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Chapter 1

Hiccup walked around the rest of the day in a daze. Stoick didn't know much more than himself but that was just a strange favor. Hiccup had just gotten used to his new life of popularity and a loving family.

A family made up of him and his father.

When people asked him why he was so out of it, he lied about it. He told them it was nothing. It was something though. But Hiccup did what his dad told him to and kept within the family.

Hiccup didn't even realize that dinner had come. His mind was still swimming.

"Hiccup," Astrid said. Hiccup shook himself out of his trance. He looked at his girlfriend and soon realized all his friends were staring at him from around their table. "What's wrong with you?" she asked.

"It's nothing," he lied. He hated lying to Astrid. Whether it be about Loki or about this new upcoming change in his life he absolutely hated it. "Just trying to think about some stuff,"

"What kind of stuff?" Ruffnut asked.

Hiccup thought it over. Now seemed good a time as any to tell them about the "Youth Gathering" at Trenk. It would be just the distraction he needed to get them off his back.

"Well," Hiccup said. "There's this thing we're going to have to attend in Trenk,"

"Trenk?" Tuffnut said. "The island your dad just got back from?"

"Yep," Hiccup said. "They're calling it a 'Youth Gathering'. All the teens of every tribe have to go to Trenk and I have to teach them about dragons. Or rather, re-teach them,"

They all seemed pretty shocked. That's what had come out of the conference? The teens from Berk didn't know much about the teens from the other tribes. Snotlout gave Hiccup a slightly worried look. Hiccup saw it and acknowledged it.

Hiccup and Snot had seen plenty of the other teens. Especially, the other heirs. Snot didn't worry for himself. He could handle himself. He worried for his cousin. Hiccup had suffered just as much abuse from the other heirs as he had from Snot. Okay maybe not as much considering they didn't see each other that often but it was still pretty bad.

Snot couldn't explain it but he was suddenly angry. Angry because of the way the other heirs treated his cousin. How he treated his cousin. Snot had never apologized for the past. Neither had anyone else but at this moment it ate at him. He clenched a fist. He would have to be the first.

Tomorrow he would ask… No! He would beg for Hiccup's forgiveness.

"Yeah," Hiccup continued. "It's not 'til the summer so we have time to get the guys in Valden riding dragons,"

"That's plenty of time," Tuffnut said.

There were murmurs of agreement. Hiccup was relieved. He was happy that he was able to dodge his true worry.

Hiccup and his friends departed. Hiccup went straight home. He was going to enjoy the sleep he was going to get. Just to have a chance to rest and allow his mind to drift. He was going to need it.

Hiccup walked into his room and removed his helmet. Hiccup took his leg off and stood it up beside his bed. He sat there for a little bit and stared at his stump. He couldn't stop thinking about how the other heirs would react when they saw his leg.

Even Vikings have to have some form of pity. If not pity than respect would be even better. If there was something Vikings respected it was battle scars.

Hiccup allowed himself to fall back onto his bed.

He closed his eyes and drifted off to a blissful sleep.

With Loki

"I need a favor Old Woman," Loki said appearing in the Elder's house.

The Elder didn't jump like Hiccup always did. She was always on her guard. "And what would that be Lord of Tricksters?"

"Don't patronize me Woman," Loki warned. She rolled her eyes. "I need you to keep Stoick from burning his son on a pyre or sending him off to sea."

The Elder was beside herself. "What have you done?"

"Relax," Loki said. "He'll be fine. He's going to be in Asgard for awhile. And as you know humans cannot be brought there in their… corporeal form. I have to bring his consciousness there. It's this whole cosmic crap or whatever. His body will be unharmed. It'll even continue breathing. He'll be suspended in time for a couple of days at most. Just keep Father of the Year from giving his son a premature funeral."

The Elder was skeptical. "And just what will he be doing in Asgard?"

"To be honest," Loki said. "It's only between the gods and their champions,"

"So it's one of those?" She said.

Loki froze for a moment and then smacked his palm to his forehead. Had it been any other mortal they wouldn't have picked up on it. "Yes," he said allowing his hand to drop. "So will you do it?"

"Of course I will," the Elder said. "I'm not going to let one of my villagers die without cause,"

"Good," Loki said. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to kidnap a kid's consciousness," He bowed and exited.

