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Sian made her way to the staff toilets where no children could get to her. She was happy in some ways because late last night, Madi came home to her, she was so happy that Madi had come to see her, she missed having her around the place because everything felt so lonely. So she made her welcome into the school, got her adjusted to her new life in the new school. She knew most of the pupils apart from a few, that included Gus, he looked nice but he could be trouble. As that was happening, she got back to where she was now, the toilets.

"Oh" She looked at herself in the mirror. "Is that really what I look like today?" She grunted.

She straightened herself out and looked at her stomach in the mirror, there were so many thoughts going through her mind, she wanted that baby, she always wanted that baby, but it just wasn't meant to be. She looked at her watch and realised she was almost late for her lesson. She quickly sorted herself out and went to the new Science ab. This was the first lesson of the term in a new lab which she wasn't used too, and a few familiar faces and some new faces.

"Nice to meet you all, some old, some new" she smiled. "For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mrs Diamond, and I will be your teacher for this class, every lesson, don't worry, I'm not as bad as Mr Budgen in English" She laughed and even the pupils laughed alone with her. "I hope you all enjoy this lesson as much as I enjoy teaching it" She mentioned and started the lesson with a smile.

Scout was in the lesson along with, Phoneix, Tariq and Josh. They all knew what had happened and understood Sian's privacy so they didn't say a word so no one else found out till Sian was ready, even though she didn't plan on telling anyone her personal life.

Sian got on with her lesson; she wrote on the board, handed out work sheets, helped people with their work and even enjoyed a cuppa whilst the kids were working. But she felt empty, like she didn't know how to feel about anything anymore. She hated feeling like this but she didn't know how to stop it. She put her hand on her stomach and thought to herself how much she wanted a baby. She never found the time and when she did it all came to a harsh end.

The end of the lesson bell rang and all the kids got up off their seats and ran out to lunch but Sian just sat there. Her smile soon faded and the tears came from her eyes and fell down her cheeks. Just as she was crying Michael came in and found her, without saying a word, he pulled Sian into a hug and let her cry on his shoulder. That's all she needed, a good cry.

A few hours later and it was home time, Michael asked Sian out for a drink and she accepted. She phoned up Madi to tell her that she was going out for a drink with someone, she didn't say who so Madi couldn't spread it round the whole school like she was so good at doing, she kept it to herself and went out for a lovely meal with Michael, the guy she fell in love with for the first time but she didn't know if she was still in love with him, she still had feelings for Jez even though he was defiantly out of the picture in her mind.

The night ended with the two of them having a drink at Michaels place, she didn't know where she wanted the night to go but since it was a Friday, she decided to stay there and send Madi a text to tell her she won't be home at all.

Madi then took it upon herself to organise a party at Sian's house, her and Sian were already on bad terms so she didn't think this could make it any worse. She facebooked everyone she knew to be at hers at 8:30pm and to bring loads of alcohol so this party could really get going.

Everyone started turning up at Madi's house and the party really got rolling, everyone was planning on getting so drunk that they didn't have a clue in the world, also Madi got smashed as well. But Gus turned up to her party and he wasn't invited, Madi didn't like him at all.

"Madi, there you are" Gus found her.

"Errr, what are you doing here?" Madi asked him. "I didn't invite you" she looked confused.

"Yeah, I know, but I heard there was a party and thought, what the heck, I'm there.." he answered.

Madi walked away, stumbled across the way because she had a lot to drink.

2:30am rolled by and everyone was having a blast, until Madi decided to go to her room and sit there for a while, she felt so ill. She sat in her room and Gus popped his head round the door.

"Go away" Madi said, but Gus didn't listen. "I said get out!"

"Babe, you know you want me here..."

"No, I don't. I hate you, after everything that has happened between us, I don't want you anywhere near me!"

Gus took no notice and sat down next to her and put his hand on her thigh.

"What are you doing?" Madi flinched.

"Exactly what you want me to do" He said, and leaned in for a kiss.

Madi moved her head quickly. "I don't want this" she told him.

Gus didn't listen and moved his hand further up her thigh, she shouted at him to stop but Gus was having none of it, his other hand moved to her mouth to stop her from screaming. There was now terror in Madi's eyes, she was scared to as what was going to happen, everyone downstairs started to go home because they had enough to drink and needed to get home to their own beds, as they were leaving, they were oblivious to what was going on upstairs.

Back at the night with Sian she looked at her watch and decided to go home, she didn't think it was right to be staying out all night with Madi home alone she hated leaving her alone all the time, she needed to spend more time with her.

"Michael, I'm going home, I can't do this right now, I'm sorry" Sian said, her understood and kissed Sian. Sian got in her car and started driving home.

Back at the house, Madi was squirming, she was so scared, Gus rolled off her and got changed, Madi was left curled up in a ball, with her tights ripped, he shirt ripped open and her skirt half way up her stomach. She laid there crying with makeup all down her face, as Gus left the room she screamed, and broke down even more. Gus left the house, and Sian returned to find her house in an absolute state, Sian was furious, she had no idea that upstairs her step-daughter had just been attacked.

"Madi where the hell are you, come down her immediately!" Sian screamed. When she heard no answer she went upstairs, but instead of finding a girl spread out drunk with no idea where she was, she found a girl crying her eyes out and curled up in a ball. Sian went over to her but Madi flinched. She turned her head to see Sian sitting on the end of the bed and in that moment, she flung her arms around her and buried her head into Sian's chest. Sian took hold of Madi and kept her safe.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Sian tilted her head to look at her.

Madi didn't answer, she just cried herself to sleep in Sian's arms. Sian stayed with her all night. She wondered what had gone on in her room. She waited till the morning to find out, for now, she got into bed with Madi, wrapped her arms around her and fell to sleep peacefully.