Alpha's New Home


Twilight sat in her Library, reading over the manifest of books from the Crystal Empire, seeing if anything exceedingly caught her interest. However, that turned into a problem, as more books than she could count were grabbing her attention… Sometimes it was hard being an egghead!

Giggling, Twilight closed the bookmark filled manifest and yawned, looking backward toward the closed door that housed Ponyville's newest resident. Alpha.

Her opinion of him had been mixed from the very first time she met him. At Haven Station, he was much more suave, and considerable evil guy. Well, maybe evil wasn't the right word. He had been loyal to his cause, which was something Twilight couldn't against him, especially when he saved Rainbow Dash at the last minute, instead of himself.

But, despite even her current, cheery attitude to him, she was still hurt by him. She flew off the handles when they first met, and she had kissed him!

Why had she moved so fast with him? She NEVER did that with any guy she had ever gone on a date with.

But, the answer was so obvious.

Alpha was her type. He was smart, had a few jokes in him, and was so polite to her. She could sense that he REALLY wanted more from her, but had enough restraint to earn it from her, which was better than nothing… Still, he was in for a shock if he expected her to just jump on him in a week.

Lots of other guys these days were either looking for booty calls, or were just too shy to ever make moves on her.

So it was a refreshing to have some kind of change to say the least.

Beyond that, his living in Ponyville was going to cause some problems, that was for sure. Last night, Alpha had snuck his way into town, and gotten into his new room quickly, and unseen by any other resident of Ponyville.

Still, he couldn't stay there forever. So, she knew it would be a though few weeks acclimating the townsponies to his presence.

Sighing, Twilight kinda wished he would come out of his room, so she would have a little company. She wasn't looking for a date in the Library, she just got a little sad in the silence without Spike around.


Alpha pressed his face to the floor once again, checking to see if Twilight was still out there. And, of course, she was. Her tail was just sticking out behind a shelf. What was she doing just standing there like that?

He was in a little trouble, and had to pee quite badly. But what would she think of him, if the first thing he did in her house was go trotting off to the bathroom? She would think he's weird! He'd never get to kiss her again, among other things… So, he would just hold it till she left the room!

What was wrong with him? He used to carry himself with so much more confidence! Three years ago, he would have been able to pee RIGHT in front of her, and maintain his composure! Ew. That sounded weird. Shaking his head, he simply decided to wait.

Five minutes passed.

Ten minutes passed.

Fifteen passed.

Biting his lip, he checked under the door for the hundredth time, and saw that she hadn't moved. Oh well! So much for a good impression…

Opening the door meekly, Alpha looked to where he had seen Twilight's tail, and went slack jawed when he realized that the tail he had been looking at from under the door was actually a purple broom, and Twilight herself was nowhere to be found.

"Well then." Alpha said, smiling at his good fortune, "I guess I should—"

"Oh, hey Alpha!" Twilight said from the top of her staircase, "Finally awake?"


"Uh, actually, I was wondering where the bathroom was…" He said, knowing deep down that she wouldn't base any kind of opinion on his using the bathroom. But, that didn't stop him from being a bit of a chicken about it.

"You have one in your room," Twilight informed, smiling politely, gesturing to the left side of the room, "It's on that wall."

"I thought that was a closet!" Alpha laughed, feeling like a complete idiot at this point, "I guess that I'll be right back…"

"Sure!" She said, trotting down to the ground floor, "Do you want anything for breakfast? Or maybe an early lunch?"

"Oh, no, I don't wanna impose," He said politely, turning around and walking back into his room, "One sec!"

Twilight hoped she wasn't pushing him into anything uncomfortable. But, at the same time, knew he still liked her. They had kissed only a few days ago, when he was pretending to be Alex.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Alpha was looking quite refreshed, as if he had some kind of huge weight lifted off his chest.

"Why don't we go out?" Alpha immediately offered, as if he had been practicing that line over and over, "just to- well, eat! Nothing else! I'm not, uhh…"

"I don't think so," Twilight said somewhat regretfully, immediately sending Alpha off on another stammering-fest.

"That's fine! I don't want to pester, so—"

"You're a changeling," Twilight cut him off, giving him a soft look, and somewhat uplifting smile, "Everypony in town would freak out."

"Oh," Alpha suddenly smiled, "I can fix that!"

Losing his eyes, a fire spread across his body, engulfing him completely for a moment, before emerging in his previous form from Haven Station, a yellow, and rather beefy Pegasus. However, his form was also missing a wing.

"Let's go now!"

Twilight gave him a sly smile before nodding.