The Elder shook her head. Of all the gods that could have picked Hiccup it just had to be Loki.

With Stoick in the morning

That damned dragon was at it again. At this rate he would have no roof on his house. The constant jumping to wake his son. Thank the gods Val didn't do such a thing or Stoick wouldn't have a house.

"Hiccup!" Stoick shouted. "Go and take Toothless for a flight already!" There was no response.

That was strange. Stoick stayed in his bed a short while longer to see if his son would take care of the problem. Alright if the dragon couldn't wake him he would have to.

Stoick rose from his bed and exited his room. He walked the short distance to Hiccup's. He knocked on the door. "Oh come on Boy," he said. "Please make that dragon of yours stop with the banging,"

Still no response. Stoick entered the room. Hiccup lied in his bed. He looked strangely peaceful. Stoick closed the distance to the bed and stared down at his son.

He shook him lightly. "Get up Hiccup," he said. "Toothless is going to bring down the roof,"

Hiccup still didn't move.

Stoick shook him again. Then his heartbeat began to race. "Hiccup!" The Chief shouted. He repeated his actions on the beach many months ago. He was still breathing. His heart still beat. Then what was wrong?

"Hiccup will be fine," The Elder said as she entered Hiccup's room.

"Elder," Stoick said ignoring the fact that she was in his house at all. "What is wrong with my son?"

"Nothing," she said. "He will be fine. He is on a spiritual journey at the moment. That is the best answer I can give you,"

Stoick didn't like it. "What do you mean the best you can give me?"

"I am forbidden to tell you anymore," The Elder said. "Your son will not wake for days but when he does he will be just as healthy as he was when he fell asleep last night."

Stoick begrudgingly accepted the situation. There was nothing he could do.

All he had to do now was try to explain to the tribe where the dragon expert was.

With Hiccup in Asgard

Hiccup woke. His bed felt strangely comfortable. He opened his eyes slowly. The trees around him looked so beautiful in the daylight. The birds that sang seemed to be singing actual songs. There was an amazing aroma of flowers and dew on leaves.

Wait! What?

Hiccup bolted upright. Why in the Hel was he outside? He looked around and realized that he was in some sort of clearing. There was no snow and the forest smelled of springtime. The flowers were blooming and the birds sang and shot through the air.

This certainly wasn't Berk. Hiccup got to his feet. He looked around a bit. Despite the dew on the leaves the grass was relatively dry and provided a good place to sleep.

Wait! (Again)

Hiccup looked down and saw his two feet. They were both there. Now he had an idea as to what was going on.

"Where are you?" Hiccup asked loudly trying to find Loki. There was no response. Hiccup looked around the clearing and saw a group of objects near a narrow path.

Hiccup walked over to the pile. Lying in the grass was his sword, crossbow, helmet, and shield. Hiccup found it kind of ominous that his weapons were lying there. Nonetheless he picked them up and strapped them in where they needed to be strapped.

Hiccup then decided that the best option he had was to follow the path.

Hiccup didn't walk long until he came to another clearing. This time he wasn't alone.

Gathered together were three adult Vikings. They were standing and talking. Judging from the looks on their faces they were as confused as Hiccup.

One was on older looking man but he still appeared to be in good shape. His beard was black but had specks of white in it. He held a spear in his hand. His skin was somewhat tanned and he just looked as if he spent most of his days on the sea.

The other was a younger man. He looked how any heroic Viking should look. He had a short beard and his skin was still unscarred. His hair was blonde and his eyes blue. He held his mighty axe with great ease.

The final Viking he saw was a strikingly beautiful woman. She too was blonde and had sapphire blue eyes. While she seemed delicate and pretty she too gave off the feeling of a warrior. Her own axe attested to that.

From what Hiccup could tell about the clearing. They had all found their ways here. Including his own there were a total of five paths.

Then they noticed him. The younger man looked at him and sneered. "Another child," he said.

Another? As Hiccup walked further toward the group he noticed a girl about his age sitting on a rock past them. She wore all black and her hair was likewise. She had a weapon next to her. It was a mace made of blackened steel. No way.

"Svartur?" Hiccup asked.

The girl's head shot up from its downward angle to look at him. "Hiccup?"

