Sorry it's been so long. This is Naruto's entry!


Good morning diary,

It's good that I stumbled upon you. Deidara has been crying over your loss for a while already
and when he found out you weren't in the village anymore, he flipped. Yeah,
Yamato needed to built some new houses after that, but it's okay.
Deidara left right after he blew up the Hokage's residence. Or Sasori more like pulled him away from the village
since they needed to go back home or something. I don't like that redhead much.
He tried bribing me to come with him with candy. Like I am that easy to persuade.
At least Deidara gave me some ramen.

Because I didn't want to come with them in the end I decided to find Deidara's diary
since he has been so good to me. He really is a good master and treats me well.
Maybe I should stay with him anyway. In Konoha I have to pay for my own ramen…
Who does that to a hard working ninja? They should be giving it to me for free!
Because I'm also broke and I need to pay my rent soon. Being Foxy isn't so bad after all.
I'm not sure about the whole marrying Gayfish though. He's not really my type.

You met Sasuke! How's he doing? Is he coming back to the village already? He was writing me a love letter?
Why? Oh, he destroyed it already. Yeah, I sometimes do that as well. It's fun writing love letters.
You know what's even more fun? Intercepting the letters Deidara receives and read those.
It's so funny to see how Sasori and Itachi are trying to win Deidara's love. The letters are more like insults.
I liked a quote from one of Itachi's. 'I love how dumb you are, because it emphasizes your bright blond hair.'
That just cracks me up, because it's true.

Sometimes I wonder when Deidara will get married. He likes one of the two guys,
but won't tell me which one. I think he just likes the attention he's getting and
doesn't want to trade that for just one guy that gives him attention. He is such a girl sometimes.
Maybe that's why he's such a good master as well. When he brushes my hair he does it with care.
Unlike Sakura who just rips the hair right out of my head. I rather be bald than let her do it again.
I mean have you ever been around Sakura at those times? She claims she's taking care of you,
but in the mean time she can't stop blabbing about how shiny black Sasuke's hair is. Like I haven't noticed that.

I really crave some ramen right now, but I need to get this diary back to Deidara first.
Maybe I can get some ramen there if he lets me in. He's probably way too happy to be seeing you again.
Did you miss him as well? Yeah, it was sad to be away from him for such a long time, right?
Especially with creepy people writing in you all the time. At least you were used to Deidara's weird blabbing.
And I'm glad Deidara actually loves me, because I love him to.

Take care diary and I will see you around, Foxy a.k.a. Naruto

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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