This is my first fanfic that's actually based on a real anime or OVA (official video animation) and its my first AU fanfic that's in Roxas' point of view(sorta).

This fanfic is based on the Black Rock Shooter OVA. If you don't know who BRS is, google her. She is AWESOME. Also if u didn't, watch the OVA so u can get what is going to happen. But if u don't want to so u wont get any spoilers, good for you!

This is more of a love retelling of the whole OVA story. FYI: Xion's school uniform is like the one that all the girls wear in the OVA too but not the anime. IDK about Roxas tho.

Disclaimer: I do not own the plot of the Black Rock Shooter OVA or kingdom hearts or its characters.(I wont repeat this)


*/Chapter 1: My New Life As A Freshman\*

It was the first day of school and I was walking to my new high school: Twilight Takamachi High School. Since it was spring, flowers and light green leaves decorated the nearby trees giving the path to school a bright, cheery atmosphere. A gentle breeze blew by rustling against my spiky blonde hair and refreshed my senses.

I lived a couple of miles from school so I always took the train then walked there from the station. Sometimes I met a couple of friends, sometimes not. I wasn't that popular in middle school so I didn't expect much in high school.

As I approached the school gates, I stopped for a bit to catch a glimpse of my new school. Trees were everywhere and some that were blossoming were standing as if on display. While I was gazing at the school in awe, I heard a slight *thump* behind me like a car door being closed. I turned from my position and saw a raven haired girl behind me who turned her gaze from the now retreating car to mine as I laid my eyes on her.

She had a simple appearance and looked about my age. The girl had short, choppy hair and no makeup unlike the other girls I've seen. She had aqua blue eyes that that made the deep blue sea to shame and had a way of looking beautiful with her simple but neat style. The girl was clad in the usual sailor school uniform for girls who had a light blue cape, skirt and tie. Everything else on the uniform was white.

She turned to me with a strange look and approached me.

"Who are you and why are you looking at me like that?" was the first thing she said out loud with annoyance.

"U-umm, oh I'm sorry! I didn't mean to annoy you or tick you off. It's just that umm, well..." I muttered.

"No need to tell me. You just need a friend for the new school year huh?" she said to me with her frown disappearing and a gentle smile taking its place. I ended up stuttering even more then eventually I nodded shyly.

"Okay, s-so we're friends now?" I stuttered.

"Of course not!" she exclaimed with a weird grin. I flinched at the sudden mean words. "...Not until we get to know each other!" she suddenly added with a laugh.

I sighed in relief. The way she has me on my toes already made me weary for our future friendship.
"What did you think? Did you actually think that I would be friends with someone who I didn't even know their name?" she muttered looking down with a pink blush spreading across her cheeks. I was confused at the sudden mood change. She seemed embarrassed now.

I put a hand on her shoulder and grinned, putting on my normal personality. She looked up at me in confusion.

"I'm Roxas if you were asking. Roxas Hikari. Can we be friends now?" I said still grinning.

She cheered up again and returned the grin with a smile.

"Not without my own introduction. I'm Xion Uchida," she held out her hand.

I closed my eyes in cheerfulness and shook her hand.

And that's how our friendship started.


On the same day, as soon as we walked inside our new classroom, we went to high school orientation since we luckily were in the same class.

We sat next to each other in the auditorium. During the whole routine of the teachers preaching to us to do our best the following year, Xion and I began talking about each other.

I found out that Xion was an exchange student from Radiant Garden but was born in Twilight Town like the rest us. I found out another interesting fact: we both had a twin. Xion had a twin named Kairi who looked exactly like her except her hair was longer and her hair was a dark auburn. I told her that I had a twin named Ventus. He looked exactly like me except his hair was a little darker compared to mine. My voice was a little deeper than his too.

I found out that Xion and I were both 15 but I was a couple of months older than her. We liked the same music, video games and other things. It was as if we were meant to meet.

But despite these similarities, Xion and I had our differences. Xion had a more confined personality and didn't like to talk to anyone she didn't know well. I thought of it as a miracle that we even became friends at all because when we first met, she appeared as a moody tomboy.

Well it is true that she is a tomboy but she definitely is not moody. It just depends on who she is with at the current moment and is more open and moody when she is with her friends. Unlike her, I'm a more open person and I tend to be nice to everyone with a 'sunshiny personality' as Xion called it.

When orientation ended, we both retreated to the classroom where everyone else met up. Our homeroom teacher, Axel Fujimara, introduced himself.