The two walked toward each other and quickly embraced. "Oh good at least the children know each other." Said the younger man.

They broke from their hug and ignored the man. "How have you been?" Hiccup asked her.

"Fine," she replied. "I'd ask you but I've heard all the stories." She looked down. Her brow furled. "I thought you lost your leg,"

Hiccup grabbed the back of his neck. "The thing is," he said. "I did. I went to sleep last night in my bed and with one leg,"

"Me too," she said. "Well I had two legs," Hiccup laughed slightly.

A word of explanation would be appreciated probably. Venn wasn't Hiccup's only friend. She was his closest and oldest but Hiccup had others. Unfortunately, they all lived on different islands.

Svartur was like Hiccup in a different way than Venn was. While Venn wasn't much of a warrior, Svartur excelled at it. She was great. But she was an outcast like Hiccup. Despite her amazing skill the teens of her village didn't like her. She always wore black and was kind of a dark person. They didn't care to look past that and see she was a nice, caring and funny person.

And she was the first heir of the Massive Slayers Tribe.

So to recap she's an outcast and an heir. One can see how Hiccup and her would become friends.

The older man picked up on their conversation. "Wait," he said. He pointed at Hiccup. "You're Hiccup? As in the rider of the Night Fury? The slayer of the island sized dragon?"

Man this story really did spread. Hiccup nodded. "How did you hear about me?"

The man let out a chuckle. "I'm a fisherman Boy," The man said. "Telling stories is what we do best," It was a valid point.

The younger man began to laugh. "You?" he said. "You're supposed to be the great hero that stopped the war? I've eaten lamb bigger than you!"

"I really don't care what you think," Hiccup said plainly.

The man was angered by this. He walked right up to Hiccup and allowed his hand to shoot to Hiccup's throat. He lifted him off the ground. "I'll make you care you insolent…"

He stopped. He had a spear head resting on his neck. "Put him down," the older man said. "I don't care who you are. I will not allow any children to die if I can stop it,"

The younger man let Hiccup down. Hiccup reached for his throat. He gasped for air. Svartur helped him stay on his feet. She leaned down to his ear because he was hunched over slightly. "Just like old times huh?" she whispered.

Despite the pain around his neck and the lack of air in his lungs Hiccup laughed. Back during conferences when the heirs would be left alone Hiccup and Svartur would be bullied both physically and verbally.

The woman finally spoke up. "We can't sit here at each other's throats,"


"We should be working together to find out what is going on," The woman continued.

There were nods. Now that the tension was defused the Vikings got to introductions. The older man was a fisherman named Fiskaren. He hailed from the Scruffy Barbarians Tribe. He had gone with the tribe's dignitaries to the conference in Trenk.

The younger man was a heroic warrior from the Southern Crushers. His name was Stolt. He was known for being an amazing dragon killer. He bragged about a set of horns he said he ripped from a Nightmare with his bare hand as it pleaded for mercy. Hiccup already didn't like the man.

The woman's name was Vakker. She came from the Reckless Pillagers. Her beauty was widely known but she had refused to marry as of yet. She refused because she wanted a man to lover her for more than her looks.

"Well that's all well and good," Stolt said. "But how in the hell are we supposed to figure out what's going on here?"

"I believe I can help with that," A new woman said.

With Snotlout

Snot was walking toward his cousin's house. It was only a little while before breakfast. He was hoping Hiccup had come down from his flight by now.

Snot was anxious. He wanted to get this apology over with.

Snot was working on the words he would use when he saw a distraught Stoick leaving his house. Stoick had just gotten done with making his son comfortable before leaving for the day. He would make sure that he returned earlier than normal.

"Hey Uncle Stoick," Snot said. "Is Hiccup home?"

Stoick deflated a little bit. Of all the days his cousin could have chosen to visit him. "Well Snotlout, Hiccup doesn't feel well. He'll be staying at home for a while. And I'm sure he could use his rest."

"It'll only take a minute," Snot said.

"No he needs to sleep," Stoick insisted.

But Snotlot wouldn't have it. "Please," he said. "Uncle Stoick it's important."

Stoick thought it over in his head. He finally sighed. He began to walk toward his house with Snotlout in tow.

They reached Hiccup's room. Stoick opened the door. They entered. Snot saw his peaceful looking cousin.

