Everything Is Permitted.

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Monica woke slowly, her aching body refusing to obey her commands. She managed to untangle her body away from Altair's hold after a few moments and stood with a hiss.

Time was running out, she had already given herself the luxury of sleeping for more than a day. Annalise needed to be found and she was doing nothing to speed up the process.

She turned to look at Altair who hadnt moved from his position on the bed. Her mind debated on whether she should wake him to let him know that she was going out or let him sleep.

Seeing no other way, she decided on the latter and grabbed her belt off of his nightstand before heading out the door. She opened and closed the door quickly but silently and slipped out of the room without being noticed.

She failed to see Maria waiting for her outisde, hiding behind one of the stone columns.

Maria watched as the Diamond Dog slipped away into the night and after waiting to make sure that she didnt come back she walked calmly into the Grand Master's quarters.

"Altair," Maria whispered, sitting beside his sleeping form as she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder to wake him. She didnt care that he had barley managed to get some rest, her maters were of more importance that that.

"Altair," she whispered, louder this time as she shook him more. His golden eyes snapped open within seconds and looked around in confusion upon seeing her form looming over him.

"What is it woman?" his drowsy voice snapped as he sat up on the bed and rested his back up against the wall. Maria winced as she heard several of his bones crack, she regretted waking him up but her drive for revenge overrode it.

"The Diamond Dog is gone," she informed him, feigning panic as his eyes instantly shot towards her. She could see his jaw clench and his muscles tense within seconds.

"Where?" he growled, standing swiftly from the bed before retrieving his blades. He missed the hidden smile that graced Maria's face as she hid the dagger in her hands behind her back.

"She left with some of your men," Maria lied, finding it difficult to hide her excitement. She could see his temper rise by the second.

"Ezio?" he questioned, heading for the door before looking back at her.

"No," she replied, shaking her head, "she left without him."

She could see a vein stick out of the Grand Master's neck as he stalked over to the door, hidden blade at the ready. She chuckled to herself as she heard him slam the door shut.

If she couldnt get to the Diamond Dog she would make sure to put her and Altair at odds with one another for the time being.

She followed after him, eager to see what she had put in motion.

What she saw did not dissapoint her.

"What do you think you are doing?" Altair snapped, walking over to Monica who turned to look at him in surprise. She was sure that he would be out for a couple of hours, it dumbfounded her that he was up a running already.

"Annalise is still out there, you cant expect me to sit around and do nothing," she replied, catching a glimpse of Maria from over his shoudler. Her eyes narrowed at the other woman before Altair dismissed the assassins that had gathered around them.

"You are healing, are you trying to get yourself killed, child?" he snapped at her, trying to keep his temper under control. Monica's eye twiched upon hearing him.

"I cant stay here knowing she's being tortured to death," Monica hissed back, knowing it was a bad idea to test him when he was already on edge.

"And you would foolishly throw your life away?" Altair growled, feeling his rage get the best of him. Everything that he had held bottled inside was slowly making its presence known.

"If it means getting her back, then yes!" Monica yelled at him, turning away. She was done aruging, it was obvious that he didnt understand her.

"You are not thinking rationally, woman," he shot back, causing her to still complealy.

"You werent ther when they beat us," Monica laughed, feeling her own anger surface.

Altair's nostrils flared upon being reminded of his past failures.

"You didnt feel the sting of the whip," Monica hissed through clenched teeth as she turned to look at him, "you didnt feel the noose tighten around your neck."

Monica could feel herself slowly loose control of her thoughts, everything that she had kept inside spilled out of her mouth without her realizing it. He didnt know what she was going through, nor would he understand unless he actually endured it.

"You were useless when we needed you."

Altair felt his temper finally snap as he brought his hand up and backhanded Monica. He had had enough, no one spoke to him in such a demeaning manner.

The Diamond Dog felt her head snap to the side with the force of the hit. The shock that coursed through her did little to dull the stinging pain that shot down her body.

Maria felt her jaw drop slightly, she hadnt planned for their arguing to go that far. She smiled at the outcome, amazed that it had exceeded her expectations.

Monica held back the tears of pain that threatened to fall from her eyes as she rose her head and stared at the assassin in front of her with hate.

She spit out the blood that had accumulated in her mouth from having a cut on her inner cheek at his feet. Altair merely stared at her bloodied teeth as she bared them at him in a sneer before turning and walking away from him without saying a word.

The Grandmaster stood exactly where she had left him, paralyzed in shock. He clenched his hand and brought it up to see a red tint over his knuckles.

"Mio Dio, what did you do, Altair," Ezio called out as he ran over to the Arab who merely stared at him with a blank face. The Italian had had the misfortune of seeing the last part of their argument.

He had been walking towards the entrance of the creed but stopped when he saw Maria watching something. Finding it out of character for her, the Italian had paused to see what had caught her attention.

To say that he was surprised was an understatement.