"Fine, you win," She said, trotting over to the door and levitating a scarf over herself, "I heard it was gonna be a bit chilly today."


Applejack stood in Sugercube Corner with Pinkie, browsing some baked goods for her grocery run.

"Gettin' the usual?" Pinkie asked, rolling out a large stack of bread and bagels, "Or do you want to maybe hang out for a while? We can have a party with just the two of us!"

"Uh, no Pinkie, ah' don't think so," Applejack laughed, expecting that question, considering Pinkie asked it every time Applejack came by, "Jus' the usual."

"Aww," Pinkie said, as she did every time, hoping Applejack might accept next time, "Oh! Do you wanna see a new cupcake I invented, when I got back from our trip to the crystal empire?"

"Ah' guess so!" Applejack nodded, trying to see behind the counter, and Pinkie dug into the cooler behind her.

Pulling it out, Pinkie held a gorgeous crystal cupcake above her head.

Applejack's mouth watered instantly, "How'd ya' get it tuh shine like that?" Applejack asked, her eyes glued to the pastry.

"That's a secret!" Pinkie giggled, dropping it on the counter for Applejack to inspect.

Leaning forward, Applejack sniffed it lightly, not getting any smell off of it. Tilting her head, she decided to see if it had any taste either.

"Oh, Applejack, no!" Pinkie called quickly, trying to stop her friend from eating the pastry.

Applejack was too far ahead of her, and bit in to the solid crystal.

Pinkie was too afraid to say anything, fearing Applejack had just broken every tooth in her mouth.

Applejack herself felt like her teeth were about to crumble to dust, but, miraculously, they were still intact.

"W-why would'ya make a cupcake shaped crystal?" Applejack asked, her eyes big, and on the verge of tears, "An' then ask me if ah' wanted tuh see it?"

"It was a work in progress?" Pinkie said, biting her lip and giving her an apologetic look.

"Ah' need to go see the dentist…" Applejack whined, turning around, just in time for the door to open, as Alpha and Twilight entered the store.

"Hey'ya!" Pinkie smiled at the couple, not recognizing the Pegasus with her, "Who's this guy?"

"It's…" Twilight began, looking back and forth for anypony that might hear them, despite the store only containing the four of them, before mouthing the word 'Alpha.'

"Oh!" Pinkie exclaimed, "Our good changeling friend!"

"Pinkie!" Twilight said, again looking around in worry, "Hush!"

"Hey, uh, Twi," Applejack said, afraid to clank her teeth together, "Do ya' know any spells to fix teeth?"

Of course, this was a VERY long shot, and Applejack figured the rest of her day would be with a drill in her mouth… ugh.

"Sure I do," Twilight said quickly, casting a spell on her friends mouth, instantly repairing all the damage Pinkie had done, before moving back to that pink pony to scold her some more, "You can't go around telling everypony that he's a changeling!"

"Why not?" Pinkie asked, not understanding her friends fears, "Everypony in Ponyville will understand!"

"You don't know that!" Twilight fired back, obviously worked up over the situation.

Applejack, on the other hoof with still marveling over that fact that she never needed to go to that blasted dentist again!

"Just give them a chance, Twilight!" Pinkie said, frowning at her friends fear of the townsponies.

"What if they freak out? We're pooched!" Twilight asked, looking to Alpha and seeing his discomfort at the situation, "Uhm, sorry…"

"No, it's fine," Alpha said, being ignorant to the behaviors of the townsponies himself, "Let's just get something to eat."

Applejack was still in her own world. No more dentist trips! This was huge!

"I'll grab you guys something sweet, since you're on a date!" Pinkie giggled, not put off by her argument with Twilight whatsoever.

Trotting out of the room, Alpha took a look around the room, and spotted a delicious looking, crystalline cupcake on the counter.

"Do you think Pinkie would mind if I tried that?" Alpha asked, leaning into it, trying to sniff it, but being unsuccessful.

"It's sitting out, so I'll pay her whatever she wants for it," Twilight nodded, smiling.

Opening his mouth, Alpha went in to take a bite.

"You don't wanna do that!" Applejack shouted, snapping out of dream world and knocking the cupcake away from him, shattering it against the wall, "Thank goodness!"

Pinkie rushed out to see what had smashed, and felt her heart break at the sight of her broken cupcake crystal.

Her ears went back, and her hair deflated.

Sticking out her bottom lip, she looked up to the other ponies in the room, and spread her sadness to them.

