Suigetsu's entry! I think it got a little cruel at the end, but Suigetsu is a bit like that I think... I hope you like his entry^^


Dear Diary thingy,

I never had a diary before, so I'm not sure how this really works. I found it when Sasuke was going through his striptease for Orochimaru.
I never really got why Sasuke did that for the snake. Or he really isn't that smart or he is just really into Orochimaru or something.
Ah well, at least the snake isn't bothering me with his pervyness. I can just get in the hot tub unnoticed and enjoy the hot water.
Sasuke is the only one being watched as far as I know.

Actually I have no idea what is no interesting about Sasuke. I mean almost everyone has the hots for him.
Orochimaru obviously. Did you see the tongue slide over his lips just now? I mean it just laps out and
licks his chin or something. Why does the guy have such a long tongue? It's just disturbing.
My fifteen year old brain tells me you can do a lot of other stuff with a tongue like that and
frankly I don't want to think about those things. Then there is this stupid redheaded girl named Karin.
I seriously hate her and her stupid obsession. The rumor that redheads don't have a soul,
well it's definitely true for her! Her screeching voice is the worst of all and then the pout of her lips whenever she sees Sasuke.
Just puke worthy of you ask me.

I don't want to think about Sasuke anymore, or his stupid followers. He has like a fan club in this place.
They call themselves Sasuke's fangirls. Yeah, not very inspirational or anything, but what do you expect?
They are all Juugo rip-offs and Juugo isn't even smart. I don't get why Orochimaru wants a million of him anyway.
Creepy dude wants too many male people around.

Let's talk about something else now. Did you know I love swords? I seriously love them and
then in particular the swords of the seven swordsmen of the mist. They are all just so genius.
The first one I need to have of them is Zabuza's sword. Its name is Executioner's Blade and
the best part is that it heals itself with the iron out of human's blood. I think that is pretty genius and
it gives me an excuse to kill more people which is always nice. I just love how a sword would slice easily through a human body,
cutting him open and letting blood pour out. It's just so invigorating.

I am not creepy! It is very normal for a guy to love killing people. What do you mean I don't even look like a guy?
Every swordsman has pointy teeth! I do not look like a freaking piranha! I might be as vicious as a piranha,
but I certainly am not one! Just because Kisame looks like a freaking half shark half human thing,
doesn't mean every swordsman is some kind of fish. Is my skin blue? No, it is not. You are a very disturbing diary…

I will cut you open! Don't you dare say another word to me! Remember how I like seeing stuff bleed?
I also like carving things in paper. Good, you stopped talking…

Much freaking love, Suigetsu

PS: I saw that... Just because you can't be destroyed, doesn't mean you can't be tortured.

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