This story came to me suddenly this afternoon upon hearing the song Your Love by The Outfield. Wow, 80's music so rocked, didn't it?

My beta harritwifan rocks even harder! Thanks so much hon!

I'm going to try short chapters once or twice a week for this fic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything Twilight. This story contains boy/boy lovin' of all sorts so please do not read if you don't like that sort-of thing. And you must be 18!


Chapter One - Tonight


Don't get me wrong. I love my girlfriend, she's great. Bella is amazing. And she's the only girl for me. The only girl, that is. But I like boys, too. One in particular. One beautiful boy with the bluest eyes I've ever seen and blond curly waves that perfectly frame his perfect face. Jasper.

Everything has fallen into place for him to come over tonight. Alone. We are very rarely alone. We don't allow it to happen often, but tonight we will. We must. I need to see him. Really see him. Really look at him the way I usually don't allow myself to. Really touch him. Really feel him. Hopefully inside me, again.

We actually see each other plenty, every day at school. We don't run in the same circles, but we seem to be around each other constantly; his girlfriend being sisters with mine has us thrown together a lot.

The Swan sisters. Man are they a sight for sore eyes. My Bella is a couple years older than us. She attends the community college and lives at home. Jasper's Alice is a senior, same as Jasper and me. Both girls are beautiful brunettes, yet polar opposites in every other way. They are the lights of our lives. Most of the time.

But sometimes - not very often - but sometimes, we can't deny that flicker, that flame that burns inside of us for one another. Sometimes we have to give in to it, scratch that itch so that this house of cards we've built doesn't come tumbling down around us, burying us all.

And finally, fortunately, sometime has come for us tonight. My father will be at work until morning and Bella and Alice have just left with their parents for a week long vacation.

And just in the nick of time, for Jasper has seemed desperate these past weeks. I've caught him staring for too long a few times. Even blatantly looking at my ass a time or two. I swear he was on the verge of kissing me when we ran into each other in the hall between second and third period this morning.

So our time together can't come soon enough. We've waited too long since our last rendezvous. It's been months, four at least, since the opportunity presented itself like it so perfectly has this weekend. It's almost as if fate knew a shit storm was about to rain down if Jasper and I didn't get our fix. Tonight.

We'll find out how tonight's sometime for the boys begins within the next week. Since the chapters are short I'll try to post often. I heard that song and just couldn't get this idea out of my head.

But first I'll get the next In the Corner chapter up; I've been working on it. Riley keeps sauntering in and Edward gets yet another new experience with Jas's patient instruction. Mmmmnnn… those boys are so sexy. Even when they're thousands of miles apart.