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My name is Bradley Timothy Hudson, Brad for short. I am a fellow American and was going to get married to the most strange but wonderful girl in the world, Sabrina Grimm. Or Brina as I liked to call her. The wedding was running smoothly until an "angel" (as the minister put it) came bursting into the church. I knew at once this was "Puck." Sabrina had talked about him briefly, many years ago when we first met. I tried to save her, make her sane, but he took her away from me. When he took away Sabrina, he took away my hopes, my dreams and my aspirations, he took my future away as well. Now here I am at the age of 27 looking over the remains of the things that used to belong to the girl who I was set to marry.

I was looking in the box where her things were and I picked up an old photo album, the same one with the two white doves entwined in embrace with each other. It was meant to be a wedding album but we had nearly filled it already, full of photos of us. On the cover, the curvy words of a machine said together forever. HA! Some crap that turned out to be! She left me on the alter! Surrounded by a worried sick family, imagine how I had to explain my way out of that one. Why my bride had gone off with a so-called "angel" and why he had come crashing in through the top of the church. I had to pay for the damage and now all I am left with is little money and little friends.

I held the book next to my chest, and clutched it tightly in my arms, creating a protective shield over the album . It was as if something was coming to take away my precious memories from me and I needed this book to survive. After a while, when I felt it was safe and nothing was coming for me I opened the book. There right on the first page where the words written "This book belongs to..." and underneath in scrawly writing was my name Bradley Hudson and next to my name in delicate, joined writing was her name. Sabrina Grimm. I ran my cold fingers over the name trying to still get a sense that Sabrina was sitting next to me and reassuring that everything would be okay. For a moment I believed my imagination but when I looked all I was greeted with was a deep, sense of loneliness. I sighed deeply wishing my imagination wasn't planning tricks on me.

My eyes wandered back down to the photo album and I unwillingly turned over the first page. There was a picture of me and Sabrina walking along by the pond in Central Park. We were sitting next to the Hans Christian Anderson Statue, I had an ice cream in each hand smiling at Sabrina, while she studied the statue as if she was looking for something. I knew she had a love for architecture but this was ridiculous! I remember telling her we should move on if we wanted to do the shopping and catch the bus home. She agreed and mumbled something along the lines of "He's not there anyway." When I asked who she just answered a mischievous Robin she saw once, it usually hanged around that area. I nodded and thought no more of it, I mean we all go looking for birds now and again don't we? We went to Walmat and did the shopping and caught a cab home. That night I remember watching "A Midsummers Night Dream" on dvd. Sabrina insisted we watched, we did and it was a good film. I didn't complain, I mean hey I am a guy who loves his Shakespeare! Those were good days!

I flicked over the page and there was a picture of me looking at the kittens in the window, while Sabrina was looking at the puppies. I had always been a cat fan and we were looking at which a pet to get for our apartment, we were allowed pets along if they didn't distrub the other residents. The shop was called Paws n' Claws. We went in and couldn't decide which pet to get. But in the end I got my way and we took home a little kitten, and named her Susie. She was a 12 week old kitten and was very playful, tearing up our curtains and wrecking the apartment. In the end she was house trained and everything ran well with her since then. I looked up from the book to see Susie sleeping on the couch. I smiled it was one of the things Sabrina didn't take. Susie was good company even if she was just a cat.

I checked my watch it read 23:24. "Woah it's really late." I said, pulling my self off the floor and with this I dropped the book. A letter fell out. "What's this?" I said, scooping up the letter. It was from Sabrina and it read:

Dear Bradley,

If you are reading this than I have probably left you.

I just want to say I am very sorry on how I have treated you over the years, and you have kept on loving me.

I have decided you don't deserve this treatment anymore. You see I was only marrying you because I thought it was normality that kept me sane,

but no it was adventure. I have taken my things to move in with a dear Robin friend of mine.

Please don't be mad at me. I hope you understand

I love you.



A single tear dropped down my face, I was still trying to gather what had happened. Sabrina had left me for someone better. That night I cried myself to sleep, with only one objective in mind. Find. Sabrina. Grimm.

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