Left Right Left was a television show aired a few years ago revolving around the lives of six cadets in Kanchanjunga Military Academy, Ambala and their mentor. While it was certainly not a realistic look at life in the army it was in my opinion, one of the better shows to come on Indian TV. I certainly loved it, for the characters, for the love story, for the plot development (until it was inevitably screwed up). As the show ended rather unsatisfactorily, I felt somewhat of a need to write alternate scenarios, some of which will now be posted to give them a permanent home. You probably don't need to have seen the show to get the meaning but the following rundown of the main characters and plot that you need to know for this story might help:

Cadets -

Naina Singh Ahluwalia: Naina joins the academy hiding her true identity and is at first known as Naina Singh. Her brother, Naveen, had also graduated from KMA, while on assignment there to protect nuclear triggers he was framed for their theft, accused of being a traitor and after escaping was killed. Naina has joined the academy to clear her brother's name.

Aalekh Sharma: Aalekh is an orphan and has had a difficult life, he's spent most of his youth in remand homes and has a problem with alcohol. He is the first one that Naina confides her secret to and her trust in him builds an unbreakable bond of friendship and helps to redeem him.

Pooja Ghai: Pooja is a bubbly girl who has joined the academy in search of her fiancée who ran away from their wedding and is apparently somewhere in the area. She tends to phrase things in mobile phone terminology. Pooja is Naina's room mate and becomes a close friend.

Ali Baig: Ali is third generation Army but the first generation to enter officer training, his family has very little money and he has five sisters. Ali has a very strong set of principles that he refuses to compromise on. Ali and Pooja eventually fall in love.

Amandeep Huda: Huda is a farmer's son, cocky and arrogant and a determined flirt. He pursues Naina first as a challenge but then falls for her though she never reciprocates.

Yaduvansh Sahni (Yudi): Yudi is from a rich family and has joined the academy to 'prove he's a man'. Never as tough as the other cadets, he suffers from self-doubt and low esteem, constantly trying to prove his masculinity.

Their Teachers –

While there were certainly a number of teachers/mentors within the show, you really only need to be familiar with three of them for this story.

Captain Rajveer Singh Shekawat: Captain Rajveer was Naveen's best friend and batchmate during their academy days and has recently been posted at KMA as a teacher, with the task of guarding the nuclear triggers. He is initially suspicious of Naina as he knows she is hiding something, but when he finds out the truth he becomes her mentor, protecting her and guiding her. He falls in love with her, but when she finds out he was the one that killed Naveen (at Naveen's insistence, to protect him against further torture), she hates him. They're eventually reconciled as she realizes the truth of the situation and she falls in love with him however neither ever admit their feelings. Eventually while trying to prove Naveen's innocence he's betrayed by someone he trusted and his jeep goes over a bridge, bursting into flames (whether he'd actually died or not was never established, maybe because they wanted to see if the actor would come back. There is no body in the jeep when Aalekh checks it).

Captain Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan: A friend of Rajveer and Naveen's from the academy. Is assigned to KMA later in the show.

Dr Shalini: The academy's doctor, mostly a fun character, she had something of a dynamic with Yudi, supporting him through difficult times, but nothing was ever resolved.

The only other character you need to know for this one is Neelu, Yudi's sister, who briefly had a relationship with Aalekh, before leaving him and ending up pregnant to someone else (he offered to marry her and claim the baby but it didn't happen).

Hope that makes it a bit more clear for anyone who read it. Here's a nice youtube video on the main pairing: .com/watch?v=9LprAKY-gts