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Fukuji Mihoko peered at the sleeping wavy-haired red head sleeping next to her, soundly asleep. She timidly reached over to tuck a stray hair behind her love's ear, delicate fingers lightly tracing the soft cheek. A slight flush ran across her own as her heterochromatic gaze wandered to the soft lips that trembled with each intake of air.

Her blush deepened slightly as she felt a cheek nuzzle into her touch, a sleepy grin gracing her face. Mihoko stiffened as slim arms reached for her body, gently pulling the body closer to her own.

A small cloud erupted from Mihoko's face. "H-Hisa-chan!" She stared at the grinning face whose eyes had yet to open.

Crimson ruby eyes sleepily opened, meeting the heterchromatic sapphire and ruby ones gazing at her in slight embarrassment.

"Oh, have I been caught?" The grin grew wider as she snuggled into Mihoko's body, playfully entangling on of her legs in between the two that didn't dare to move. Hisa let out a sleepy yawn as she lost herself in her love's scent.

Mihoko's blush increased, though her gaze softened as she protectively cuddled into Hisa's embrace. "Mou, Hisa-chan's unfair~…." A smile graced her features as she closed her heterochromatic eyes, losing herself in the warm presence.

Hisa smiled in return, sighing contentedly as she felt the affectionate gesture returned. "Gomen~…."

[Gomen = Sorry (very intimate)]

"…Baka…" Mihoko mumbled as she began to drift off.

["idiot" but said in an endearing manner in this case]

"Mi-ho-ko~," Hisa whispered tenderly into her ear.

The blush returned ten-fold, as the heterochromatic eyes shot open in surprise.

"H-Hisa-cha-!" Mihoko was cut off as she felt a soft sensation pressed on her lips.

She gave herself into the warm and soft sensation, eyes half-opened and slightly glazed over as she dazedly stared blankly at the red-haired woman.

"Mihoko," Hisa smiled affectionately at the blonde woman. "Ohaiyo."

[Good morning]

Mihoko simply gave her a blank, unfocused stare, heart and mind overwhelmed by the affection she received and felt for the woman lying next to her.

A small questioning look flashed into Hisa's face as she hadn't gotten a response. She relaxed as a pair of delicate arms wrapped themselves around her shoulders, bringing the blonde's lips near her ears.

"Mmn, ohaiyo, Hi-sa~"

A/N: So…this is my first attempt at a Mihoko x Hisa fanfic! My muse just dropped this one on me today….(maybe something to do with that speed run of saki season 1…ahaha….) but I really like this pairing…it models off of my Untitled fanfics because…they just do for some reason..? Title….yeah…I don't have one at the moment…can't think of one right now….well I hope you found it cute or a fun read…as always, feel free to drop a comment/review or just read!