Upon realizing that Altair wasnt going to respond to his questioning the Italian ran off after Monica, afraid of what she would do without thinking rationally.


Annalise picked her head up and tried to move her arms but stopped as soon as a searing pain immobilized her. Her weary eyes glanced down to her arm only to find a deep gash running from her elbow up to her shoulder.

Her own blood had mixed with the dirt from the floor beneath her and caked around the wound. With her luck it was probably infected.

Her matted hair fell over her eyes as she struggled to pick her head up and see where she was. The room was simple, no furniture other than a lone table near a large wooden door leading out of the room.

The only light in the room streamed in from a crack underneath the door.

It had been three days.

Three long days filled with endless torture.

Annalise closed her eyes as she remembered what had happened.

She had been taken by the pair of harlequins and her wounds had been treated enough to let her live. That hadnt spared her from having Cahin torture her by irritating her healing wounds.

They had been trying to get answers out of her. Information on the creed and her own faction. Information for the Spaniard.

She wheezed as she dragged her body over to a nearby wall and sat up against it. Her chest felt constricted and breathing became difficult as soon as she was upright. She needed to rest, not exert herself.

Her eyes shot towards the door when she heard footsteps outisde.

Much to her surprise she only saw Cahin step inside, Caha was nowhere to be seen.

The male harlequin made his way over to her quietly while he closed the door behind him. Annalise felt her panic rise, she needed to get out of there. She had had enough of them torturing her, she wasnt going to stay any longer.

Her eyes fell over the shackles on her wrists and at the chain between them before they drifted over to Cahin's neck. He was distracted, his guard was down. If she was going to do anything she needed to act quickly.

"Where's Caha?" Annalise asked, hoping to buy herself some time as the harlequin in front of her laughed.

"She's out for the night," he replied, turning his back to her as he placed some items on the table. By the mere sound Annalise could only guess that they were an array of knives and daggers.

"Dont you need her here?" the Diamond Dog pushed, knowing she was prolonging the inevitable as she struggled and managed to stand without him realizing it.

"No," he replied, cracking his neck, "you are a woman, I can handle you without her."

No sooner had the words left his mouth, Annalise reached over his head and wrapped the chain that held her shackles together over his neck. He choked and stumbled back, the porcelain mask on his face falling and cracking on the floor.

Annalise used all of the strength that she had left and increased the pressure as she felt his body slowly give in. When he finally went limp she released him and stepped back, shocked that she had just killed her mentor.

He had let his guard down, something that he had taught her never to do.

"You should have listened to your own advice, maestro," Annalise whispered, feeling nothing towards the man that she had just killed. Had he never turned against her she would have mourned his death.

She made her way over to the table and grabbed a knife at random as she walked hurriedly out of the door.

Her breathing grew ragged as she made her way down a flight of stairs, finally realizing that she was in an old house. The sooner she got out the higher her chances were of surviving the night.

She leaned up against the walls as she made her way over to the entrance, her vision turning black. Her body was practically pushing itself to the limit, if she asked anything more of it she would probably end up fainting and bleeding to death.

It was a miracle that her wounds hadnt opened.

"Come on, not now," she whispered, urging herself forward as her hand wrapped around the doorknob and turned it. She stumbled out into the night, surprised that the harlequins hadnt had any other guard or assassin outside incase she ever made it out.

Looking back, she recalled them mentioning that they wanted to keep her location a secret, the less defenses they had the less suspicious the house looked.

In the end it had led to their downfall.

She managed to stumble into a alley before she heard Caha's piercing scream. It drove her forward, urged her to go on. If the harlequin found her now there was not doubt in her mind that the other woman would tear her apart.

She had probably found the body of her brother.

Annalise kept glancing back, sure that she would find the harlequin coming after her, as she made her way through the city. She tried to walk back to the creed as fast as her body would allow her.

It wasnt until she heard a familiar voice that she finally allowed herself to relax and utter a sigh of relief.

"Bella, he is stressed, you must understand his reasoning!" Ezio called after Monica as she stalked away from him and scoffed at his comment.

Annalise wondered what the Italian meant as she walked out of the alley and called after them.

Both of them turned to look at her with shocked faces as she stumbled towards them and dropped the knife in her hand.

She did it.

She had just pulled off the impossible.

She laughed as Ezio ran over to her and took her into his arms. After noticing her wounds, however, he released her and gave her space to breathe as Monica walked over to them as well.

"What happened to you, you look worse than me," Annalise joked, seeing her partner's split lip and bruised cheek. Monica's smile dropped slightly but returned in a fraction of a second as she shook her head.

"I ran into some guards, its nothing," Monica lied, helping Annalise as she used her shoulder for support, "lets get you back."

Ezio took her other arm and led her back to the creed.

They had finally found her.

As they walked away, however, a lone figure stepped out into the light of the street that they had just been in.

Caha stared after them with her daggers in hand.

They were going to pay for what they taken from her.

She was going to make sure that the Spaniard crushed them.

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