Last spring we had the Supermoon, I got all inspired and wrote a Were-Lemon One-Shot for Alcide and Maria-Star called Chasing My Tail. When this spring started springing I wanted to bring them back.

You won't need to have read Chasing My Tail to read this, just know that they are together and happy, and have a wonderful sexlife as humans and wolves!

There's no strong plot, this just "a slice of life"... Or slice of Were-Lemons. I hope you enjoy it.


Sweet Tooth – Chapter 1 of 2


Alcide and I were having a lazy Friday night in. Take-away food, a couple of bottles of beer and the TV. We hadn't decided on a DVD as neither of us was up to thinking too much yet. Alcide had just finished an extension on a hotel he'd been working on. Our original plan had been to celebrate at the Hair of The Dog, but he seemed pleased when I suggested a night in instead. I'd spent the afternoon helping out while a mother and three teenage daughters had their photographs taken, it had been the loudest photo session I'd ever had to deal with and I was relieved to be at home with peace and quiet, and my man.

I could tell Alcide began relax as soon as he'd had a few mouthfuls of Chilli Beef.

We had been pretty serious since the last full moon, that was about three weeks ago, and we were getting comfortable in each others company.

He went to collect more beer for both of us and began, "I nearly forgot. Are you busy next Friday? Pretty short notice, but I got an invite for a charity do at the Silver Lake Ballroom."

"Next Friday?"

"Yeah, I know it's a little close to the full moon, but it should be a good night out. The invite is from the management of the hotel I've just been dealing with. I think someone must have backed out last minute and I was in the right place, at the right time. If I make a good impression, it might help me get more work out of them." He put my new beer down, along with a fancy, gold-embossed invitation, then kissed my cheek and whispered, "Cinderella, you will go to the ball!"

I laughed, then looking at the invite realised. "Oh, it's my mom's hospital!"

"Your mom's hospital?" Alcide laughed, knowing that my mom did not own a hospital.

"Well, she helps out there. Visits with people that haven't got anyone, that kind of thing." Mom had been volunteering for a couple of years and loved helping out. This Charity Event was a big night for her. My parents were away visiting friends in Arkansas, but mom insisted that they had to be back for "The Ball", almost as much as my dad insisted they had to be back for the wolf moon, just two nights later. As they had been away for two weeks already, they didn't know that Alcide and I were more serious now. I felt I had to warn Alcide. "My mom and dad will be there."

Maybe I looked nervous, as he laughed, "That's fine, I'm sure I can make a good impression for them too."

"Of course! I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

He waved away my apology. "How about we arrange to meet them beforehand? I haven't seen them for awhile, we can catch up."

"Sure!" I replied, trying to sound nonchalant but probably failing. There was no good reason for me to feel so worried, my parents liked Alcide and they were fine about us dating. We went back to our meal and I tried to stop thinking like a nervous sixteen year-old.


We settled down to watch a movie, it probably says a lot that I can't remember which one. As it finished, Alcide turned down the music on the end credits. "You're quiet tonight. Is it this Ball? We don't have to go."

"No, I want to! I do!" And I did, but I needed to stop thinking that my parents and Alcide would suddenly not get along. "I'm just working out what to wear!" I lied, I already knew exactly what I was wearing, but I think my excuse seemed plausible. "What are you wearing?" I asked as a diversion. "Is it Black Tie?"

"It's not, but I know what I'm wearing. Don't worry. I won't shame you!" He grinned.

I leaned in to him a little and reached up to kiss his cheek. "I know you won't, I've seen you in a suit before. You look very good in a suit."

"Well, thank you." He kissed me back, I felt myself relax. The mood between us began to change. The kisses more intense and deliberate.

Sitting side by side was no longer working for me. A little adjustment and I was sitting on his knee facing him and the back of the sofa.

Reaching up to tangle my fingers in his dark hair, I asked, "Will you be able to tame these locks?"

"I can't promise that!" He admitted, but I hardly heard him as his hands, and more importantly his fingers, were digging into my thighs, making tracks up and down my jeans. The last thing I wanted to do now was talk, my arms wound around his neck, my lips hard against his, as I pressed against him. One of his huge hands was under my t-shirt, against my back, so hot even to my heated skin.

Catching a breath, I buried my forehead into his shoulder and glancing down I could see his hard cock, straining against his jeans. Reaching down I pressed my palm against him.

"You might look good in a suit, but I hate these jeans!" I heard myself snarl.

