"Don't worry I will do my very best to cure your teddy bear," Zelda told a little girl. The girl had golden blonde hair done up in pigtails with two red ribbons, rosy cheeks and betty blue eyes. She was probably nine or ten and wore a frilly pink dress. Sabrina thought that the girl looked like a life sized doll. Somehow when she came home today her aunt promising a little girl that she could cure her teddy bear wasn't what she had expected to see. Although she wasn't sure what shehad expected, having witches for aunts hardly made everyday life normal.

"Thank you," the little girl said. Then she said to her teddy bear "Be good teddy."

After the little girl left Sabrina stepped into the room. "Gee, it was really nice of you to humour that little girl aunt Zelda," Sabrina said.

"Humour her?" the teddy bear which really did look like it had seen better days said. "You find my illness funny?"

"No I just didn't expect you to be alive," Sabrina said. Just when she thought that she had seen everything she meets a talking teddy bear. Although maybe she should have expected this given the nature of toys from the other realm.

"Teddy bear illnesses can be very serious," Zelda had said. That was a sentence Sabrina hadn't expected anyone to ever say, especially not in such a serious tone.

"I'm sorry. Well I have to go be sure to tell me if you cure um…"

"Teddy Bear," the Teddy Bear answered.

"Wow," Sabrina replied, "Your parents weren't very creative. Bye." Then she went up to her room. Aside from the teddy bear it had actually been a normal day for her. Well as normal as it could get since she was a witch living with witches and sharing a room with a talking cat that had once tried to take over the world.