Hey all, I know this is different from the Sonic fics I write but after watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 show, I was inspired to write some fanfiction on them. I just hope I can do TMNT well, well I can leave that up to you whether I'm good or not, Lol!

Hope you enjoy it! Happy reading!

Fury within Her

Chapter One

A Typical Night

It was the early hours of the morning in New York, but no matter how late it was, the city was still alive with residents, tourists, cars and buses and the lights from the buildings, Times Square and the spotlights lit up the city almost blotting out the starry sky above.

Throughout the centre of large city people walked across the streets to evening entertainment, rode on Tour Buses Sight-seeing or going to night-time jobs, the lights sparkled brightly lighting up the city as brightly as the daytime, it was no myth that New York was called 'The City that Never Sleeps'

Unknown to the humans below, four figures sprinted across the roofs of the buildings above them; they jumped the distances easily, leaping with ease from one building to the next, sometimes doing flips over the gaps to reach the next building.

They soon stopped at the edge of one building, and looked down over the side into the dark alley below. As they did, the full moon appeared from behind a bunch of clouds revealing the figures in the silver moonbeams. The shining beams revealed the figures to be four tall mutant turtles wearing different coloured ninja bandanas.

One was wearing a blue bandana, one wore red, one wore purple and the last one wore orange. Along with the different coloured bandanas, they carried different ninjtsu weapons, the one in the blue bandana carried two katana swords, the one in red carried two sais, the one in purple carried a bo stick and the one in orange carried two nun chucks.

In the alley below, the mutant turtles could see a gang of thugs wearing street clothes and with purple dragon tattoos standing together planning a crime they were about to commit, above them, the turtles watched them and tried to listen in to what they were saying.

"Can you hear anything?" whispered the turtle with the red bandana as he watched the group below, "Shush Raphael" said the one with the blue bandana "I'm trying to listen!" the turtle with the red bandana growled softly at being snapped at. The other two also leaned down and tried to listen.

"We'll head to the jewellery store and we'll smash the place in!" said one of the thugs, "there's some fine and rare jewellery we can get big bucks for" "Genius!" agreed another. The turtle in blue narrowed his eyes, "seems like another night of crime for the Purple Dragon gangs" he snarled.

He turned to the other turtles, "follow me, my brothers" he said, "We'll follow them" the other turtles agreed and began to hop across the buildings so they could follow the Purple Dragon Gang. As they followed the gang they kept their movements quiet and stealthy. They followed the gang until they got to a quiet area where there was a jewellery shop closed for the night.

The four turtles stopped and stood on the edge of a building opposite the jewellery place, even though the street was dark and the lights were out they could clearly see all the diamonds and jewels glittering in the moonlight. They had sprinted on ahead of the gang and were waiting for the right time to pounce.

They crouched over the edge of the building opposite the store and continued to wait, "Come on...come on!" growled the turtle in the red bandana impatiently, "come out..." "Shhh!" hissed the turtle with the blue bandana "they'll come!" "Soon I hope" growled the turtle in the red bandana. "Leonardo! Raphael!" snapped the turtle in the purple bandana "will you stop arguing!"

"Here they come!" squeaked the turtle in the orange bandana pointing down at the street below where the group of thugs they saw earlier appear from an alleyway and started walking up to the store all brandishing weapons. "Well spotted Michelangelo!" said the turtle in the purple bandana; "Thanks Donatello" smiled the turtle in orange. The other two frowned then looked down at the thugs.

"Ok" whispered Leonardo as he adjusted his blue bandana and pulled out his katana swords, "when I say so, we attack!" "Bring it on!" smirked Raphael pulling out his Sai, "I'm going to enjoy this!" "Ready when you are!" said Donatello pulling out his Bo Staff. "Me too!" said Michelangelo swinging his nun chucks.

The turtles watched as the thugs walked up towards the store. The group stood before the store and brandished their weapons that consisted of knives, sticks, chains and guns. "Ohh look at those jewels man!" said one of the gang, "what a load of cash we can get!" "Those jewels must be worth thousands!" said another.

"Ok" said the leader, "enough chatter, let's take this place apart!" he lifted a large metal pipe and got ready to smash the window when something knocked it out of his hand. "What the fu...?" he started to say when he was knocked off his feet as something smacked him in the face.