"These are worse!" Alcide hooked a finger through one of my belt-loops and tugged. "Get rid of them."

"Race you!" I challenged him, and pushed at his chest to get to my feet.

He had the easier challenge, his jeans were looser and he was sitting. So quickly he had his jeans on the floor and his cock standing proud. Beautiful.

"T-shirt too!" I demanded, as I peeled my jeans off, along with the panties that I had wasted ten minutes choosing earlier. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and I took a long look at his wonderfully muscled chest, before I resumed my position on his lap. My shirt and bra landed on the floor, with the rest of our clothes, as I wrapped one arm back around his neck, my lips finding his again.

One good thing about being Weres, we can strip really fast!

I had to change position, his thick cock needed two hands. Fuck, I got to be honest, it deserved two hands. His fingers were beginning to tease me, but he tipped his head back and growled as I held him. If I couldn't see that he was all human right now, I swear, I would have assumed he was changing.

Maybe I was rushing things, but I was convinced he wouldn't be objecting, I moved a little and the tip of his cock was against me, then slipping inside me, just where he was supposed to be. He felt so hot inside me, heat radiated and I felt my head begin to spin. So hot. So hot.

His hands were hard on my hips, encouraging my rhythm then reaching further to have a tight hold on my ass. On and on. I rode him. We could hardly kiss as we were breathing heavily, getting closer to our climax, but we could both grin, the human equivalent of baring our teeth at each other.

I was close to coming, I could feel the pressure growing within me. Was he? "Alcide! I'm gonna... I'm..." I couldn't get the words out, but he knew. He could move me like a rag doll and in a second, I was on my back on the sofa, Alcide pounding into me.

We both let out a shout of relief as our orgasm took us, but then, smothering giggles, we had to shush each other, automatically thinking about the neighbours. The perils of living in a flat.

Alcide moved, just a little but my sofa groaned alarmingly. "I don't think you're furniture can cope with much more of this!"

I agreed, but laughed, "Well, we should go try out the bed then!"

"Good idea!"

He moved so quickly, that all of a sudden I was over his shoulder.

"Alcide! You're supposed to be a Were not a caveman!"

He laughed and ducked as he went through my bedroom door.


My parents break to Arkansas was almost over, they had been visiting friends who had moved from Shreveport to just outside the Ouachita National Forest. It was a long drive back, they were due early evening so I called by their house to freshen up and bring fresh groceries.

I had a pot of chilli waiting for them when they arrived home and after they'd got themselves sorted out a little, I dished out our meal.

Why was I so scared about telling then this? I actually stammered. "I've been seeing Alcide quite a lot... and, erm, we're pretty serious."

"What?" My dad hissed angrily. "You are serious about Alcide Herveaux!"

I was shocked! He had never spoken to me like that before. "Yes!" I replied defensively.

"I forbid you to see him!" He continued, I was too shocked to reply. I just stood frozen, holding his plate and the serving spoon. "He has no prospects! He'll never amount to anything! Everyone in the pack loathes him. He's an idle layabout, totally untrustworthy!"

All of a sudden my dad was trying to keep his face straight.

I'd been "had". I could not believe I had fallen for this.

Grinning now, my dad announced, "And he's really, really short." Then he burst out laughing!

"Matthew! Stop teasing!" Mum scolded him.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! The look on your face!"

"That's fine! Torment your only daughter!" I was laughing in relief now too. "But don't think you're getting any more than this for dinner." I put the tiniest amount of chilli on top of his rice and put it in front of him.

"Oh, come on now, my little star. Look after your old dad. I've been driving all day. You know I like Alcide, he's just about good enough for my little wolf." Dad was by my side, holding his plate out for more food. "I do like him! I've known him a long time and he's a Were worth knowing. Did I tell you I was there when he first ran? Come on..." He nudged my arm, and his grin became wider as I, grudgingly, added more chilli. He kissed my cheek, thanked me and went back to his seat.

Dad finally became quiet as he ate, I would have to remember to ask him about Alcide's first run, but some other time.

I took the chance to tell mom about the invitation to the ball and Alcide's plan for us to meet up beforehand. She was happy about the idea and we talked about outfits. Girly stuff. In a house with three younger brothers, and obviously, both of us being Were, we didn't do 'girly' very often.


By the time the day of the ball came around Alcide was working hard to ensure he could take Monday off because it was full moon on Sunday night. Mom had asked me to get ready for the ball with her, to help with her hair and do each other's nails, that kind of thing. I'd arranged to go to the function room with them and meet Alcide there, which would give him another hour or so to work if necessary.

Around midday I called into see Alcide who was based in the office all day. I wanted to drop off a bag as he had asked me to stay at his new house that weekend. We planned to run with the pack and come back to his place. My flat was a little small for the two of us over a long weekend, and his was a huge, brand new house. We really should stay there more often, however the house had been designed by Alcide's father before he died and I have to be honest, there were parts of it I didn't like it that much. It was clearly intended to be a pack-masters house and not always comfortable.

Alcide had been working so much that I hadn't seen him for three nights. Oh, I'd missed him! When I arrived, his office door was ajar, with no one around. I knocked and popped my head in. I just knew I was grinning like an idiot as I saw him.

It was good to see him smile too, but then he got distracted by his printer spitting out couple of pages. "Sorry, I'll be right with you, I just need two minutes!" He printed off a couple more things, explaining as he went that his client wanted everything faxing rather than e-mailing. Alcide thought he was lucky he didn't have to courier or post the lot. It was a large contract from someone who had used another business once Alcide's father began to lose interest in his own company. Alcide wanted that business back.

The fax was in the outer office. Alcide visibly relaxed once the sheaf of papers fed into the machine, he smiled, took my hand and led me back into his office. He leaned back against his door as we shared a kiss and a tight squeeze. When he released me, I teased a little. "Shouldn't you have a secretary for that kind of thing?"

"She's at lunch, I think she was trying to get away from me."

"Were you being a grumpy boss?"

"I'm a very nice boss!" He tried to defend himself. "Hey, I let her go to lunch."

"So there's no one to help you release the tension?"

"Maria-Star! I don't know what you mean." He lied, he knew exactly what I meant as my hand was caressing his cock through his trousers.

"Let me help." I murmured in his ear, taking his hand I pulled him in the direction of his desk. I felt a flash of nerves. Don't get me wrong, sex with Alcide was amazing, but apart from our full-moon night in the woods, we had pretty much stuck to bedroom or sofa, nothing too outlandish, certainly nothing in his office, while his secretary was at lunch.

The sexiest smile was on his face, and the way he was looking me up and down gave me more confidence. He'd been having a rough day, time for some fun. "You have to forget the denim skirt and the boring t-shirt." I gestured at my current outfit. "You need to think... tight, black, pencil skirt, with high-heels... ohh... and black stockings with seams."

He was a little surprised, but nodded. "I can imagine that!"

"Lean here for me." I patted to the edge of his desk. "Hold on to the edge." I said, and he did!

Alcide was only wearing a shirt and suit trousers, his jacket was hung up and his tie nowhere to be seen. I stood, leaning close to him, to deal with his belt and zip. I freed his hard cock quickly and slipped my hands lower to let the weight of his balls escape too. I wasn't being particularly soft or gentle, and after a little while he tipped his head back and moaned.

Encouraged, I knelt before him. I would normally spend time kissing down his amazing chest, but I was too impatient to deal with shirt buttons, and who knew how much time we had.

With a leisurely lick, I teased the tip of his cock. I kept my eyes up, watching him, watching me. I don't think he'd expected this.

I needed to concentrate. Lips and tongue. Scratching nails. Keep the rhythm. Change the rhythm. Fingers teasing. Listen to him. Gauge the reaction.

Alcide was almost hissing under his breath "Fuck. Yes. Fuck. Yes. Fuck. Yes." Over and over. I picked up his rhythm. He was close. I could taste that he was close.

Alcide gave a shout when he came. I think the whole episode had totally surprised him. I gripped his hips and swallowed, slowing my movements now, not quite wanting this to end.

I somehow felt a little embarrassed when I stood. Alcide was quiet. I had tissues in my bag and asked if I could take some of his water as the cooler was in the front office. "Sure," he replied. "But you can't just go."

"I gotta meet my mom... and your secretary will be back soon. Your real secretary."

That made him grin for a second. As I moved to the door, he caught me round the waist. "It seems a little unfair," he whispered in my ear, as if he couldn't quite say this to my face. "I'm relaxed... and satisfied and you... you're going to see your mom!"

I laughed. "I'm sure the satisfaction will even out."

"It will. I'll take good care of you tonight." He promised.

"I'll look forward to that! But before then, don't forget we have to be all respectable for a couple of hours at the ball."



The four of us arrived at the same time, Alcide's truck was just behind my dad's as we parked up at the Silver Lake function rooms. I took a calming breath and tried to convince myself that my dad wouldn't start teasing me in front of Alcide. Dad was generally more serious in front of other people, especially members of the pack. He was my daft dad only in private.

I was very distracted as we all said "Hello" because Alcide looked simply spectacular in his suit. He shouldn't have done. It was a good, black suit, with a black shirt and a plain black tie, he should have looked like he was at a funeral or he should have faded into the night but he looked wonderful. I know there are lots of handsome men in the world, but his calm confidence took him beyond merely good-looking.

In my daze, I think I missed a bit of the conversation, but Alcide shook hands with my dad and my cheeky mum made sure she got a kiss on the cheek. I got a quick kiss too as my parents headed inside. "You look beautiful!" Alcide whispered.

"You too." I replied. He laughed at that thought, then offered me his arm and we went inside.

Would I always think like this? If I spent the rest of my life with him, would he always be able to stop my breath with just a smile. I hoped so, that seemed like a nice way to live. Was I getting totally carried away here?

Mom and dad were ahead of us, going up the steps to the bar which overlooked the foyer, we were almost an hour early so it wasn't particularly busy. Alcide took my arm, "I thought the dress was black. That colour really suits you."

"It's chocolate." My mom chipped in from the stairs above us.

"It's definitely not brown," I added. "Mom bought this for my last birthday, and I was worried about the colour, but mom's told me over and over, it's chocolate, definitely not brown."

Though he looked a little confused, Alcide laughed at our silly, family joke.

I was pretty relieved that my mom had bought the dress for my birthday, just a few months ago, it had been hung in the wardrobe and I thought I might only ever get to wear it at a Christmas party but my chocolate dress finally got an outing. I still couldn't call it a brown dress! The bodice was fitted and silky, with thin spaghetti straps, the skirt was quite demure, just above my knee, in a couple of layers of a lighter, floaty material. Underneath the top chocolate layer was cream, which brightened the dress a little. I had borrowed a simple, cream wrap from mom which was quite strange to wear, because I really didn't need it to keep warm. I just had to be careful not to fiddle with it, or forget about it.

I was looking forward to Alcide seeing the sheer lace-topped stockings I had chosen. I'd not been confident that they would stay up and tested them while I hoovered my flat. They stayed up, I was very impressed.

As we reached the bar, I became aware of a potential problem. They were promoting cocktails and champagne, where part of the cost would go back to the charity. Guessing correctly that my parents wouldn't want cocktails with fruit and umbrellas, Alcide suggested a bottle of champagne, which we all agreed to. He and my dad were both getting the attention of the bar staff, which meant both men would expect to pay. Mom noticed too, she took my arm saying, "We'll get this good table," and steered me through the empty bar, leaving them to it.

I didn't look back at them until I sat down, I was surprised to see Alcide handing over cash while my Dad was coming over to sit down.

Why had I been so stressed? I was the only one who seemed slightly phased by this meeting. The three of them chatted easily; my parents holiday, mutual friends, mom's work with the hospital and Alcide's new contract. He'd got it after all his work today. We toasted to that.

Once more people started arriving, my mom left our table to greet a few friends, taking dad with her. I had a moment to ask Alcide, "How did you get my dad to let you pay for the drinks?"

Alcide seemed to debate with himself whether to tell me, then he grinned. "I asked him to let me pay, as I was desperate to impress his daughter."

"I'm already impressed!" I whispered back.

"That's good to know."


Our table, with the party from the hotel, wasn't near the one my parents were on. They were sat with their backs to us, so as we sat to eat, it no longer felt that we were on a weird double date with my mum and dad.

It could have been an awkward night, sharing a table with eight strangers, but the hotel manager and his wife had clearly done lots of entertaining like this. We were all introduced and conversation was much easier than it could have been. Most people there had seen the extension to the hotel that Alcide's company had just finished and were very impressed.

The food was very good, though rather small portions for Weres, we have a high metabolism and can eat a lot, especially two nights before the full moon. I imagined my mum would be telling my dad he couldn't ask for seconds.

The dessert was delicious, a gooey chocolate fondant with ice-cream on the side. "I could have eaten two of those," I confessed in a whisper to Alcide.

"I've never been a fan of desserts." As he whispered back, he held my gaze again. "But with all this chocolate around, I'm developing a very sweet tooth."

I couldn't help giggling, why could he make me act like this? He laughed too, and took my hand under the table, squeezing it tight as his attention was called away. I didn't mind, I would have his full attention this weekend.

There was an auction for the charity after the meal. Alcide had been given the tickets to the ball, so he was more then prepared to bid for several auction items. I think he really wanted the signed football, but the price went sky-high and he bowed out. The hotel chain had offered a weekend-break at their hotel in New Orleans, which he also bid for, but again, someone paid well over the odds. It was clear some parties were beginning to show off a little now, there was certainly plenty of champagne being drunk.

Alcide got us tickets for a rather fancy tombola, he grumbled a bit when I also bought us both a ticket, but understood when I said I wanted to donate to the charity too. I was most amused that he won a huge, stuffed, white rabbit. He checked that I didn't want it and seemed quite relieved to be able to offer it back to the hospital for the children's ward. It would have been fun to see him carry that around for the rest of the night.

My parents left as band got going, Dad muttering in my ear "Pizza" as they left. Our table was beginning to break up a little too, but the band was getting around to the slower stuff so Alcide and I danced. After three nights without him, it was a thrill to be in his arms and feel his body against mine. It was such a shame there were clothes in the way.

"I missed you." I murmured, without much thought.

"I'm sorry about this week. I had to make sure everything was squared away for this weekend."

"Of course! I understand you had to work, and it's worth it because now we get to enjoy the weekend." I smiled up at him.

"Yes, we do."

"What shall we do to keep ourselves entertained?" I mused.

"I'm sure we'll think of something."

"And which part of you is doing the thinking, Alcide?" I pressed into him, his cock hard against me.

"Difficult to think with anything else at the minute." He admitted, with a sexy grin that made me want to moan.

Two nights before the full moon and my hormones were racing. With a blush, I asked, "Do we have to stay here long?"

"Do you want to go?"

"Not if it seems rude for us to go... I've had a lovely time, really, but it's time we were alone."

Alcide hummed in agreement. "Lets finish this dance and then we'll plan our escape."

That was good enough for me, I sighed with relief and leant into his chest.


Before we returned to our table I escaped the bathroom to make myself presentable.

The room was getting quieter and I met Alcide by the bar. Careful to make sure no one could see, I pressed against him and made sure he saw a little champagne coloured lace that I slipped in his inside pocket. "Just to save us a little time when we get back." I whispered.

Alcide was definitely surprised. Was slipping my panties in his pocket going a little too far? Apparently not. "We gotta get out of here!" He growled in my ear, offered his arm and lead me back to our table.

We got lucky, our escape was made very easy. As one of the ladies saw me she said, "My dear, you look a little flushed. Are you well?"

"I do feel a little warm. I'm not really used to champagne." I replied, perfectly truthfully.

Alcide touched my forehead with fingers as warm as my skin. "You do feel a little too warm, maybe I should take you home."

A few words of "good night" and thanks for a wonderful evening, and we were out of there.


We were both quiet in the truck on the way to his house, he drove quickly but carefully and pulled straight into the garage, as it was fitted with one of those magic door openers. The garage was at the side of the house and led into the utility room that was just off the kitchen. At this side of the house, overlooking the back garden, was also a formal dining room, I very much doubted that Alcide had ever used it.

The long kitchen-diner ran from front to the back of the house, this was where he usually ate. Taking my hand, Alcide led me through to the large hallway. As well as the front door, this had a grand open staircase and a couple of internal doors leading to the comfortable den at the back of the house and the more formal living room. This large room completed this side of the house, again running from the front of the house to patio doors at the back.

This was the room that I really didn't like that much, it had been designed by the late Jackson Herveaux. Dark leather sofas, dark panelled walls and animal heads on the walls, I had never worked out if they were some clever joke. I didn't find them funny. The huge fireplace was nice, but even a human household wouldn't need to use a fireplace like that for most of the year in Louisiana.

I entirely expected Alcide to lead me upstairs, but he escorted me into the formal lounge. "Would you like a brandy?" He asked while he was already pouring himself one.

A little confused as to why we were in here, I agreed to the drink. I was even more confused when Alcide took his drink and sat in the large armchair. A seat for one, not a sofa with ample space for two.

As he tasted his drink and watched me, I realised why I didn't like the room. It was trying to intimidate, I hated that.

Still standing, I took a sip of the brandy. I'm no expert but it seemed good stuff to me, a pleasant warmth spread inside me. Well if we were here, I might as well take a seat and enjoy my drink...