Snotlout turned pale. Had his cousin died? Would he have to go though his whole life with the guilt of never apologizing? He couldn't come up with words.

"He'll be fine," Stoick said trying to reassure his nephew and himself.

"Why is asleep?" Snot asked.

"I don't know," he said. "The Elder appears to but she can't tell me,"

"How long is going to be like this?" Snot asked. He couldn't believe how concerned he was for his cousin.

"The Elder says days," Stoick said.

Snot cringed. So much for getting it over with. Snot didn't know what to do.

"What was it you needed him for?" Stoick asked.

Snot became uncomfortable. He didn't want to lie to his uncle and Chief but he also didn't want to reveal his plans for apologizing to Hiccup. He felt it made him look like an attention grabber. He wanted to do this privately.

"It was just…"Snot grabbed the back of his neck. "I just…"

"It was something private," Stoick said. Snot nodded. "Understood,"

Snot didn't want to leave.

"You're welcome to keep him company," Stoick said. "But I have to get to the Hall,"

Snot nodded. He was admittedly worried for Hiccup. And whenever he woke up Snot would be here to get the apology over with.

With Hiccup

"And just who are you?" Stolt asked the strange woman.

The woman wore all black. She was beautiful and her clothes were elegant to match. She was somewhat small but held a feeling of power.

"I am Nott," she said. "Goddess of the Night,"

Stolt nearly let out a laugh but Hiccup was able to stop him. Stolt looked at the boy. Hiccup's face was unmistakable. He knew the woman wasn't joking. He had dealt with gods for too long now.

"I greet you on behalf of all the gods," Nott said. "You have all been taken here for a special purpose. You are all champions. And as champions you will fight for the gods who have blessed you. There has been a challenge issued by Thor and his supporters against Loki and his."

"So we get to fight Loki's champions?" Stolt asked getting excited to fight against the most distrusted god in Norse theology.

"No," Nott said. "You will be fighting for Loki," Stolt was about to start yelling but Nott held up a hand. "You are not Loki's champion. But the god who has blessed you has chosen to support Loki."

"And what god is that?" Stolt asked wondering what pathetic god had chosen him and then had the nerve to make him fight for Loki.

"You are Heimdall's champion," Nott said.

Stolt suddenly felt honored but shocked as well. He was going to ask a question but Nott stopped him.

"Loki's champion will answer all your questions on the reason the god's are fighting and why certain god's are supporting others. Right now I need to specify whose champions you are. Finkaren, you are Njord's champion. Vakker you are Lofn's. And Svartur, you are mine."

They all seemed pretty shocked. The gods had all picked them as their champions. It was something that seemed difficult to comprehend.

"I need to be on my way," Nott said.

"Wait!" Svartur said. "What about Hiccup? Why is he here?"

"Well," Nott said. "Do the math?"

All the Vikings thought it over and suddenly took a step away from Hiccup. Even Svartur. He had expected as much as soon as Nott began telling them their gods.

Nott disappeared. She did not envy Hiccup at the moment.

"Hiccup," Svartur said. "You knew you were Loki's champion,"

Hiccup nodded. "For a couple weeks. He visits me… a lot. He told me what's going on with the gods. As arrogant as this sounds, it's about me. The gods don't know what to do with me. So Loki blessed me to ensure Thor wouldn't kill me."

"Why would Thor want to kill you?" Finkaren said.

"He says it's for disrupting the balance by training the dragons," Hiccup said. He gestured for them to sit down.

It was going to be a long story.

Hiccup went on to explain his quest to find Onska. He explained why Nott supported him. The whole Night Fury thing. He wasn't sure about Lofn or Njord. But then he got to Heimdall. They all wanted to know why Loki's greatest enemy was now an avid supporter.

"Well," Hiccup said. "He said it's to prevent Ragnarok," Hiccup went onto explain what little he knew about the balance of the world and what he could tell about how he played a role.

After he was done getting everyone up to speed he explained that Thor probably challenge Loki to this to gain some favor with Odin who still appeared neutral.

They all looked at him with a new found respect.

"What do we do now?" Vakker asked.

"Well Beautiful," Loki said walking into the clearing. "I could explain the rules,"

Right on time. Just as I was getting them on our side.