"Why would you break my new cupcake?" Pinkie whimpered, her eyes so huge, they were almost bigger than her head itself, "I guess it was kinda my fault…"

"Oh, no! Alpha there was about'tuh hurt himself!" Applejack said, waving her hooves in front of her, "I was helpin' him!"

"Well, I guess I'll be up all night making another one of them…" Pinkie sighed loudly, turning around and looking to the floor.

"I'll help'ya make a new one lickity split!" Applejack offered, hoping this would mend her friends attitude.

"Can the two of us have a party too?" Pinkie asked, looking over her shoulder both adorably and pathetically.

"Uh, sure!" Applejack nodded, giving a forced smile, and worried look.

"Awesome!" Pinkie said, jumping around to face them, her hair poofing back up, and her smile bigger than it had been in days.

"Hey…" Applejack said quietly, eyeing the pink pony, "Was that your plan this whole time?!"

"Um… Hey Applejack, you know that silly face you make when you lie?" Pinkie asked, scratching her chin, "Could you show it to me?"

Narrowing her gaze, Applejack complied, and made her usual 'liar face,' with the usual puffed cheeks, and avoiding her friends eyes.

"Okay, thanks for showing me!" Pinkie smiled, immediately mimicking the face, "It was NOT my plan for you to break that, and get stuck hanging out with me!"

Applejack sighed. Pinkie's devious mind had bested her once again.

"So… Can I have a cupcake?" Alpha asked, looking between them.

"Sure thing!" Pinkie smiled, tossing a dozen of them at Twilight, which she quickly caught in a spell.

"Well, we'll leave you two to your thing," Twilight waved, leaving the bakery, just behind Alpha.

Applejack sighed, "So, how's this party gonna be goin'?"

"Balloons!" Pinkie giggled, placing one in her mouth, and inflating it instantly then letting it bounce off, "Wee!"

Applejack knew the next three hours were gonna be just… awesome.


Reentering the library, Twilight sat the box of cupcakes on the table and sat down, levitating the manifest back over to her, and flipping it open once again.

Sitting down across the table, Alpha looked at the book, "Got any idea on the kind of books you want?"

"I think I'll have all of their major spell books sent over," Twilight said, working her way down the list slowly, not looking up at the changeling that was currently stuffing his face, "Well, and evolutionary theory! And the history books recounting the rule of Discord! Maybe even a few fictions from the era!"

"Sounds like you'll have plenty to read!" Alpha laughed, finishing his fourth cupcake and relaxing, "Can you check to see if there are any interesting romance novels?"

Twilight looked up from the book and gave him a surprised look.

"What?" He asked, knowing full well what her problem was, "I like a good love story! Sue me!"

Twilight looked down the list and suddenly giggled, "Are you looking for a story with… two stallions?"

"No thank you," Alpha said recoiling, "Two mares, please."

"I'll bet!" Twilight laughed, seeing a few books listed there with questionable titles, "Okay, okay… How would you like to get 'T-the moist flowers!'"

Both of them exploded in laughter at the lame attempt at an artistic title.

Twilight snarked upon seeing the next one, "How about 'Udder Attraction – The Story of Forbidden Love Between Cows!'"

Alpha was in shock, and almost in tears over the hilarity of these titles, "I need to see this!"

Moving to her side of the table, Alpha pulled the manifest over to him, and read the next title, "Flapjacks – A Stallion and his n-n-n…'"

Alpha couldn't continue, his was giggling so much at the last title on the page, tears streaming down his fake yellow coat.

Twilight looked over to the book, and finished the title, "A Stallion and his nipples!"

At this point, they were both screeching like banshees, to the point that their faces were soaked with tears, and their stomachs hurt.

After two minutes, and several laugh reigniting glances at the title, they finally calmed themselves down, as they looked at each other. Even after their laughter had long since died, they continued looking at one another.

Getting a confident smile, Alpha felt that old feeling of control. He could probably sweep her off her hooves right now, and get that kiss he had been after.

But, for her sake, he looked at the clock instead.

"Would you look at the time?" Alpha said, looking back to her, "I think I should probably get back to fixing up my new room."

"Wha- Uh, yeah!" Twilight said, shaking her head for a moment, "When you're done, maybe we can look at more funny book names?"

"Sure," He smiled at her, standing up and heading into his room, his fake skin burning off as he walked, "Thanks again for lunch, Twilight."

Twilight felt herself steal a glance at his toned flanks for a moment

She blushed at his using her name… Something she heard a hundred times a day from everypony else, but it held so much power from him.

"S-sure!" She called, as his door closed

Twilight shook her head, changing his forms like that RIGHT in front of her. For shame.