~Welcome to Gayfish and Foxy's wedding. Don't forget to write something in the guestbook~

Gayfish was standing by the altar, waiting for his beautiful Foxy to walk down the line. Naruto was promised a lot of ramen if he attended his own wedding, so of course he was currently squeezing into his dress and almost ready to walk down the aisle.

The first ones up were the bridesmaids and groomsmen, all dressed up for this special event. The first couple walking down the red carpet was Pein in a baby blue suit, fitting very nicely with his orange hair and his partner, Konan, in a fuchsia dress with lots of fluff and a deep V to show of her boobs. They were smiling as they waved at the other people in the room. Some looking rather confused as to why they were here in the first place.

The guest list was made up by whoever had written in Deidara's diary, so some didn't really belong there. Sasuke had come in with a murderous look in his eyes, but when he noticed Gayfish was a cat, he just looked flabbergasted. Yes, that is the perfect word for it.

Oh, the next couple walks down the aisle and someone does not look happy. Itachi is all smiles though, having his new boyfriend latched onto his arms. He had beaten Sasori over this, but Sasori had a more important role in this wedding. His part would come up soon enough. The baby blue suit did fit Itachi perfect and even Sasuke let him go without a fight, still quite flabbergasted. Itachi's partner on the other hand did not look so good. His long blond hair was all curled up in some silly fringe and the fuchsia dress did not fit well around his chest, giving everyone a nice peek at his bare chest. And not to mention the heels he could not walk in. What owners do for their pets…

The last couple to come up were Sakura and Lee, chosen by Foxy personally to be a couple. He just really wanted Sakura in the wedding and this was a perfect place. They too looked quite confused, but Sakura was also a bit creeped out since Lee kept shooting her air kisses. She was happy when they made it to the end and could take their respectable places.

And then the sweet tune was set in, Foxy's favourite tune. Gold-digger by Kanye West. And she strode down the aisle with confidence. Her dress matched the little book her "father" was holding, both being a bright orange. Perfect really and it really brought out Foxy's eyes. The beauty of Foxy almost made you not see the flower girl, which was Sasori. He walked right in front of them with a small Fuchsia dress, showing off his skinny legs while he carelessly threw orange flowers in front of the bride.

Kakashi doesn't really look happy, but he doesn't like angry or sad either. The mask is just in the way, so who knows what is going on. He is reading in that little book again, so maybe his thoughts are focused on Iruka again. But at least he changed his normal black mask for an orange one to match with Foxy.

Finally they made it to the end of the aisle. Foxy had shown some dancing moves on his favourite song, so the priest was already falling asleep by the time they got here. But it was about his naptime anyway, so not that strange.

Gayfish looked so happy, staring up into Foxy's blue eyes. And during the I dos, Deidara couldn't keep it dry, bawling his eyes out. This could also be because he was so embarrassed of course in that fuchsia dress or because he regretted letting Konan in charge of everything. Anyway, Deidara was crying a lot. Not a pretty sight at all.

The kiss I missed completely, being distracted by a fly that flew by my ear. Someone else needs to tell you about that or get a hold of the pictures someone must be taking. I am sure I invited a photographer, but maybe he just thought he was invited to the wedding. I'll get back to you on that…

A glance around the room tells me people are kind of creeped out though. But they seemed to be looking that way all day already. Tsunade kept glaring at Pein and biting her thumb nail, knowing the Akatsuki were right in front of her, but she didn't want any drama with Naruto right after this. He could be such a drama queen sometimes, especially on special days and when there was ramen involved.

Iruka had trouble keeping the kids in line and Konohamaru kept screaming he was right about Deidara and that everyone else was just a loser for thinking the way they did. Deidara started crying more after this, not able to handle the sudden screaming. Shikamaru seemed to be planning something about getting Naruto out of this marriage, but he didn't take in account that Naruto wanted to be here.

Hinata uhh, Hinata seemed to be blushing a lot and Neji was worried about her. But all that was wrong with her is that she rather saw Naruto and Sasuke together for her own private reasons and maybe ask that photographer I hired to come and help her out. Very interesting girl indeed.

Wow, Gaara had a new pair of eyebrows again and Temari looked worried. Her brother might attack her if someone commented on his eyebrows in any wrong way. But they did look kind of weird. They were up a little too high and kind of thin, looking kind of feminine. They were also the wrong colour. Some sort of brown that did not match at all.

Okay, you know what. The whole wedding looked insane. No colours matched and everyone looked awful! Why am I even here?! Yay, for the happy couple, now where is the booze?

As of now the party will begin and it will never end, so take a drink on both Gayfish and Foxy, hoping they will last a lifetime or picking a side, like Sasuke's who wants to marry Naruto himself. Oh and don't forget the cake. This was arranged by Tobi and somehow one of his favourite naked pictures of Deidara was blown out and on the cake, so maybe you can get a little piece of ass?

Happy Dear Diary everyone and hopefully it has entertained you through some boring days or depressing days and it made you smile a lot. It went through good times and bad times, almost like a real marriage and I am glad you stuck with me until we parted. I did make a prenap, so don't even think about stealing half of my stuff! This will be a clean divorce. And I am taking the children.

Bye my sweethearts and hopefully we will meet again. In a different story or just because you want to send me a hate PM, because you feel like it. All is welcome and some will be ignored…

I love you all and I am happy you stuck with me through these weird times where my brain sometimes left me.

Oh and a happy birthday to Anime Hottie Lovah. I know I am a day early, because I said I would write it tomorrow probably, but I still wanted to say it. Otherwise you should just read it tomorrow and then it would fit again ;)

The End

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto