Chapter Fifty-Two


Meanwhile, back in New York City, a tall Skyscraper stood tall above many of the buildings, on top of the skyscraper was a penthouse decorated like a Japanese House with Japanese Gardens and a Symbol on the front of it with a red print of a clawed Foot.

It was the Headquarters of the infamous Shredder and his Foot Clan, even though Shredder had been absent for a long time many of his Foot Police and Ninja roamed the city, and he had left many of his promoted leaders in Charge of his many headquarters and hideouts around the city.

Inside the building a man with short brown hair in a white coat and holding a brown folder walked up a long corridor before coming to a large door with the red Foot Symbol, two ninjas dressed in black and with the red foot symbol stood at the door.

The man held up an identity badge with the Name 'DR WILLIAM ARDEN' and the ninjas stepped aside and the doors opened.

The Doctor walked into the room and walked up a red carpet towards the end of the room where a figure of a man sat at a small table drinking sake, because it was dark, the Doctor could not see him clearly, except his hands as he poured his sake.

As the man walked further into the room, he looked around the room from the windows at the sides to the many weapons on display and portraits that hung up.

He made it to the end of the room where he bowed to the man who sat at the table half hidden in shadow.

"Izo Arashi" he said. "Dr Arden" came a low voice from behind the table "You have news for me?"

The Doctor looked up "I do sir...reports from the Foot Ninja spies" he handed a paper folder to the man behind the table. The man took the folder and opened it, inside was some photographs of the turtles, and of Mona.

"The spies took those pictures after they blew up a warehouse with Purple Dragon gangsters in it" said Dr Arden, "They gave me the photos, said all the turtles were together along with their Rat Mentor, but the Lizard...they had no clue who she is"

"Hmm" said Izo Arashi, "Interesting...another mutant, not one of Agent Bishop's failed experiments?"

"We did contact Bishop and asked him about the lizard, but he said she was not one of his, so we don't know who she is" "so the turtles have a new member hmmm" said Arashi.

"And the Purple Dragons in that burned building?" he asked.

"The Foot Ninjas searched the destroyed building, there were over ten dead bodies in the building" said the Doctor, "so badly burnt they couldn't be identified by the human eye, although we were able to interview some surviving Purple Dragons who escaped and they spoke about the attack on them by the Turtles, their rat mentor and this lizard lady"

Arashi narrowed his eyes, he placed the photos down on the table, and he narrowed his eyes as he studied them, his fingers stroking the glossy finish of the photos.

He was interested in the Lizard Lady, but he had other things on his mind, he would worry about the Lizard Lady at a later date.

"And how is the research going? On finding our exiled leader on the Ice Planet those Utroms banished him to?" he asked in a dangerously low voice.

"We are still researching sir" said Dr Arden "It is a slow process...but we are not giving up"

"Excellent" said Arashi, "when I was promoted by the Shredder before his exile by those Utroms! I swore I would stop at nothing until he was found and returned, then he would start his revenge...destroy the Utroms, and all those who betrayed him, especially his traitorous daughter Karai!"

The Doctor smiled evilly at his Master, "We shall work harder sir, and we shall find our Leader and he will reign once again!"

Arashi smiled evilly, his eyes narrowed and he stood up from behind the table and walked into the light.

As he revealed himself he was shown to be a tall young Japanese Man with long black hair and he wore dark red Japanese robes. He walked over to a glass cabinet where there was a large suit of armour covered in razor sharp spikes on the gloves, shoulders, shins and helmet.

"The deadly exo suit of the Shredder himself! Just a lifeless shell behind a glass cabinet...but one will be alive again! When we find Chrell and return him to Earth!" He turned back to the Doctor, "and you have been working hard on the equipment to go to the planet when you find him?"

"Yes sir!" said Dr "we have been working hard on the equipment"

Arashi smiled evilly and took a sip of his sake, "good" he said, "You are dismissed Dr Arden"

The Doctor bowed "Thank you sir" he said before walking back to the door and leaving the room.

Arashi then turned to the glass cabinet and stroked the glass looking at the armour like it was gold, "we have preserved your suit just the way it was Chrell" he said "When I was promoted before your exile, I swore I would do anything to please you, I am proud to be one of your high officers and leaders of the Foot, and I promise you, I will find you and bring you home"

He touched the glass cabinet again "Soon Chrell" Arashi whispered, his eyes narrowing "soon...we will find you and release you from your frozen prison on the planet Mor Gal Tal...and your revenge on the turtles will begin!"

He then sipped his Sake and smiled evilly "When the Utroms exiled you...when Karai betrayed you...when the turtles defeated you, they made a mistake! Every one of them will pay with their blood!"

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