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"So he left you on a bench?" Jinora heard the boy, Skoochy, ask as he joined her on the bench. It was obvious that he wasn't going to believe her anytime soon unless he got a proper explanation. She would have done the same in his position, even if not in those exact words.

"He wanted me to enjoy the scenery ... in any case, I can take care of myself." She defended herself. It was the truth, but something about him told her that the only way he was going to believe her was if she humored him. Maybe show him some nonexistent, insecure side of her that only he could see, or one of the many things she'd read in love stories.

"Still, seems like you're not here a lot; be kinda stupid to let a kid be by themselves anyway."

"Well I'm not a kid." Jinora shot back. "Well physically, yes I am still a ten year old bu-"

"I don't need the details. Most kids whose parents 'just went to get something ' normally never seen them again." And that's when she heard it. A particular shake in his voice. Not even a quiver, just a shake. But just like she knew even the smallest breeze could cause a difference, she had a feeling that there was at least one story behind that shake.

Jinora felt her face start to heat up again. "My dad wouldn't abandon me. Ever." It wasn't embarrassment or anger that provoked her this time, but something else. Something akin to faith.

"And why not?"

There it was again. "Only someone without any honor or consciousness to their name would abandon their child." Was that too formal? Yes but it got her point across.

"You read that from a book or something?" Apparently, Jinora wasn't the only one who thought it was too formally worded.

"No." She quickly answered, kicking at some of the grass. Silence suddenly filled up between them. Jinora, though she was fond of silence for the most part, this wasn't a peaceful silence. It was the exact opposite. "Some of my favorite book protagonists are Orphans though." she added in slowly, hoping to get some kind of response out of him, prodding him like he had done to her earlier.

"No kidding?" That worked better than expected. Even if Skoochy sounded more amused than fascinated at her statement, at least it wasn't quiet anymore.

But now Jinora was on a roll. "Like Shen was abandoned i-"

"Shen?" Skoochy asked, adjusting his hat

"Oh right. You haven't read it yet..." Jinora realized. , an awkward chuckle confirming the fact she done goofed.

The awkward silence was back again. She bit her lip slightly, trying to think of something that would constitute as appropriate conversation instead of going back to arguing about who should have the book. "Why do you want this book back in the first place? " He asked.

"It was a gift" It was all she would say for now. Maybe if he asked, she'd tell him about it. But he didn't. Instead, there was yet another awkward pause.

What was it with this moment and the awkward pauses, because the two of them were experiencing a lot of those for one conversation. "You know, I read some of this and couldn't understand a lick of it." He said,

"I could guess." Jinora said, scoffing and having that statement come out more haughty than intended.

Skoochy scowled. "Hey, I happen to be a man who knows many things." He said, showing signs of the boy she met the first time.

It didn't take long for Jinora to realize her mistake. "This book's over 200 hundred years old, not to mention mostly in vernacular specifical" She explicated, only to sigh again. He probably didn't know what that meant. "Vernacular refers to-"

"I'm familiar with the term." Skoochy nodded, kicking a rock in his seat. Now that was surprising; most of the Air Alcolytes her age had no idea what that word meant. Come to think of it, some of them about five to seven years her senior didn't know that word either. Instead of confusing her, Jinora was actually pleased with this revelation.

"Anyway, It's vernacular specific to Fire Nation Culture." She said, it coming out more cheerful than she had intentioned it. "If it helps, it certainly wasn't easy to learn." Wait how was that supposed to cheer him up at all?

"I shouldn't be surprised that you know, considering that legend says your grandpa was what, over 100 years old." "Before you ask, you're an airbender, and it doesn't take long to put two and two together. I think I know how we can settle this." "You can get this back... after you're done telling me what's actually going on in this"

"You want me to translate it." It was more of a statement than anything else, like if she was remembering what they needed from the market or something. She actually was hoping for something a little more exciting, considering that high stake bargains always seemed to be the more exciting and mean the most. At least that's from what she read.

"Yeah. Just like , the short version of basically what I tell you I've read. So do we got a deal or not?" He asked, reaching his hand out in her direction. JInora sighed. Of course she was slightly reluctant about the deal. It seemed like such a waste of such vast and truly beautiful literature, not to mention one of her favorite books of all time to try and simplify it so greatly. But it all came down to the fact that this is a small risk. And if a small risk would do it's job, it would successfully turn in her favor with the least amount of damage or excitement.

And smaller risks could eventually build up to bigger and bigger risks. The risks that Jinora knew her favorite characters would have no problem accepting. "We'd have to iron out the details but yes. We do." She said, cautiously accepting the hand. Their hands were together for only a moment before the slight tinge of worry came into his eyes. But his face settled the worry with the adjustment of his hat.

"Looks like I gotta make my leave, Panda Lilly" He said, letting go.

He was leaving so soon? "Why?" She asked.

"Well seeing that the guy walking this way has a giant arrow on his head, that's probably not a good sign." Skoochy was quick to answer, as he tipped his hat in acknowledgement.

That was supposed to be a sign of danger? "Are you serious? That's my dad." Actually, yes. Yes it was. "Oh. You should probably go." She barely had her head turned to make sure it was really her dad before turning back and seeing that he wasn't there anymore. But she turned herself to face Tenzin, who was back with what looked like Republic City Legislation papers, Law books and more than certain, ingredients used for egg custard tart.

"I'm back." Tenzin said, the signs of exhaustion clear on his face. "I hope you weren't waiting too long Jinora." It wasn't primarily her own entertainment he was concerned about, and Jinora knew that. It was her safety that made him ask. Jinora wasn't surprised; her father had always been concerned, if not overly dedicated to his position on the council ever since she was born, but the rumors she heard about someone in Republic City trying to exterminate bending made it absolutely positive that her father couldn't be blamed for his stress. But stress aside, Jinora wished that he could trust her more.

"No. Just enjoying the scenery."

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