"Haunting Memories of the Past: The End of All Nightmares"

Everything happens so fast that Ian can't digest it all in his head clearly. "Ian~ good thing you already came at last~" said happily the figure who's holding a gun as he's stomped his feet harder on the guy who's slumped on the ground. "Ugh!" groaned the person who's been shot by the unknown figure that's holding a gun.
****Flash back****
Clay was there standing at the side of the cliff watching the beautiful sun shine across the deep blue sea, he heard some footsteps approaching towards his direction. A strong wind blew across Clay's face and closed his eyes but the time he opened them he saw Gail standing in there only a few steps away from him. "Gail? Have you seen Ian? What's taking him so long?" he said to his brother as he turned around and looked at the sun once again. Gail was silent for a moment but he decided to talk "Why?" he began "Why are you letting yourself suffer that much?" he ended. Clay smiled "It's simple, I'm doing this for Ian" he replied with a smile on his face. Gail gripped his hand tight then stomped towards Clay "Sorry Clay this will be the first time I would ever hit you but I need to do this for you to snap out of this!" he stammered as he punched Clay in the face resulting him to stumble on the ground. Gail took something out that's hidden in his pocket and looked at Clay with regret in his eyes but determination to do so. Clay's eyes widen as he was staring at Gail.
**** End of Flash back****
Ian was frightened at the moment that he quickly dashed back to the forest, panicking. The psychotic guy was amused to see Ian running away from him "whahahaha~" he laughed psychotically "Now, let's play cat and mouse of course! I am the cat and you're the mouse~" he said to himself but loud enough for the slumped figure to hear. The guy chased his prey the frightened mouse leaving the blood dyed figure on the ground. That person tried hard to stand and somehow it was successful "I-I need to…" coughs blood "do s-something about this" walks in the forest while holding on his right shoulder that was shot earlier. Ian hides behind a tree, panting heavily. "D-Did I lost him?" he thought but suddenly a bullet pierced through the tree and it grazed his left cheek. Ian panicked and started to run again "H-How did he do that!" he was frightened and amazed the same time because if he would have made a mistake the bullet would have pierced his head instead but he's wondering why didn't he do it?. "Here little mouse where did you ran off too~" said the guy as he looked for Ian "Stop running already~ you're just exhausting yourself cuz you can't escape from me~" he said as he caught a glimpse of Ian and shoots his gun hitting the guy's left arm "hahahaha~ I found you~" he said as he dashed towards Ian. "Ugh…..tch my arm" said Ian as he got shot but as soon as he tried to run again a hand holds him tight that it wouldn't let go "Don't tell me" said Ian as he slowly turn his head in fright but he sighed in relief to see that it was 'him' the blood dyed figure earlier, breathing heavily. The guy handed something to him, it was his bag that he dropped earlier and suddenly he remembered that he had hidden a gun inside it. "T-thanks" he said as he took the bag from 'him' "Escape and I'll handle the….." his sentence was cut by a gun shot and the guy once again slumped to the ground. Ian was shocked but he mustered the courage to get the gun from the bag and pointed it the guy in front of him who's wearing a psychotic smile on his face as he also points his gun to Ian. The bloody figure on the ground must be on the verge of death because of blood loss but it seems he's struggling hard not to cross the light, he looked up to Ian "E-end this…" is all he can say before he coughed another mouth full of blood. Ian nodded to this then gathered his courage and dashed towards the guy in front of him "Oh~ you also got a gun eh?" said the psychotic guy as he shoots his gun towards Ian but misses because Ian kept running sideways alternately. Ian fired his gun to the guy but only managed to graze his cheek. The guy showed some glint of amusement in his eyes and licked the blood that slid down from his bleeding cheek. " Come and I'll play with you~" said the guy as he ran back towards the cliff. Ian who was frightened earlier was now filled with determination to stop this madness that 'he' is causing for a reason that he don't know what. Ian arrived at the cliff where 'he' was standing smiling evilly. Seeing this something flashed in his mind and he suddenly remembered the evil smile 'the murderer' gave him back then in the past. Ian was angered in remembering that smile and viciously aimed the gun to the person in front of him. "You're expression is the same as before that time, the time I killed her in front of you~" the guy revealed and suddenly fired the gun he's holding piercing Ian's right shoulder. "Urgh!...Y-you BLOODY MURDERER!" Ian shouted as he got his right shoulder pierced by the bullet and remembering his bloody past. Ian quickly fired back and shot the murder's left thigh resulting him to groan in pain but he laughed psychotically after a few second. "That hurt Ian~ now it's my turn to torment you again like I did in the past" he said as he took something from his pocket, it was a small bottle filled with a unknown clear liquid "I got this from my brother and it seems he intended to use this to kill me and commit suicide to take his own life but" he paused for a moment then he suddenly grinned evilly "He didn't succeed to do so and now I'll use this on you, Now~ let me hear your cry of suffering" he said as he suddenly shoot Ian's left leg resulting him to kneel down to the ground. "Tch…you really are eager to kill me eh? But what's the reason to do so!" said Ian as he's still aiming the gun the person in front of him but the guy didn't respond. "tch…why won't you ans…" his sentence was cut by a sound of glass shattering on the ground and Ian suddenly let out a scream that's full of agony and pain. The guy in front of him threw the small bottle on the ground just below Ian so as the bottle broke its content splashed in the air and the unknown liquid hit the left part of Ian's face burning it in the process. "Oh~ what a nice scream that is full of agony~ it seems the acid that brother brought was a really strong one that the time it got contact to your face it instantly burned your skin" the guy said with a smile on his face. Ian can feel his left cheek burning up quickly and such immense pain accompany it, Ian's vision started to blur it is because he got his left eye hit with the acid "I…I'll end this once and for all" he said while aiming the gun towards the others chest and holding the left part of his face with his other hand. "Oh~ interesting let's see who'll win and who'll die~" replied the guy as he also aims his gun to Ian's head and the sound of gun echoed in the area as the sun has already set and darkness slowly engulfed the place.

A figure was seen lying on the ground bathing on his own blood "Y-you….were taken a-away from me so …" he coughed some blood and looked at the sky as darkness slowly takes over the light nearly closing his blood shot eyes "As payment…..I…I took her life instead…forgive m-me Ian.." said the guy before he closed his eyes and meet the grim reaper who's been waiting for him all this time. Another figure was standing on the edge of the cliff dyed in his own blood was staring at the ocean and smiled "Ah...Yumi I'll get to see you again but after I've meet with the grim reaper" said the figure before everything was completely engulfed by the darkness while a loud splash of water was heard and the figure was nowhere to be seen on the cliff. The other person who was with them earlier arrived back to the cliff holding on one of his injuries only saw the bloody lifeless body of his twin and a bouquet of yellow flowers left on the edge of the cliff. "Don't tell me he…." said the figure while staring at the edge of the cliff.