The Titans and The Kitsune

"Ok we're not leaving till you guys tell us what the hell happened here!" Cyborgs voice rang out in the echoing warehouse.

"Erm...well psycho here" Naruto pointed to the leader as he hissed at the 'psycho' comment, "got jealous that Raven actually wanted to hug me and attacked me and yeah that's pretty much it." He is purposely leaving out the fact they were laying in bed which probably would have brought some unnecessary comments to the statement.

"That's it!?" You guys were fighting in a warehouse, like Robin thought you were Slade, just because he got jealous!" The half-man half-machine shook his head trying to get everything or anything to make sense.

"Pretty much what I just said, yeah." Naruto wrapped his arms around his love asking if she was alright, which was responded with a swift nod of the head and walk out of the door as she grabbed his hand and dragged him with her.

"So...that's the end of the game?" Speedy was answered with a smack in the head by Aqualad as everyone walked after the trio of two and the girls finally let go of bird boy as he promised not to do anything to disturb the two what-so-ever. Naruto and Raven once again walked hand in hand to the tower as they could hear the sound of their team mates following them in a noisy manner.

"You cold?" Naruto looked at Raven frowning as he felt a violent shiver pass through her. She nodded a tiny bit as Naruto took off the jacket, he had grabbed it before they left the tower after realizing how cold it was outside when they walked through the park, and placed it gently on her shoulders. Raven looked up at him as he placed the material over her shoulders and the warmth it brought.

"They're really are a cute couple." Jinx watched as Naruto performed the clique romantic gesture as everyone nodded and smiled except Starfire and Robin who glared at the couple in front of them. They all finally reached home as it was about 10 minutes till the countdown. Everyone split up into a couple; BB and terra, Cy and Bee, Jinx and KF , Speedy and Aqualad, Robin and Starfire whom all sat down on the sofa watching TV as Naruto and Raven sat at the window looking out at the sky, ocean & their beloved city.

Starfire and Robin looked over at the two and felt a pang of guilt hit them at the two cuddling up to each other like if they let go they would lose their lives forever. Yes they loved them very much but wasn't love about making sacrifices, and you could truly see the love and affection in their eyes as they looked and held each other...who were they to take that away from them?

The heartbroken teens sighed and fell back into a cough just to shoot back up and stare at an arm that hit each other. Trailing their eyes up Robin and Starfire stared at each other as Robin smiled a bit and Starfire shyly giggled and smiled back. They had still been very close even when they thought they loved Naruto/Raven. Ever since that kiss at Tokyo they would always be close. 'So maybe getting over the heartbreak wouldn't be so hard after all' they both thought as they curled up together not noticing that Naruto and Raven had snuck out to the roof.(3)

Naruto pulled Raven up the stairs to the roof as they sat down on edge. Raven lent into Naruto as he wrapped his arms around her waist watching the stars and moon shine over their city and the air smells faintly of the salt but not over powering it. The wind gently blew and they hugged each other for warmth.

"There couldn't have been a better night to have New Years." Raven whispered so quietly that if Naruto hadn't had a sensitive hearing he wouldn't have heard it at all. He smiled and pulled her closer as they could hear the others down stairs starting to count down from 10 till the new years.

"I couldn't agree more." He whispered just as softly as if they spoke any louder it would ruin everything. He pulled her into a sweet kiss as the others shouted "HAPPY NEW YEARS!" and Cyborg set off the fireworks as well as the town's fireworks for the oncoming New Year.

"Happy New Years, I love you so much."

"Happy New Years, and I love you more then you could imagine Naruto."

That cute little scene goes to a Guest. I sort of forget that it is on the other side of the world because it's summer when it's New Years here. Thank you for pointing that out.

I've seen this pairing a lot and even if myself not into it, I still think it's a cute couple."

I had to put this in because everyone deserves a chance, even if I don't like the people or pairing.