This end the tournament with two more rounds with Adla and Hiccup. So the chapter after this should wrap it up send everyone back to Earth to continue with the story. I hope you enjoy even though the second challenge is a little anti-climactic.

With Hiccup

Hiccup reappeared in Valhalla surrounded by the gods all of whom had new looks on their face. Looks of respect from some and shock from others.

Thor, in a failed attempt to come off in his usual arrogant self, began to speak. "Well that's one victory for me. Maybe you should've waited me out Brother,"

He was me with silence from the gods.

"Maybe I should've," Loki said with a small smile. "But that was a grand fight. Such ferocity and drive to kill. Yet the same amount of friendship."

This time there were nods and murmurs of agreement.

"Well we might as well continue Brother," Loki said. "Let's see how your boy is with a bow. Our challenge is Marksmanship."

"Marksmanship!" Odin said as he rose. "Excellent! I hope to see as close as a dual this time around.

The next round was hardly as exciting. They set up targets at different distances.

Hiccup was ready to begin his firing until Loki appeared.

"Time out," He called. "I have a quicker way of doing this and one that'll be a little more challenging."

Thor now appeared. "What did you have in mind?"

"Okay so I'm completely ripping this off a story I heard in Greece but I wanna see if it can be done,"

Loki waived a hand and a table with twelve axes embedded in it. The axes alternated direction so that they formed a small tube toward the target.

"You guys have to fire through the axes and hit the target."

Both champions looked shocked. That seemed like one impossible shot.

Adla elected to go first. Adla raised his bow and took aim. He drew back and released. The arrow struck an axe. "Wow. That's not happening."

Hiccup took his time. He didn't raise his crossbow until he thought of everything. Then he raised it and rethought everything. As he released he exhaled and let the arrow fly.

It just barely slid between the axes and toward the target driving itself into the target.

Loki exclaimed a triumphant "Yes!"

Thor bowed his head in his small defeat.

Adla clapped his hand onto Hiccup's shoulder. "Damn Kid you're just full of surprises today."

They all returned to the Great Hall. Odin clapped his welcome. "I was truly hoping for a third bout. But before my decision is made I invite all the champions to take a moment to relax."

Adla and Hiccup met in the Hall and were met by Svartur and Skytt.

"Why do you get all the fun shots?" Skytt asked in mock jealousy. "That was amazing,"

"How about that fight?" Adla said. "I didn't realize how good you actually were. When you started stabbing me I wasn't sure I was gonna win."

"That doesn't sound weird to you?" Hiccup asked.

"Of course it does," Adla returned. "This whole thing is weird."

"That's true." Svartur agreed. "At least it's almost over."

"Oh come on," Adla said. "You haven't had any fun?"

"A little," Svartur replied.

"Well that's worth it,"

"I guess so," Svartur said. "But now it's up to Odin what you two will do. What do you guys have in mind?"

The boys both shrugged. They had no idea what could be going through the mind of the most powerful of the gods.

"Whatever it is I hope we can get it over with," Skytt said. "You guys are fun and all but I miss home."

With that all the champions agreed.

With Toothless

Toothless flew through the air. He had already hunted his breakfast and now he was growing bored.

With Hiccup still not around his frustration was just growing. He could not bear this anymore.

Flying wasn't even taking his mind off it. He flipped and rolled in the air. He tried his best to distract his brain from thinking of the worst possible outcomes.

I just wasn't working.

He landed outside of the Haddock house and entered it to take back his place next to his friend.

He would have to wait patiently.

Toothless sighed. Even though despair was beginning to sink in the dragon held onto the good feeling he had about today.

With Hiccup

Odin commanded the attention of all the people in the Hall. He had come up with the third challenge.

"You have fought with skill and strength. You have showed precision and all in all proved that both of you are worthy of the title champion. This third challenge will test you like none of the other challenges have before."

Adla and Hiccup both had a concerned look on their faces.

"One of Loki's children have come to visit us for this tournament." Odin said gesturing to Hel. "But Jormungandr is nowhere to be found. But Fenrir, as we all know, can't come to see any of us. He can't even speak much. He does, however, whine in pain from that sword in his mouth. So this challenge is who can shut him up. Who can make Fenrir finally stop his cries."

Loki was ready to protest. But Odin held a hand.

"You both will be given creams and herbs and we will see who can ease his pain the most effectively."

Both boys were stiff and unsure. Fenrir was big enough to eat Odin whole. Now they were expected to try and ease centuries of pain.

Before any comments of the contrary could be made by either side both champions were sent to Fenrir.

Both boys had seen wolves growing up. Dogs. Big dogs is all they were. But Fenrir was a beast of a different order. The wolf lay chained down to the ground. But even prone as he was he towered over either champion. Fenrir sounded to be in horrible pain. But then he saw them and his cries were muffled and replaced with a snarl directed at his new visitors.

Now appearing before the champions were tables of ointments, creams, and herbs.

Adla got working immediately. He grabbed every painkilling substance he saw and mixed them together, grinding the herbs into the ointments. Hiccup identified the most potent items on the table and tried to calculate which would give the longest term pain relief. But for everything he thought of he also thought of what happens when these are applied to an open wound. Also the sword in Fenrir's mouth wasn't just causing him pain through the wound it created but the muscle's in the wolf's jaw must be in aching pain as well.

Well Adla finished his concoction. And ran toward the wolf.

"Listen Beast," Adla started. "This is going to take the pain away."

Adla climbed into the wolf's mouth cautiously and began applying the ointment to the roof of his mouth. After one minute of applying it he stepped out and to Adla's own amazement the wolf seemed more relaxed and for a short moment the wolf's cries stopped.

But only a moment. The cries started again but now it was more of a groan. The groans were cause by the ache in his jaw. Adla completely overlooked it.

Hiccup was still thinking how he could make it work. None of what Adla did worked. So now Hiccup wasn't sure what to do.

Until he thought the only thing he could do was be himself.

He walked toward the wolf empty handed. He even discarded his weapons. As he approached the wolf he talked in a soothing tone.

"Hey Bud," He said. "That looks like it hurts. I'm gonna help you but you have to be prepared for a little more pain. Got it?"

Fenrir let out a low growl of approval.

Hiccup stepped into the mouth of the giant.

"Hiccup what are you doing?" Adla asked concerned.

"The only thing that'll actually help him." Hiccup answered.

With that Hiccup gripped the handle of the sword and pulled upward. Fenrir cried in pain as the sword's tip was driven into the gums in the roof of the mouth. Hiccup created just enough room to tilt the sword. Hiccup then bolted out of Fenrir's mouth with the obnoxiously large sword in hand as the wolf's mouth closed from exhaustion.

"Hiccup, what've you done?!" Adla yelled.

"I stopped his crying." Hiccup returned coolly.

"Thank…you." Fenrir said weakly and slightly slurred.

"No problem Bud," Hiccup said. "Hope it helped,"

With that Hiccup and Adla were brought back to a war torn Valhalla. The gods were in an uproar. Even Hiccup's supporters looked slightly displeased. Hel and Loki both had a shocked but pleased look on their faces.

"Silence!" Odin bellowed. The yelling stopped and quiet came back into the Hall. "The challenge was to stop Fenrir's crying. And Hiccup did a better job. Fenrir has spent centuries tied down with a sword jammed in his mouth. It is about time it was removed. Hiccup was wise enough and compassionate enough to remove the torture from the wolf. I declare Hiccup the winner and Loki the winner of the tournament."

Loki looked very pleased with this. Thor looked defeated but also like he was relenting.

With that the tournament was finally over.