"Hal …" I stopped suddenly, my heart racing in my chest, beating like a snare drum. I gasped for air as my breathing grew heavy. I saw the look of vague confusion on my comrade's intricate faces as they watched me cautiously. They were eager – I could tell; anxious to see me. I wanted to progress towards them one more – but my legs were made of iron. "Hal …" I repeated again, unable to say anything more.

My thoughts were incoherent; sloppy. It was as if part of me was trying to remember something, but my brain failed to function properly – denied my curiosity. For a few heartbeats I stood there, oblivious to the noises; the people around as my muddled mind worked slowly. Then, I suddenly turned, pushing off, placing all my weight on the balls of my feet. Tears bubbled over my eyelids and I called out his name once more. I saw him turn in surprise, pure shock reflecting in his beautiful brown eyes.

I gripped towards him with feeble fingers, my vision blurry from my tears. "Kai …" I heard him whisper as I grabbed onto the bottom of his jacket, all but throwing myself at him. He stumbled backwards a bit as he suddenly took on my added weight (not that I weight much per se …). My mind – though slightly groggy still – was finally working. I still couldn't remember much – I knew – but I was recalling bits and pieces. Parts were missing from the puzzle I called my memory. I remembered seeing Hal as a child; seeing his father. I remembered seeing him at the NCD; he was a NARC – just like me … But there were things I still didn't quite understand …

He wrapped his arms gingerly around me as I sobbed. He was obviously inclined to say something – but didn't know what to say. I was glad – I wanted to speak first, anyways. I was hardly aware of the people staring at us – my friends; complete strangers … I was probably causing a scene, but at this point – I could care less. "No, Hal …" My voice was soft, muffled by the soft fabric of his shirt. I raised my voice a little. "Hal …" I whispered, looking up at him, a tight feeling forming in my stomach, tugging at my heart. "I will never say goodbye to you!" He looked completely and utterly shocked – he clearly wasn't expecting me to say something like this.

"But- How? How do you remember?"

I paused, raising a brow at him. "Hal … How could I not?" I asked, as if the answer was obvious. "You've been my friend for years, Kurabayashi, and when I told you I would always protect you, well – dammit, I meant it!" My words took him off-guard, and he stared at me with awestruck eyes, his mouth agape. "I could never forget you. Never in a million years! I still don't know what exactly, is going on – I don't know why I was in the hospital; I don't know why I can't remember anything … All I know is that you ibelong/i in my life …" Behind me, my friends fell silent – all that could be heard was the slight whispering of the wind as it blew through our hair. We stared at each other for the longest time, neither of us willing to break the silence – my eyes teary and needy, his surprised and full of emotion.

"Kai, I –"

I then suddenly pulled away from him slightly, cutting him off. "Say, Hal …?" He tilted his head. "Where'd your glasses go?" He narrowed his eyes at me, raising a fist and hitting me lightly on the head, before he suddenly kissed my cheek. I felt the blood rush to my cheeks and knew I was blushing – just by the way they were set ablaze.

"You ruined the mood." He said, smirking slightly. "Stupid Good-for-Nothing …" He muttered, looking away.

I smiled, lacing my fingers with his own. "Glad to see you're okay, Hal."