"Okay kids! Let's have a great year together," he exclaimed with a grin.

"HAI SENSEI!" we all called out.

Our teacher smile turned to small frown on his face. He appeared to be pondering then spoke.

"Aww you don't have to call me 'Sensei'. It sounds too flowery and formal. Just call me Axel!" he grinned once again. "Oh and don't be too formal around me. Don't be afraid to talk to me. And remember, we're friends!"

We all nodded and Axel Sensei stepped off the podium and tripped on one of the steps. He hit the ground with a loud *thud* and we all gasped. One of the boys was about to help Axel up but he held out his hand indicating that he was fine. He then stood up with a goofy look on his face and called out to

"Don't worry kids. As long as I have my lighter Jamie with me, I'll be fine!" he took out a small lighter out of his pocket and rubbed it against his cheek then walked to his desk.

That was how we found out that our home room teacher was a pyro.

It was silence then everyone started to smirk. It didn't take long for the classroom to erupt in giggles and laughs.


It has been a couple of weeks since I first met Xion.

It was last period and the teacher was about to dismiss us.

"Stand. Bow. You are now dismissed! I hope you all will have a great day," our last period teacher said with a smile.

As soon as class ended, I took out my phone to text my mom that I would be a little late. When I sent the message, I walked over to Xion's desk to talk to her.

Since about a couple of days ago, Xion's parents have dropped the idea of dropping her off every morning. Instead, since we lived in the same neighborhood, we would walk to school and back together. So every morning was met with cheerful smiles and interesting conversation.

I had also mad some other friends too. Sora, a chocolate haired boy whose hair stood up in all directions like mine but even wilder, he became one of the closest beside Xion. Riku, a calm and competitive boy, was an upperclassman but we were still good friends.

There was Pence, Olette, and Hayner who have been friends with me ever since our elementary school years but we weren't in the same class though.

When I approached Xion, I tapped on her shoulder with a grin. She turned around and jumped when she saw me for some reason. I thought that I saw a slight blush but I discarded the thought.

"Xion, I want to show you something today. Can you come?" I asked her still grinning.

The girl nodded with a smile. She'll sure be surprised later today...


When we left school campus, I told Xion to follow me to the Tram Common.

When we arrived at the plaza, I walked to the familiar ice cream stand where the old lady was always selling frozen treats. My personal favorite was sea salt.

"Two sea salt ice creams please!" I said cheerily.

The old lady turned around from her cat and saw me then showed the usual smile but this time she had an unusual sparkle in her eyes.

"Oh Roxas! I see that you've brought a friend now. I'm glad to see that you're making new friends," she said to me as she bent down to the freezer to take out two sea salt ice cream bars.

"Yes ma'am! I've made some other friends too in high school. Thank you for noticing my friend here. Her name is Xion Uchida," I said politely pointing to Xion who looked shyly down at the ground.

"H-hello. Nice to meet you!" she said cheerily but still shyly.

"Oh. You're a shy one aren't you? Don't worry, I won't bite!" the old lady laughed. She waved her hand as if to shoo away the idea.

Xion nodded and turned to me with a slight blush on her cheeks.

"Okay that will be 45 munny," the lady said to me. I gave her exact change and I thanked her. The woman looked at me and Xion with the same strange sparkle in her eye then she waved good bye and went back to delousing her cat.

Me and Xion left the ice cream shop but didn't eat the sea salt ice creams yet. I told her to save it when we get to our destination.

"Get where?" she asked with curiosity.

"You'll see..." I said with a smirk on my face.

We reached Central Station and I paused a little while to look up at the clock tower. For some reason I always did this. It seems to calm my nerves. I then went inside the station and I motioned for Xion to follow.

When we went inside, the two of us went down the large main corridor of the station then I stopped in front of a door that said 'Staff Only'. I wasn't worried though because I've never seen anyone go in the door, and no one ever really seems to notice me go in. I turned to Xion and told her to follow but she hesitated probably because of the staff only sign. I told her it was nothing to worry about so she followed me.

Inside the door were a set of steps but I knew that behind these steps was a small elevator, thankfully. I swerved behind the stairs and Xion and I both walked in the cramped elevator. It was small but it was enough for two people. I pushed a button on the wall and then the doors closed slowly and we began to rise up.

There was a small *ding* sound when the elevator stopped so I knew the ride was over. I pressed the same button and the doors opened. We were at the top of the clock tower.

