Hi, so this is a Legend of Korra story. Pretty Jinora-Centric at first but I promise it'll flesh out.

My first one and it's based off of the cute-but-somewhat-cracky pairing of Jinora and Skoochy. I don't own the Characters of Avatar the last airbender, or Avatar Legend of Korra. And be nice please~

Oh and warning this does come with some spoilers for people who haven't seen episode 4 of Legend of Korra

Jinora, as she looked around at the party atmosphere, couldn't help but feel somewhat bored. Okay, make that very bored. This wasn't a party that her parents had been looking forward to. In fact, the only reason he was here in the first place was to watch out for Korra. And what politician in their right mind would leave three kids and a pregnant wife at home to go to a party held by a man he couldn't stand? Of course that meant that Jinora, as well as Ikki and Meelo, would have to go with them. Great. A political party where they couldn't have any fun. She hadn't even been able to bring a book by permission. So far, the most fun thing about this was helping Korra dress up for the occasion. It was the first time that she had ever seen her with that much hair down, not to mention that it was interesting to see this girl, a headstrong Avatar with no real sense of the world gentle, in a frock so indicative of her culture and look so ... feminine in it.

For a while, Jinora let her eyes follow Korra's fellow partygoers. One man stood out in particular. Hiroshi Sato. He created Satomobiles, the very thing that was sent to Air Temple Sanctuary as a bribe for Korra, courtesy of Tarrlok. Now Jinora was not one to immerse herself in politics completely. After all, she was but ten years old, but she did know things that involved her father's counselwork. And that included hearing about things Tarrlok has done to aggravate him. He may have crossed a line though when he showed up during dinner a few days ago. Unannounced and uninvited at that. And Ikki was right; he did smell like a lady. Many ladies at that. And for some reason, fish. But as her eyes kept on Hiroshi Sato, she soon saw he was joined by a young lady - his daughter Asami from what Jinora read in the paper - and wait. Mako.

Mako? The handsome firebender that drove Korra crazy. She recognized him from the time he came to the island. Of course she and Ikki were going to give Korra a hard time about the two of them, it was only natural. But why he was with Hiroshi Sato's daughter of all people seemed to elude her. There was another cute guy with them. He looked a lot like the fire bender, and Jinora could only guess that the two of them were brothers or something. Related at the least. Wait, that must have been the other team member on the fire ferrets. Bolin? There would be times where Jinora just happened to catch pro-bending matches on the radio if Members of the White Lotus were listening. But oooh Korra was going to be mad when she saw them together. Yes it was that obvious that she had a thing for him.

Person watching lost Jinora's interest in about three seconds, so she decided to join her sister in whatever she was doing, which was playing around with Meelo. She really did love her brother and sister, and couldn't imagine her life without the two of them. After all, they were some of the only people she got to see and play with on a daily basis. As the three of them were talking and slightly moving around, she could feel something inside of her shift. And by inside her, it was literally inside of her robe. She knew she wasn't allowed to bring a book with her to this event. Never the less, she kept one in her cape anyway. She needed to escape and push it back to a safe part of her robe. And if that involves maybe reading a page or few, Jinora wouldn't be against it.

With a soft, coy smile on her face, Jinora crouched down to her little brother's height, her chin resting on his shoulder and her arms holding him steady. "Pssst, Meelo, I'll sneak you a piece of cake if you do something for me." She said, then whispering her plan to the five year old. Something told Jinora that from the way he was reacting, he would have done it without the cake incentive, but it was just a nice little bonus. An indulgence say you will. Their parents wanted them on healthier diets than most children. This included the three of them all being vegetarians like her father and grandfather before him. However, her father did make a rather luscious fruit tart. But that was only for special occasions. "Ready? Go!" She whispered, giving Meelo a quick push in the right direction just as Tarrlok was excusing Korra away. Perfect timing, and seeing her father's face turn that shade of purple was priceless.

"Meelo no, that is not a toilet! Oh dear." And that was her cue to escape.

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