This is a follow on from the ending of Waterloo road series 7. I am writing it from Tom Clarkson point of view as he is one of my favorite characters from it. I hope you enjoy it. Pleas review

Disclaimer: I do not own waterloo road or any of its characters.

I sat up. My head thumped. My blurred eyes saw blood all around me. I looked to my left and saw Josh lying next to me. My mind swam through all these dreadful questions. I called 999 despite the pain running through my hand. In this long minute I saw people waking up and groaning. Michael was the first one I saw to start moving, closely followed by Denzil. Michael was checking everyone was all right while I just sat there. I wanted to stay next to Josh and not move. The ambulances arrived quickly. One man who came out the ambulance walked towards me. "Hello, I'm Mark and I am going to check you're alright and get you to a hospital. Do you have any pain?" The first aider said with a smile. I was distracted by other first aiders carrying Josh into an ambulance.

"I'm fine. Please, I need to get in that ambulance with my son!" I answered in a begging tone. I tried to stand up. Josh needed me and nothing was going to stop me. I felt Mark's hand on my shoulder trying to push me down. My eye lids felt heavy and everything went blurry. My legs gave way and I fell onto the floor. I went blank.

"Tom, Tom…" I heard a warm whisper. I opened my eyes to see Michael in front of me.

"Where am I?" I replied scanning the room.

"Don't you remember? The crash?" Michael eyes were full of concern. I remembered. We were taking a picture when the van came. Michael must have guessed by my face that I remembered. "Are you ok? You broke your arm and had quite a hit to the head?" I looked down and saw a light blue cast on my wrist. "I picked the color." Michael said and I smiled back.

"How is everyone?" I asked thinking about Josh. Michaels smile dropped.

"Umm…Josh is fine, he had a cut, but he is a bit shaken up. Scout is alright and Denzil went in for an x-ray on his leg. All the adults seem to be good. Harley has not woken up yet but should be fine. Tariq and Phoenix…well…might not make it…but they could…" He trailed of into silence. I was still processing in the information when are nurse came.

"How are you feeling Mr. Clarkson?" She said looking at me.

"Umm…great. Can I go and see people?" I asked with a smile hoping she won't she my pain.

"Well your results look good…yes. Tell us if you have any problems." She replied and walked away. I got out the hospital bed in search of Josh.