Chapter 7

As Banjo stared horrified at the machine and their captives, Crash could only think of a plan to free the captives and destroy the TechnoMagic.
"I got it," he said as he snapped his fingers.
"And what is it?" Banjo asked.
"Hey aren't you two furries coming up and attacking us!" Cortex taunted.
The hero duo nodded their head. Banjo's backpack was taken off and was held like a whip. Hopping in, the bandicoot fit perfectly inside the bag. Beginning to spin, the bear swung it faster and faster until the evil two could only see a blue blur.
"What's the matter training for the Olympics!" the witch wondered.

Then, Crash who had two fists, came out of the backpack, launching out of the bag, punching the robot and using a tornado attack. Banjo jumped on an began to hit the robot with his rock hard backpack. The TechnoMagic began to shutter and spark.
When, Gruntilda shot out a spell at Crash.
"Look out!" Banjo called out while running. The bandicoot could only watch Banjo shield him from the spell with Banjo's bag.
"Get going and destroy the hand, I can make it."
"Got it."
Banjo bounced the ball onto the other side of the field. Cortex kept shooting lasers at his nemesis. Crash kept dodging all of them, he kept punching the arms of it.
Banjo ran by the center or heart of the robot to only find out in shock.
"Kazooie, Mrs. Author!"
"Get us out of here!"
"By the way I'm not married."
"Don't worry," the bear said. He winded up his arm to unleash his punch through solid glass.
"Thanks," they both thanked as they slid off the robot.
It was up to Crash and Banjo to finish the beating.