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We had been traveling for weeks. We were chasing vampaneze and to be frank, I was sick of it. We went to this hotel the other night to rest and take a short break.

It was about 10:30 pm when we all woke up from a knock at the door.

Mr. Crepsley grunted for me or Harkat to get up and see what they wanted.

"Um...I'm not Darren, you can."

"Nope, not me. Mr. Crepsley, you're oldest, so you get it. Harkat and I need sleep," I grunted into my pillow.

After about a minute of silence, the knock returned. This time it was a bit harsher than before.

"Darren. I am your master. I order you to go get the door," Mr. Crepsley said, as he turned away from the door in his bed.

"I am a prince. I don't have to listen to you." I almost laughed at that. How clever I was!

Mr. Crepsley snapped out his bed, came over to mine and pulled off the covers.

"GET. THE. DOOR. YOUR. HIGHNESS," he growled at me through gritted teeth.

I jumped out of bed and went to the door. I looked through the peep-hole. There was a skinny man. He looked to be about in his late sixties or early seventies. I opened the door to see what he wanted.

"May I help you?" I asked.

"Yes. You can. I want you imbeciles to stop making racket so late. What do you guys do? Get drunk then sleep all day?" the old man wouldn't shut up. Literally, he went on about us being hoes and we didn't want to live, so were destroying our lives by drugs. This went on for about five minutes before I slammed the door in his face and jumped back into bed.

***two hours later***

I woke up when Harkat started to shake my shoulders. "Darren, are you up?"

I yawned and rubbed my eyes. "Am now. What do you want?"

"Look at the TV! There's a ship that's going on it's...first voyage! It's called the Paix! It's...French for Peace."


I looked at the TV and saw this huge cruise ship on the TV. Apparently, it was going to be just as fancy as Titanic, but had a lot more class, speed, size and storage space.

But it wasn't going to torture third class like they did. It's pretty much the same as every cruise ship. This one is famous just because they built it in honor of all the fallen soldiers. So if you had a family member die from war or are a veteran, you could get a free ticket on this.

Welcome back to channel 78 news everybody.

Today the new ship, the Paix, is almost ready to set sail!

Let's join Miranda, who is at the docks with the ship.

The camera changed to a young blonde who had business attire on. She walked towards the left as the camera got a shot of the ship.

"Hello everybody, my name is Miranda. Here next to me we have the Paix, which is said to be the next ship of the world. They are going to be boarding tomorrow at 6'o clock pm sharp. So I would recommend to be there after you eat dinner. Now, all the crates around me are going to be put on the ship at 4'o clock tomorrow. So all of these are going to disappear tomorrow. Amazing huh?

Mr. Crepsley walked out of the bathroom and told Harkat that it was his turn. When Harkat didn't respond, he walked over to us to see what we were watching.

"The ship will have over five pools, a bar, a gym, a childcare's center, and even a movie theater! This is truly one of the greatest ships to ever set sail. The ship will make only one stop, which is at South America. It is leaving from Europe to South America and stopping in Australia. You can find all of the storage, like where I am now, at Acorn Central street. But, there are some mysterious killings around here, so be careful where you step! Back to you, Hannah," Miranda said in an overly sweet voice.

"Thank you, Miranda. Earlier today, a cat-"Hannah was cut off from Mr. Crepsley turning off the TV. "I swear, humans are taking ships now for fun? How ridiculous," he said. He turned toward me and looked me dead in the eye.

"Darren, if I find out that you ever take a cruise ship, I personally swear to you that you will regret it. Do not go on this ship," he warned me.

I almost laughed. "I wasn't planning on it, Mr. Crepsley. Honest."

He nodded and went to his room, leaving me all alone.

I sat down on my bed and waited for Harkat to get out of the bathroom. Then I realized something.

Mysterious killings...does she mean the vampaneze are over there?

I jumped from my bed and ran out the door. I didn't leave a note or anything for them, but I'd be back later.

I ran down the street looking for Acorn Central. I finally found it. There were crates everywhere. In some, they weren't done packing the supplies, so most were filled, while others were totally empty.

I climbed up a ladder to the top of the metal shipping crates.

The night looked peaceful tonight. I couldn't believe that all of this will be gone in less than twenty four hours. There's so much crap here!

I had walked a few steps forward before I hear a laugh behind me. "Where's Crepsley?"

When I turned around, I saw a vampaneze! He flitted towards me and punched me repeatedly in the stomach.

I pushed him off of me. "How did you know that I was his assistant!" I shouted.

"Well, it's obvious, ain't it? After all, all of the vampires AND vampaneze know about when we heard about him receiving an assistant, it was big news. So all of us know now. That and I saw you with him through the window."

"Of course..." I mumbled. How could we be so stupid? I mean, I should have closed the curtains straight off!

I reached down to get my knife, but it wasn't there! I left it at the hotel!

The vampaneze smiled and started to advance on me. "Don't worry, I'll tell Crepsley that you died on your feet. And with my nails."

He dashed forward and swiped at my face with his blade like nails. I ducked and swung my legs out to kick his down. He stumbled down and fell on the base of the metal shipping crate we were on. I ran over to him. He got up and with speed only a full vampaneze could manage, he swiped at my face. It was my turn to fall that time.

I got up, but he grabbed a hold of my throat and held me off the ground. Not only that, but he held me off the edge of the crates!

I looked down. The ground was about fifty feet down. And that's if you could call that a ground; it was plain concrete!

I let out a whimper and looked into his eyes. They showed no mercy. Mr. Crepsley was right. Vampaneze are clever.

He brought me back onto the crate, set me down and took a few steps back. He then turned around and started to run. Within seconds, he hit flitting speed.

But as I turned around, my neck snapped. The vampaneze came back-he had snapped my neck! He laughed and shoved me off of the crates. Towards the concrete! But luckily, there was an almost full crate there. I fell in that. But I was buried so deep in all this junk that you couldn't even see me. Then everything went black.

I don't know how much time past, but I heard some pounding, a machine and I felt myself being lifted, then a shudder. Then everything went really quite and still. I woke up as a horn was being blown. I recognize that...when we went on a cruise ship, Annie and I were playing around when the cruise's horn blew when it was leaving port. WAIT, THAT MEANS-

I opened my eyes. I clawed my way to the top of the crate I was in, then tried to pry my way out, but to no avail. I looked around and found a spare screwdriver. I thrust it up and it made the smallest crack you'd ever see. But it was enough for me. I stuck a finger in and moved it around. Then I made it larger and larger until I could squeeze through it. I pulled myself out of the hole. I was at the top of the room. If I lifted my hand, it would touch the ceiling. I jumped down and ran out of the storage rooms. I went outside and saw waves. I ran over to the railing and saw the land was already a dot now.

Even I couldn't swim that far. How long was I trying to get out? An hour? Two? I should have brought a watch.

But I knew one thing for sure.

I was on the Paix.

I also knew that Mr. Crepsley keeps his promises.

If-I mean when-I find them again, Mr. Crepsley was going to kill me.

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