"Roxas. I-is this the top of the clock tower?" she gasped in awe and I nodded to answer her question.

"Yeah. It's pretty isn't it?" I breathed in awe.

She nodded in agreement then looked at me in surprise when I grabbed her hand and led her to the front of the tower. There was a small ledge we could sit on
and I sat down on it motioning for Xion to sit down beside me. She hesitated at first, but with my coaxing and smile, she sat down beside me.

"Roxas, are you sure this place is safe?" she asked nervously.

"Don't worry! It's perfectly safe unless you actually try to jump off," I joked.

She looked down for a moment then seemed to regain her confidence again and brought back a smile on her face.
Xion reached behind her and pulled out the ice cream bag that I set down behind us earlier.

"So Roxas, shouldn't we eat these now?" she said teasingly as she handed the bag to me.

I took one of the sea salt ice cream bars and handed the other one to her. Unwrapping mine, I took a big bite out of the stick of salty, sweet deliciousness and sighing at the good taste. I haven't had one in a while.

Unlike me, Xion unwrapped hers and looked at it with an unsure look on her face. She looked at the light blue popsicle and then took a small lick. She seemed to gag a little.

"Ughhh! Roxas, how can you eat this? It's so salty!" she exclaimed to me with a look of disgust.

I was surprised. She looked pretty excited to eat these.

"Xion, try taking a big bite then let it melt in your mouth for a while."

She looked at me and then to the ice cream bar and then back to me and after hesitating for a moment, Xion bit into the blue bar. She seemed to be rolling her tongue sampling the flavor. The look of disgust appeared then was quickly
replaced with a smile. She was most likely tasting the sweetness right about now.

"So how was it?" I asked with a smile.

"It as salty at first...then it turned sweet!" she said with admiration and curiosity. "I think it tastes really good,"

"Yeah I think so too. I said the same exact thing too when I first tried sea salt ice cream!" I exclaimed.

"Really? That's kind of a weird coincidence don't you think?" she asked.

"That is weird..." I said with a hint of nostalgia in my voice. "Guess we even think the same too huh?" I smiled at her.

She laughed and I joined in with her. After we were done laughing, there was a comfortable silence accompanied with an occasional breeze blowing.

"Hey Roxas..." Xion whispered. "It's a beautiful sunset isn't it?"

I turned towards her and nodded in agreement. But I noticed that she was blushed a little again. I stared at her for a moment wondering if she was really blushing or if it was just the sunset... Out of curiosity I leaned forward to see her face more clearly.

A few moments passed and she turned to me. She blushed even harder as we both noticed that we were only inches from each other. Backing away, we both scooted away from our awkward position and then I slightly turned my head away in embarrassment.

"Roxas?" My attention was suddenly drawn to her.

"There's something I would like to give you..." Xion muttered and reached into her pocket.

She held something wrapped in a white handkerchief rimmed with black. Xion handed it to me and I unwrapped it.

Inside was a shell that was about the size of my thumb. It was mostly blue but part of it had a faded yellow color.

"I-it's a Thalassa shell. I found it on a beach in Destiny islands when I was a little kid," she murmured with embarrassment.

"Since it was a keepsake from your childhood, I'm not so sure that I should..." I tried to hand back the trinket but was interrupted by Xion.

"Don't worry about it! I have another one," Xion took out a necklace from the inside of her shirt. It had another Thalassa shell attached to it. The shell looked exactly like mine but instead of blue, it was a faded pinkish color with shades of orange and purple. Xion took off her necklace and let me hold it.

"Wow. They're both really beautiful. It's like the two shells were made to be together..." I breathed.

"You can make it into a necklace if you want but don't you think that's too girly for you?" Xion asked with a slight laugh in her tone. "Maybe you can put it on a Keychain and put it on your phone or something. I noticed that you don't have any straps on your phone." She pointed to my phone in my pocket.

I took out my phone. It was a flip-open phone that was black and had little bits of white on it. Xion was right that there were no straps.

Xion spoke up, "I have a little needle and a strap if you need them. I was thinking ahead and thought that you would want the strap." she smiled.

I nodded and gave her the seashell. Xion poked a hole in it and put the strap through it then gave it to me.

"Think of it as some kind of symbol of our friendship," Xion said cheerfully. I gave the Thalassa shell necklace back to her and she put it back on but instead kept it out for show.

I held out my Thalassa shell strap and she held out the shell on her necklace. We both smiled and held them out to the sun watching the shells sparkle in the sunlight.