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I find Artemis training at the Cave. It's as good as time as any to talk with her about what happened.

"I saw what you did last night." She stops punching the punching bag and turns to me. "And the amazing thing is, not one of them will ever know." She seems confused for a moment. I guess that's not very surprising. She probably was expecting me to question why she holds back on the Team.

"Know what?" I lean against the wall and cross my arms.

"How much harder it is for the rest of us." She leans against the bag in a similar position as me. "Seeing my friends get, more and more powerful. Powerful. All of them." I wonder if she actually knows I'm talking about the Team at this point. I don't know why I'm sharing this with her. Probably because I feel like she's the only one who can relate, since she's the only other human on the Team. Sure, there's Bruce, but… "They'll never know how tough it is. To be the one who isn't chosen. To live so near to the spotlight, but never stand in it." I chuckle a little as I continue. "But I know. I see more than anyone realizes because…nobody's watching me." This time I look down to continue. "I saw you last night." Just above my glasses, I see surprise cross her face. "You're not special." The surprise is even more evident as I look up at her. "You're extraordinary." I turn to leave the room, but before I can, a hand on my shoulder stops me. Artemis.

"Maybe that's your power." I turn and raise an eyebrow to encourage her to continue. "Seeing. Knowing." I grin at her.

"Maybe it is."

We're both the only two humans on the Team, nothing will change that. Nor will anything change how everyone else isn't. There's a Kyrptonian, a Martian, an Atlantian, and a speedster. No matter what, they'll never understand being human like Arty and I do. But we always will. Nothing can change that.

A/N: Have I ever mentioned, ever, that I had been a RobArt shipper before the finale thanks to a video for that which introduced me to "Haunted" by Taylor Swift? So, if it seemed even the slightest bit romantic...*blushes*