A/N:Because I need a distraction from my Avatar series at the moment...Here's a sad little poem for you, and yes it's short because if I did long poetry it would end up being cliche...and I appreciate reviews, even if it's flames, at least I know it's being read.


And they lived happily ever after.
Or so it seemed
With every whirlwind came
The flying debris of doubt and
Fists that shamed both parties.

After the first miscarriage,
The midwife gave herbs
and pulled her aside
Asking if spells or a squad
Of young men would help.

After the third miscarriage
More herbs from the midwife
Some for pain, but also
For bloodied and vengeful hands.

But after the son was through
and into toddlerhood
Things seemed fixed
And they lived happily ever after
Or so it seemed.