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" " – Stands for talking

~ ~ - Stands for thinking 

                                           Loosing the Battle

   Gohan Looked at his weakening mother, mixed expressions running across his face. It had now been 6 months since cell, 6 months since his father had given his life to save the planet, and today, it would have been 5 months since he had learned his mother had lung cancer.

           He had been watching her like this when she was sleeping. Seeing how she was getting slower more fragile. She refused to take the medicine offered to her, as the damage it would do to her unborn child was too horrendous to even think about. The doctors had given her less than 4 months to live, less if she had the baby but she was so stubborn. She would not have an abortion and she would survive to see her son being born and to hold him in her arms.  

        Gohan admired her for her strength, emotionally he was a wreck but he didn't show it. Each time any one saw him, they saw a blank face, a carefully erected mask, but, times like now whenever he saw his mother like this, the mask crumbled.

          ChiChi was lying on her large bed. He could see more and more lines etched into her face as the weeks progressed. Her eyes were blackening and sunken into her face, one hand rested onto he swollen abdomen while the other rested on a book, laid forgotten in her slumber.

            The young boy silently floated over to her so that he would not wake her up with the sounds of his shoes on the creaky hardwood floor. He covered her with a tartan blanket that lay neatly at the foot of the bed. To shield her from the night-time cold. He picked up the book and rested it onto the side table, not noticing the tear that dropped out of one of his eyes as he quietly left the room.

 ~ Kami knows~ He thought

~she needs as much sleep as she can get~

 He smiled a little as he thought how stubborn his mother could get while heading towards the kitchen to wash up the dishes that were used at dinner. 

      He shook his head lightly as he imagined his mother during the lecture she had given him. It had been one of her rare days when she had a little energy to spare and you could almost picture the healthy, fit women she once was.

* Flash back *

" Now Gohan" ChiChi said standing before him, her hands on hips while she looked at him directly in the eyes

"Every one needs to know how to cook - how are you going to get married and have me a load of grandchildren if you cannot cook ?"

   Gohan laughed

  "Mum I'm A little too young to be getting married. I, I Mean I'm only like 11 years old "

"That's no excuse young man, you know people had children when they were 12, back in the olden days, why, me and my Goku got married at 17. Oh that was a lovely wedding"

   His mothers mind wondered to that magical place, where there were wedding dressed and cakes to the dozen where only she could go.

  Gohan Just smiled at her, as she snapped out of it,

" well what are you standing there for? Kitchen, now "

 she then strode off muttering what to make him cook this time.

* End flashback *

 Well at least he hadn't burnt it all today. His mood suddenly shifted and became darker, although she had hid it well, he knew what ChiChi was preparing him for, when she left, he sighed deeply and slouched a little

" oh well, at least she will be happy" he muttered out loud " and mom will be with dad."  

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