"Boss!" cried one of the thugs looking around, but because of the darkness in the street because of no streetlights and the only light being the faint silvery beams of the moon, they couldn't see anything. "Whose there!" shouted another thug pulling out a large knife. "Come out and fight!"

At first there was silence, and then finally the turtles leapt out of the darkness brandishing their weapons! The thugs yelled in horror and alarm, but they moved quickly, taking out guns and knives. They then began firing their guns at the turtles, but they were quick on their feet and leapt all over the place slashing their weapons in the air.

"Die freaks!" shouted one of the thugs as he fired a Uzi pistol at Leonardo as the blue masked turtle did a somersault with ease over his head. Then with a yell Leonardo slashed the thug's back with his Katana as he landed behind him. "Nice slashing bro!" shouted Michelangelo as he knocked a knife from one thugs hand with his nun-chucks and kicked him in the chest sending him flying.

The thug Leonardo slashed groaned as blood poured from the wounds on his back, he then reached for a gun near his hand, and he turned around to see Leonardo fighting another thug who was dodging his swings. He grabbed the gun and pointed it at Leonardo. But before he could pull the trigger a knife appeared and impaled his throat causing him to drop the gun and kill him instantly.

Leonardo slashed down the thug he was fighting and turned to Raphael who was standing with a thug below his foot and his hand out in a throwing position showing he had thrown the knife that he had snatched off the fallen thug.

Leonardo nodded at him in thanks and turned to another thug with his Katana. Raphael then drew his Sai and went to help Donatello who was cornered by a thug who was pushing against his Bo staff with a large pipe.

He ran up and punched the thug in the face then kicked him in the back sending him flying into the wall. As he kicked the thug he heard a crack and the thug after he hit the wall did not move. Donatello nodded at Raphael in thanks before turning to another thug with his staff.

Michelangelo was fighting another thug with a bowie knife, he expertly dodged the blade and waved his nun-chucks about, "You may be a tough guy!" he taunted as he dodged the blade "But you're still too slow!"

He ducked the blade again and hopped around still taunting but just as he was about to knock the knife out of the thugs hand. The thug avoided the nun-chuck and thrust the knife forward! The strong sharp blade caught Michelangelo on the forearm and slashed it deeply causing blood to spill at a rapid rate!

Michelangelo gave a yell of pain and dropped his nun-chucks so he could grab his wound and stop the bleeding. "HA!" cried the thug triumphantly as he lifted his foot kicking the turtle down then took out his gun to prepare to shoot him. "MIKEY!" shouted Donatello in shock. He raced over and thrust his staff forward at the thug's face breaking his jaw and knocking out several teeth.

He then went to aide his brother who was wincing at his slashed arm, Raphael and Leonardo saw what happened but kept fighting. There were only four thugs left standing and they had lost their weapons to the turtles. Realising they were no match for them they grabbed their comrades who were injured and fled in fear leaving behind their fallen members.

"Cowards!" Raphael yelled about to break into a sprint to go after them, but Leonardo stopped him with one of his katana then motioned his head to Michelangelo behind them. They both turned to their brothers. Donatello was patching up Michelangelo's arm with a rag. "Are you ok Mikey?" asked Leonardo. "I'm ok" Michelangelo winced as Donatello tied the rag tightly around his arm.

"It's a deep slash!" said Donatello "I'll need to stitch you up back at the Lair" Michelangelo gulped as he looked at his arm, sticky blood was running down it and Donatello was trying to make sure the rag was tight and was putting pressure on the cut so it would not keep bleeding.

"We'd better dispose of the bodies" said Donatello looking at some of the dead Purple Gang that lay around them, "We'll hack 'em up and threw em in the trash, they'll be crushed with the rubbish on trash day" said Raphael "no evidence", "good idea" said Leonardo. They then began to arrange the bodies so they could dispose of the evidence, as they did; they checked the bodies looking for wallets. They found a few hundred dollars in each and stuffed them into pouches they carried on their belts.

"Let's be quick!" said Donatello as he picked up one of the bodies with Leonardo's help "this street won't stay quiet forever, someone might have heard the noise and I need to get Mikey stitched up" "Workin' on it!" retorted Raphael with a growl as he picked up another body to dispose of. "Wish I could help!" said Michelangelo as he rubbed his arm; he bit his lip as he saw blood starting to stain the bandage.

And that's my first chapter, I know it's kinda violent and bloody and all, but that's the way I write!

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