So I saw a livejournal one word fic that is for Sam/Zoe-Pretty, since I don't have a LJ account, I wanted to post it here, because it is still uber cute.

Little Sam Marcos stood shaking in front of the Shannon family, the reason he was here in the forefront of all of them. He gulped and tried to steady his breathing.

He wore black slacks that were slightly bigger than his regular size, and he skipped a button on his dress shirt also a size too big, but not so noticeable tucked in. The adult sized tie he wore hung down to his knees, just above the yellow rubber rain boots he had his pants stuffed in.

He cleared his throat and began reading form the paper he had with him, his other hand occupied by a single large pink flower.

"When I think of you, I usually trip, and you help me up, I try very hard to be cool, ut you always make me melt. Most girls have cooties, but you aren't like most girls, you like dinosaurs 'stead of dolls.

You are my best friend, and Leah said she would kick my shin if I did start telling you." That brought up a laugh from most of the family. "You make everything better, and I really want to take you on a date if you'll let me." He looked at Zoe for her confirmation, and smiled when she giggled and nodded, running to her room with her mother.

Sam stood awkwardly as Jim scowled, "I thought she would at least be Maddy's age. Not seven." Maddy nudged him while smiling wide.

Zoe came out in a white dress and her own yellow rubber rain boots, taking his hand and the flower and walking outside, Mrs. Shannon following them as chaperone.

"The flower is really pretty, Sam." She smiled and he blushed.

"You're more pretty, Zoe." He felt his voice crack out of nervousness.

Sam felt like the whole world was right tonight as Zoe Shannon, the girl of his dreams held his hand and walked down the street with him.

And he decided then and there. He was going to marry her. One day.