"Take off your dress." Alcide instructed. His tone surprised me, so did his lack of manners. He cocked his head, waiting.

Stubborn for a moment, I considered. When I walked into the house, all I wanted to do was get out of this dress. Why should that change because he was asking?

Setting my brandy down, I lowered the little zipper in the back and stepped out of the chocolate material. I laid it down next to where he'd laid his jacket and looked boldly back at him. If he didn't like sheer stockings with lacy tops and high heels, now was his time to say so.

"Come here."

I didn't like being ordered about, but, damn, I wanted to be over there, not stood here. For the first time in my life, I felt a little unstable on my heels as I walked towards him.

Alcide leaned forward as I reached him, he caressed my ass as he moved me to stand in front of him, between his knees. He moved his huge, warm hands over my body, I relaxed at his touch. A little rougher than usual, he teased my nipples with his thumb, making me gasp.

He grinned confidently. "I figured I owe you after this afternoon." I reached to loosen his tie, but he leant back, shaking his head. "Let me play."

Again, he held my ass, but this time his other hand slipped up my thighs and then held still against my wet folds. Why was he delaying?

"You feel so hot. Will you burn me?" He began moving his thumb in a slow rhythm, so I couldn't come up with any reply.

I only just managed to stay on my feet as his fingers worked inside me. Quick, hard, fast. Rougher with his one hand than I could ever imagine, he could have lifted me off my feet with that hand.

I was growling his name, not able to stay quiet as I felt the pressure rise inside me. Alcide was snarling, "Come for me, come for me," and I obeyed.

I clutched at his shoulder as my orgasm flooded through me, then I began to sway back. Alcide grabbed me by the waist, I was on my back on a sofa in a flash. A breath whooshed out of me as I hit the leather. With both hands, he tugged me towards the edge of the sofa. In my dazed state, I actually tried to scramble back, away from him, but had no chance. He placed my leg over his shoulder, my other foot was on the floor and I lay open to him. Where the hell had my shoes gone?

Alcide was smirking down at me, "Now, I'm hungry!" I tried to tug at his shirt, how was he still wearing his stupid shirt and tie? "Not yet." He laughed as he let his beard scratch my thighs, making me squirm and cry out. With one arm and hand, he held me down and parted my damp curls. The tip of his teasing tongue made me whimper, but I was calling his name as he delved deeper.

Kissing and sucking and his fingers and his tongue. Ahh! He was eating me alive.

Both my hands were in his hair, pressing him into me. I didn't want him to stop, but I wanted his cock too. I couldn't have said that, words weren't coming from me right now. Just sounds.

When I came, I let out a howl! I'd never done that before, even when I was a wolf, I rarely howled. I shut myself up, somehow, and slapped my hand across my mouth, finally he let me move away from him. I was panting, trying to control my breathing. Fear made my eyes wide, had anyone heard me? I think I hissed out "Sorry" from behind my hand.

"No one's around to hear you. Just me. Don't worry." Alcide tried to calm me down, but I was in the middle of a good, old-fashioned freak-out. What was he doing to me?

"I'm fine." I muttered. Although I knew I wasn't exactly thinking straight. He was still dressed, why did that bother me? "Take your shirt off."

"No!" He was grinning again. "I've not finished playing with you yet!"

I admit it, I swore at him and kicked out. He leant back, away from my flying feet and I jumped up from the sofa. Furious for no good reason, I ran from the room.

"Maria! Where are you going? You think you can hide from me?" I heard him calling out as I bolted up the stairs.

I wasn't hiding. I was making it damn clear where I was going. At the top of his stairs I left a stocking, and dropped the other outside his bedroom door. His bedroom was my favourite room in this house, or maybe his en-suite was. I dashed through to it. The huge bath took too long to fill, so although we did fit in it together, I ignored it. I chose the shower which occupied the corner of the room. Pale gold-coloured tiles from floor to ceiling and two glass panels to keep the water in, it was as beautiful as a shower could be.

The water got hot quickly and I was stood under the spray when Alcide strode into the room. I turned to face him. "If you want to play some more, you're gonna have to get naked and get wet!" I declared. For good measure, I splashed a bit of water in his direction.

He laughed but stayed back, shaking his head.

"Come on Alcide! Fuck me! Come inside me. Stop playing."

"You're greedy tonight."

I shrugged.

"You have a dirty mouth too."

