. "Nope... I can't do it, until I talk to him."

Hanabi stared at her friend. 'Could it be... him?' she thought.

"I will find this boy!" Armi said as flames endorsed her body.

Syuki clapped in dedication to her bestfriend of 10 years.

Hanabi and Naruko sighed. "How did I become friends with these two knuckled heads?" they both said.

The two looked at each other and smiled.

'Who is it?' Hanabi wondered.

(Highschool time)

Hinata sighed as she took out her shoes from the locker. It was time to go home and it was raining. "How could I have fogotten my umbrella?" she asked herself.

After she put on her shoes, she walked towards the school door and let out another sigh. "I've been doing that a lot lately." She watched as the other teenagers walked with their friends.

She placed her fingertip on the window glass and started to trace Naruto's name on it. "I have seen you since that night. You even stopped talking to me on messenger. Why did I say that to him?"

"I don't want to get in the way of your relationship with her."

"Maybe that was a turn-off." she said. She quickly shook her head feriously. "No.. he should learn to respect my descions!" she said loudly to herself. "And plus he has a girlfriend.. I don't want to be some tramp who ruins that."


Hinata looked quickly looked up as she heard that name. A smile adorned her face. She looked through the window. "Naru-

Her expectations quickly went flying out the window. It was Hina from 10-3.

"I should've seen that coming."

"Should've see what coming, Hina-chan?"

She quickly turned around and looked at the blonde hair boy. "Naruto! How... when?"

He smiled. "It's raining and you don't haveyour umbrella, right?"

She stared at him. "How did you know?"

He shrugged. "I was coming to see you regardless." he said smiling.

Hinata smiled back at him, but it quickly faded. Naruto noticed and asked her, "What's the matter?"

She balled her fist. "Why were you ignoring me?" she whispered.

"Uh... I didn't quite catch that." Naruto said.

"WHY WERE YOU IGNORING ME!" she shouted at him.

Naruto blinked at Hinata, who face had turned red. "I didn't ignore you." he said confused.

"Yes you did." she said staring at him. "This whole week!"

Naruto kept on blinking his big creculean eyes. "Oh...I was sick." he said laughing nervously.

Hinata calmed down. "You.. were...sick?"


Hinata covered her mouth, which made Naruto laughed.

"How are you feeling now? I'm sorry, I didn't know that."

"It's okay Hina-chan. I'm feeling a little better."

"Why didn't you tell me.. I would've come and whip you up some chicken noodle soup." she kept going on and on.

All Naruto did was smile. "Hinata you're so caring."

Hinata looked up at Naruto, who looked a little flush. "Are you sure, you're okay?"

Naruto shook his head agressively. Hinata jumped up to feel Naruto's forehead.

"You have a little fever." she said worriedly.

Naruto waved his hand. "I'm fine!"

"Why did you go to school? Why are you in the rain?"

Naruto laughed, but it turned into a harsh cough.

"We have to get you out of here!" Hinata said as she took the umbrella. "I'm taking you home and I'm going to take care of you!"

Naruto had swirls in his eyes. "Hina-chan, takin-

(Naruto's house: Hinata's POV)

"Whe-where am I?" Naruto asked rubbing his head.

"You collasped in front of the school building, so I had my mom picked us up." Hinata said as she put a towel over Naruto's head.

"Now rest! And drink some orange juice. It's the real thing, so you better drink it all!" she said harshly.

Naruto chuckled. "So cute..."

His eyes were dull and so was his skin and his hair also lost the life it had, had once.

After a couple of hours of Hinata being there, Naruto had gained some strenght. Just enough for him to be sitting up. It became very awkward.

"Karin didn't care enough to come." Naruto said. "She said she was busy doing something."

Hinata sinked her nails into her white skin.

"I knew you would come though." Naruto said smiling as he turned his head towards Hinata.

Hinata cocked her head, and then it hit her.

"Naruto... you... really didn't go to school, did you?"


He looked down at his lap and started to shiver. Hinata quickly got looked at him.

"I hate being alone." he said, his voice raspy. "My sister is almost a grown woman, she doesn't check for her older brother anymore. She doesn't talk to me she use too."

Hinata continued to listen.

"It's hard trying to keep this family together and alive. I've tried...Lord knows I did."

Hinata gulped. "Naruto...

"I guess that's why I went with Karin. So that empty void would be filled, but it just got worse." He said as he held his chest.

Hinata got teary. This wasn't Naruto... not the Naruto she knew.

"Naruto.. I'll be here fo-

Hinata ears perked up as she heard snoring sounds. Her left eyebrow twitched. "You've got to be kidding me." She sighed, but this time a happy sigh. "He'll be feeling much better in no time. Naruto is strong like that."