When I was a kid, I was the loudest on the block. You couldn't go for miles without hearing me.

That all changed when I finally got a good look at the world.

Don't get me wrong; I knew there were all sorts of Pokemon trainers, good and bad. I just didn't know that some humans minds were that horrible. Take Team Rocket for example. Their awful ways of thinking were so focused on capturing Pokemon and using them for their own whims. I was so sickened by the idea that when nobody was looking I threw up. The ideas and purpose of their ideology was just too nauseating for me. It drove me insane and made me sick to my stomach. Literally.

It was only after we finally defeated them that I was able to sleep at night. I was so relieved that I actually got down on my knees and thanked whatever god out there that gave me strength to defeat them.

Since then, instead of being loud like I used to I grew up and grew quieter. I observed instead of talked and I gained more and more knowledge. Instead of being the innocent child I used to be, I was forced to grow up.

I can't say I minded. It did after all, help me defeat many other evil syndicates. But I would have loved to relive my childhood and be that innocent kid that didn't really know anything.

When I first met Yellow, she was just another person I helped. Her frightened voice as she tried to talk to the Drainti made me think she was weak and needed helping. So I saved her. Turned out to be a big help on my part. I never thought I was getting off that mountain until she and Blaine helped me. I started to admire her courage even though she was so small. I didn't even know she was a she until she took her hat off in front of me. Blue must have broken a rib she laughed so much afterward. And even Mr. I-don't-care Green cracked a laugh or two.

Or a lot. But you get the point.

But after I found out she was a girl I began to notice many things about her.

Like how she thought she was weak for caring about Pokemon and not caring for battling. I told her that even some of the strongest of trainers don't care about their Pokemon the way she does, and that's what makes her strong.
Her watery smile must have made my heart jump out of my chest at least a hundred times in one second.

And I knew I loved her.