"I can't be sweet all the time... Please. Alcide..."

I could have cheered as he finally loosened his tie, but I settled for a big smile. He wasn't rushing, his shirt and tie were neatly hung up, before he took off his trousers and I could see his cock was thinking like me.

I held out my arms, beckoning him to join me, and finally he stepped straight into them. I hooked my arms around his shoulders and neck, reaching up to kiss him. He tasted of me.

I was against the wall, off my feet when he entered me. The control he'd had was gone, he was as lost to this passion as I was. About time. No more fighting, we were together in this. We came together too. His face was down in my shoulder, I was looking up, trying to catch enough breath. I only just heard him say. "My Maria. I love you."

It was a little like being doused in cold water.

He had never said that to me before. No one had ever said that to me before.

I was no expert, but they weren't suppose to say that when fucking you through a shower wall. When they did that, it was bullshit. Just words, no meaning at all.

I was mortified, I'd really been thinking this was something special.

Alcide's no idiot. He knew I felt uncomfortable. We disentangled ourselves and he said in a more calm voice, "We should get some sleep. Big night tomorrow."

I nodded as he stepped out of the shower. "I just need to sort out my hair." It was the best excuse I could come up with.

"Do you need your bag?"

"If you don't mind. Thank you."

He dried off a little, wrapped a towel around his waist and brought my overnight from the bedroom. He managed to do that without looking directly at me, then left me alone.

I tried not to think as I conditioned my hair. "I love you." I had certainly wanted to hear him say that. I had almost expected that he would say it soon and I thought he would actually mean it. I felt I was back where I started. I was someone to pass the time with. Someone one to "play" with. Fuck! I'd told my parents this was serious!

Do not cry.

I considered leaving. If I had my car here I could, but my only transport was a taxi, pretty impossible to get in the early hours of a Saturday morning. Walking home was tempting, but it made more sense just to sleep and leave tomorrow.

Do not cry.

There was a new bathrobe hanging on the back of the door. The last time I stayed, I had used one of his and we'd laughed at how much it had drowned me. Weres didn't like those huge fluffy, towelling bathrobes, they were way too warm. This one was a short robe, thin towelling on the inside and silky white on the outside. Was it for me, or anyone who happened to stay over?

That wasn't fair. Alcide didn't sleep around. I knew that. He hadn't treated me badly either, I just wanted more than he did.

I'd just get this night over with, then work out what to do next.

As I went into the bedroom, Alcide came out of his huge walk-in wardrobe, I knew it wasn't even half full yet.

"This is nice." I said, touched the collar of the robe.

"I'm glad you like it." Alcide was clearly as embarrassed as me. It was strange to see him like that, I'd only ever seen him confident before.

"I just need a minute." I held up my hairdryer. "I can't sleep on wet hair." I said, sounding like an idiot.

"No hurry. I'll watch you."

While I was sorting myself out, he went back into the bathroom, returned without his towel and got into bed. I managed not to look at him.

I couldn't avoid this any longer, I put my robe on a chair by the bed and got into the other side. It was silly of me to be surprised that he pulled me to him, but I couldn't look at him. Should I sleep in one of the other rooms? That would need a conversation I couldn't deal with.

"I shouldn't have said that then, I'm sorry." He said in a low voice.

"It's alright." I muttered.

Saying it when he did was bad, if he took it back that would be so much worse. I froze and waited for him to break my heart.

My head was tucked into his chest, so he was whispering into my hair. "I had wanted to say that all night, it was never the right time. It was in my head, it was all I was thinking, so I just said it without thinking. I'm sorry, I wanted the first time I told you to be some romantic moment that we'd both remember. I'm an idiot."

By now I was looking up at him in surprise, with my mouth open.

He smiled down at me. "It is true though. I love you."

And I was still looking up at him in amazement.

"Maria?" For the first time, I heard real worry in his voice.

I needed to say something, but my brain was frozen. "I never heard that before." I managed to say. "I've never been in love. How do you know?"

Alcide didn't reply, as I looked up at him, he was looking at me with wide eyes.

I managed to continue. "But I know I've never felt like this. Never knew I could feel like this. If this isn't love then it's better."

He was holding me tight now, I was clinging back.

"You called me My Maria." I whispered.

He nodded. "That OK?"

"Hmm!" Was the only sound I got out.

"You are My Maria and I do love you."

Relief flooded through me. I didn't realise just how much I had wanted to hear that.



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