A Party of Titans

His lips moved with hers in a perfect rhythm, as he began to run kisses down her neck they heard a knock-on Raven's door. Growling slightly, he just continued to kiss his beautiful dark goddess he was lucky enough to claim as his. But alas Raven pushed on his chest a little bit to break him away from her and whispered in his ear, "You have to get that it could be Robin."

"Hmm...Then I can't come back and finish this." The kitsune whispered huskily

"I'll stay here, and if it is Robin I will come over, okay?" Raven let a small smile grace her lips.

Naruto melted at the sight of her smile. It was the one thing that could make him do anything. And the fact he knew that smile was only meant for him made it even sweeter. "Okay, I'll go see who interrupted us." The fox demon smirked and winked at his mate.

Rolling her eyes, she watched her mate pull some black jeans with red chains over his boxers and walk to the door not bothering to put on a shirt on our comb his untamed blonde hair with black tips. After a little while, she heard the sound of two males speaking and quickly recognised the voices, Naruto and Robin's. Quickly getting up not bothering to put real clothes on, she slipped on a dark nightgown over her bra and panties. She had to get there quickly she could tell by the way Naruto's ten tails, that resembled his hair and fox ears, flicked back and forth in annoyance.

"We are having a party tonight in the main room to celebrate New Year's, Starfire wants to use both to be there..." Robin's voice faltered a bit at the end as Raven walked into sight in only a small black nightgown.

"Yeah, sure we will be there." Naruto's pure blue eyes narrowed at Robin as he watched his mate with a hidden lust.

We will be there Robin, is there anyone else coming?" Raven's soft voice filled both the males' ears as she stood by Naruto letting him wrap his arm around her waist.

"Yeah, Titans east and a few honorary Titans are coming as well." Robin grumbled slightly at the sight of Raven in his most hated 'friends' arms.

"Good, we will see you in an hour at seven." Naruto closed the door before Robin could utter a word.

"Now that was just plain rude." Raven looked at Naruto with a scowl on her face, but Naruto just looked at her and smiled his foxy smile.

"No, him interrupting us was just plain rude." He nuzzled her neck nipping at the soft flesh. Raven rolled her eyes but let another smile grace her lips. Now it is normally scary to see her smile so much, but the truth is she couldn't help it when she was around Naruto after her dad was killed she was free to feel without being afraid of creating another canon, much to Naruto's delight.

"Of course, he was but we," she slipped out of his hold and moved to the bathroom door. "Need to get ready." Smirking at her mate, she grabbed a towel and turned on the shower as Naruto came in with her.

On the other side of the tower.

'What does she see in that...in that mutt?' he thought as he walked away from Ravens' room to his own to start getting ready. Sighing, he began to get dressed for the party as he had already had a shower prior. He grabbed some dark blue jeans and a red T-shirt and slipped on his black steel-toed boots with his signature mask of course. He headed to Cyborgs room to see when the rest of the Titans were coming. He got to the door that was labelled 'Cyborg' and knocked. Cyborg stepped into view.

"Yo Rob, What's happenin' man?" Cyborg was a well-built African-American guy that was now three-quarter machine, hence the name Cyborg.

"Hey Cy, just wondering when the other Titans are coming around?" Robin asked as the taller teen looked his clock on his arm.

"Around should be here in around half an hour, but you know them, they'll most likely be here in 10-15 minutes." The teen laughed lightly; Robin joined him.

"Yeah, but it's always good to have at least a small-time frame of when to expect someone especially with Beast boy." the Boy Wonder's shoulders slumped at the mention of the resident Green bean. Cyborg chuckled again.

"How about I got take care of Grass Stain, and you go take care of Starfire, no doubt you've already informed the love birds about it already." Cyborg teased as he knew Robin hated the fox demon and had feelings for the dark bird he thought of as his sister.

"Shut up; I have no ill intention for either of them," Robin grumbled not liking the fact the older teen could read him so easily.

"Okay man, see you in 15 minutes on the roof" With a laugh the door shut and Robin once again headed to a different room. This time the beautiful princess alien named Starfire.

We got out of the shower and got ready for the party knowing the other Titans will be here sooner than they were expected. I watched as Raven slipped on some skinny black jeans that showed off her ass nicely, might I add. She then slipped on a black singlet that had 'I'm smiling, that alone should scare you' in purple writing with a creepy smiley face. She then put on some amethyst studs and a teardrop necklace that I had brought her, to finish the look off, she put on some plain silver ballet flats. To say the least, she looked stunning, and I couldn't take my eyes off her.

"Like something you see?" She taunted, smirking at the look on my face.

"Defiantly," I smirked back at her and scooped her up in my arms bridal style, and kissed her. She laughed and kissed me back then pulled away and smiled at the pout on my face. She caressed my sensitive whiskers making me purr in delight. She got out of my arms making me pout again.

"I'm ready, so I could continue this, but you need to get some clothes on. I doubt the guys would be happy if you show up in only a towel" she giggled.

"Maybe, but I know for a fact the female Titans wouldn't mind one bit" I grinned at the look of annoyance on her face as I stated that. I just laughed and got dressed in the jeans and chains I was wearing previously and put on a black singlet, putting on the silver dog tags I had gotten from people. I slipped on my black sneakers and grabbed Raven in a hug and wrapped my tails around her protectively.

"I only care about you Raven; you don't have to worry," I said knowing what was running through her head.

"I know, but I still hate the way they make goo-goo eyes at you when you walk through the door" she sighed and smiled a little bit hugging me back. I laughed, and we walked out to the door to the roof where we knew the others would be waiting for the Titans.

When we got there, I refused to notice Robin, as I was still pissed off about him liking MY mate. Starfire was beautiful as usual in a short pink skirt and white top that had a frilly pink heart on it. She had Golden loop earrings and a gold necklace that had an emerald on it, and she wore long white leather boots to finish it off. Beast boy wore green jeans that hung dangerously low with a green T-shirt and gold dog tags similar to my own. I often wondered if he got sick of the colour green then quickly dismissed it as his skin, eyes and hair were green as well.

I looked up as the faint sound of an aeroplane hit my sharpened senses, and sore the Titans East plane landing as a few other planes as well landed. The Titans all jumped out of the planes stretching from the long ride and joined us.

Thus, the party began.