"Rima!" a voice called. Rima turned around to see Amu running towards her.

"Let's go to the Royal Garden together!" Amu suggested. Rima agreed, flashing a quick, rare smile, andthe two walked into the Royal Garden. Ran, Miki, Su, and Kusukusu flew over to the other charas and started talking.

"Hello, Rima-chan." Nagihiko greeted her. Rima didn't bother saying anything.

"I said - " Nagihiko began.

"Hi," Rima interrupted coldly, immediately walking past said boy without glancing back.

"For this meeting we will discuss the increase in X-eggs. There should be one in the school right now. So here's the plan..." Tadase explained. "Got it?" Everyone nodded and left to get to their positions.

"Rima! Chara change!" Kusukusu said and Rima obeyed. Tadase and Yaya drove the X-egg to Rima and Nagihiko who chased it to Amu, who purified it.

"Rima, do you want to walk home with Nagihiko and me?" Amu asked.

Rima looked at Nagihiko, who smiled. She glared at him before saying, "Sure, whatever."

As the charas chatted, Amu asked Nagihiko, "Did you make it on the basketball team?"

"Yeah, the tryouts were pretty easy." Nagihiko answered. Rima tuned him out then; she absolutely detested basketball - definitely the most boring sport on the planet, though all of them were boring enough. How could Amu be interested in this? Then again, it was Nagihiko - everything was all about him. She stayed silent, though on the inside she was seething with anger.

"Rima?" Amu asked. "Rima? Hello, Rima?" Amu said for the third time. "Is something wrong?"

"No," Rima quickly answered. Then she scowled at Nagihiko and added, "I was just getting bored of hearing Fujisaki boast."

Nagihiko was about to reply when Rima interrupted. "This is my house. Bye!" she said and walked into her house.

"What time?" Rima's mom was speaking on the phone. "6:00 p.m. to 7:00 starting tomorrow? That'll be great. Thank you. Bye." She hung up and informed her curious daughter, "Starting tomorrow you'll be having dance classes." Rima's mom informed.

"But - " Rima started to say.

"No buts. Now go change your clothes; someone's coming over for dinner."

Rima stalked up the stairs into her room. She never had taken an interest in dancing. Suddenly, she thought of something.

"Mom? Where am I getting dance classes?" Rima called down from her room.

"Dance Academy," Rima's mom replied.

Dance Academy? Haven't I heard of that before? Rima thought. I probably didn't. Rima shook the feeling away.

"Wake up!" Kusukusu giggled.

Rima yawned and got out of bed. She quickly went to school. Rima yawned and got out of bed, and upon realizing she was just a little later than usual, quickly got ready and went to school. After a tedious amount of boring classes, the school day ended, and Rima went to the Royal Garden.

"There has been a debate about the school uniforms. We need to conduct a survey to find out if we should continue with the plaid or just keep it plain," Tadase said.

Rima was still thinking about her dance class. She was probably going to fail; it was just a waste of time anyway. Rima was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't pay attention the whole Guardian meeting..

"Rima?" She opened her eyes to see the other Guardians staring at her.

"The Guardian meeting is over," Tadase said.

Rima walked home with Amu and Nagihiko again. Amu, of course, had to chat with Nagihiko about basketball or school or whatever.

"Okay, this is my house," Amu said soon after. "Bye!" She ran towards the front door, bright pink hair bouncing over her shoulder as she slung her schoolbag on it.

Rima walked not towards her house, but towards the dancing school. She passed Nagihiko's house and stopped.

"Where are you going? This is your house." She informed Nagihiko coolly.

"I'm not going there today. I'm going to Dance Academy." Nagihiko replied.

Suddenly, Rima remembered where she had heard that name before.

The class I'm going to.

Anger and frustration coursed through Rima's veins and clouded her vision. So now, not only did she have to go to a pointless dance class, she was going to have to go to a pointless dance class with Nagihiko. She seriously considered running back to the school and jumping out the second floor - Nagihiko had done it once, with Amu in his arms (long story, one which Amu had taken care to explain to the Guardians in detail. She was still mad about it.), so why couldn't she? But then again, it was a waste of energy, and she, lacking the athletic ability that the jerk had, would probably suffer at least a little damage. Sadly.

She was developing a migraine.

Why did he always have to be there to annoy her?