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Disappeared Chapter 21

How…am I supposed to face her—at this state?

I'm bleeding everywhere, all of the strength he's given me is almost gone. I wonder why I'm not automatically healed like he was in my dreams…

Perhaps…I'm not strong enough to bring her back?

All of these thoughts penetrate through my mind as she hurtles closer…closer…with her glittering blade in her hand. She still has that blank, dead look in her eyes, and she moves as if she's being controlled by strings—like a marionette…a puppet.

She seems so different now; violet eyes, such great power, and darkness showing in her every move.

But her figure is still beautiful in my sight even when I take the blow she delivers to my body…

I'm knocked meters away from her strong swing, driving me down to the ground with a grinding thud. How would I save her…much less myself…now? At this point, I'm dead. I guess the emotional approach didn't work.

I give an exhausted smile as I somehow find the strength to get up. I clutch my right arm, the limb that was hit by her attack, and give a few short blows. When I look at my own body, I find a hole in my chest, right where my heart should have been. Even the black coat I'm wearing is stained with streaks of scarlet blood. I feel dead already, but am driven by some strange force. How cliché, I think to myself, if that strange force was to be love in itself. My mind isn't thinking anymore, my eyes focus only on her as I summon my—his keyblade and take a few ragged steps forward. After all it's a weapon, no?

Her ghostly eyes scan the giant gap in my chest and she wonders why I'm still moving towards her as if blood is still pumping through my veins.

I take the time to look at the large blade I'm clasping with my two hands. But when it comes to sight, my eyes immediately focus on the keychain hanging from the side. A paopu fruit.

The blade glows, and then I remember what the fruit means. It brought me back…to her. The thalassa shell she gave me comes to mind, and I remember the glow that brought me here in the first place. The light that came to us when we watched the sunset at the beach.

I wonder, will the light help me now?

She continues to stare at me, her body still sagging as if on marionette strings, and she takes an uneasy step forward. What will she do now? What will I do now?

Unlock the heart.

Yet as these words echo through my ears, I stare at the keyblade dumbfounded by what to do. Unlock her heart… Then it all makes sense.

My eyes close as I hold up the blade to point towards what I hope is her chest. As tired as I feel now, I guess it's my feelings that are powering what I'm doing now. Even as I have no heart, she ripped it out anyways, I feel like I can do anything. This is the magic hour.

I let a small smile as I open my eyes once again, slowly. It's a true smile…and that's what seems to power the beam of light that pierces through her chest. It's so simple, how I did this, but that's what it was in the first place. What I had just done was what I was trying to do ever since I secretly fell for her that day.

"Unlocked," I whisper.

Her eyes suddenly freeze in place and the bright violet they were fades to an ocean blue I'm familiar with, and she collapses to the floor.

That moment when the light leaves, the sinister darkness that inked the atmosphere around me disappears to a bright light. It was done, I could rest in peace now.

Ironically, that moment, all the strength I possessed to this point runs dry in an instant. It figured, since I have a giant hole in my chest, and I collapse beside the girl I had defeated and saved. I know this is a critical point. If I don't find the strength to secure her in this moment—I would lose her forever in this place of oblivion.

I look into her now strangely peaceful face. Her delicate, broken state has disappeared and I touch her cheek softly with my gloved fingertips. It's soft skin once more, and I smile at the sight. The space we lie down in is falling apart and everything is fading into nothingness. My vision tunnels and I know I must hurry, or else she would be gone—so I take her hand in mine. Everything blurs and spins. I can't tell whether it's the room we're in or if it's my now probably insane mind.

It's all…so…strange. Her face, why is it fading…?

"It'll be all right now, Roxas. You deserve it now," I hear a faint and comforting voice in the distance.

When I open my eyes I see only darkness slightly illuminated by small glowing emerald fragments in the distance…I've seen this before.

"Deserve what?" I manage to croak out.

No one replies to my question. Instead, I feel a warm sensation within myself. It feels like love, as if Aerith was with me, cradling me in her arms like she used to when I was little. I missed the feeling…

"Is Xion safe?" I whimper, hoping for a response.

"She's all right…in fact, she's here…"

Why do I feel so cold?

When I open my eyes, I'm sitting at the clock tower again. Like nothing ever happened. Like Xion was never gone…

"Xion-!"I almost scream out. I try to stand up, but I'm weighed down by something—someone on my lap.

I look down, and like magic I see the girl I had been wishing for. She's sleeping, with her hands curled up beside her face in an adorable fashion, and her chest is falling and rising in a steady and peaceful rhythm.

I'm scared by what I see. I'm not sure whether to believe if it's really her or not—I just hope that It's not a dream. So I slowly place a trembling hand on her head. She doesn't disappear like I fear she does, but she slightly stirs in her sleep. It's real.

My chest relaxes as I slowly exhale in relaxation and relief. My lips curl up in a hesitating smile, and I run my fingers through her soft, yet short hair. After so long…she's back. Finally.

Unaware of my emotional instability, I feel a tear roll down my cheek. My other hand touches the tear as it falls into her hair. She stirs even more, and I my breath hitches as I stare at her. I fear she'll wake up.

Her movements cease, and just as I think it's over, her eyelids twitch slightly. The raven haired girl opens her eyes, revealing what I first thought were violet irises, but instead shows sapphire eyes. She looks up at me and looks confused, her lips relaxing to a strange shape.

"Why are you stroking my hair?" She asks.

I laugh, relieved that Xion's finally back. This only gives her an excuse to look at me even more strangely. She reaches up to touch my cheek—and I notice that my eyes are damp.

"And why are you crying?" She holds her hand to my cheek and wipes my tears away, but to her frustration are replaced with more that are quickly shed by yours truly.

She sits up and looks closely at my face. "Seriously, why are you crying?"

"No…" I murmur as I try to dry my tears, but it's no use as the floodgates burst open. I'm smiling as I weep and I let out a small laugh.

I see Xion before me, still eyeing me weirdly as my vision is blurred by tears. Just the sight of her is enough to warm my heart, and my smile widens.

"What are you do-hey!" Her statement is cut short by me springing forward to embrace her.

She stays silent as I cry silently into her shoulder. "I'm just glad that…you're okay, Xi." I laugh and cry simultaneously.

"Roxas, what is wrong with you?" She asks with a small giggle and pats my back.

I back away a little bit just to look at her face for a while. She stares at me, differently then what she had done only moments before, with a shade of pink on her cheeks. I laugh with pure happiness and I shed a few more tears.

"You know," I whisper softly, "I wonder why you went away in the first place."

Her eyes widen, as if she knows what I'm talking about. Tears begin to dot the corners of her eyes as well, but I don't care. I shake my head and lean forward, and press my lips against hers.