Rose is a flight attendant. How did she end up like that? When she was drugged back to St. Vladimir's by Dimitri, she was immediately sent away to New York and was separated from Lissa, to finish her education and become a guardian. But, after two years of being a successful and fairly famous guardian, both she and her charge were captured. Her charge was killed during an attempt to escape. Rose also tried to escape with the difference that she survived. Then, thinking her life was basically over, she started working as a flight attendant. Was she right though? Was her life truly over?

P.s. MUST READ THIS. Some stuff you need to know to understand the story. Rose doesn't have a bond with Lissa because she didn't die on the car accident. Dimitri is Christian's guardian and friend and Christian doesn't know Lissa. Lissa stayed at St. Vladimir's as an English teacher with her two guardians after her graduation. She started taking antidepressant pills owing to Rose's absence so the things that happened to her because of spirit in the first book never took place. Also the massive Strigoi attack (3rd book) hasn't occured.

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Chapter 1: Fate surely has its ways…!

The alarm woke me up at 7.30 am as usual. I groaned and threw my hand on top of it to stop that annoying beep. An image of me throwing it on the wall briefly crossed my mind but I pushed it away. I still needed it. I opened my eyes then and stood up to go to the window for a few minutes before getting ready for work. I always did that… The sunset, a way for humans to know that their day was over and for us to know that our day began, calmed me somehow. Its unique colours gave the illusion of a burning earth and a rainbow at the same time. They were bloody red, deep orange and pale pink. That magical view made me forget all about problems. It gave me power and courage to continue with my life and the hope that one day I would be this calm all day and night not just a few minutes. However, until that moment came there was job to be done. I half heartedly moved away from the window and went to bathroom to get ready for work.

"Rose, they're here. They are only two this time, Christian Ozera and his guardian, Dimitri Belikov. Go greet them, show the Dhampir his seat and get the Moroi to the feeders before showing him his seat as well. I was told he needs to feed first." Dimitri Belikov? Where have I heard that name before? It sounds familiar… Maybe his face will remind me something… I ignored it for the moment and concentrated on the task at hand. Oh, that was my friend and also flight attendant, Veronica. We had been working together here for 1 year. She already worked here when I came. We started talking during a flight and became friends in an instant. I admired her for her patience and kindness. She always served the passengers I felt like hitting right in the face for the way they looked and talked to me and she treated them so nice. She kind of reminded me of my best friend Lissa, whom I had missed terribly the past few years, even though their appearances weren't alike at all. Veronica's hair was long, straight and black, her eyes big and a beautiful shade of sky blue and her lips were two semi thin lines with the bottom lip slightly bigger than the other.

"Ok I'm going." I told her and opened the plane's door to let the ladder fall.

"Good morning Mr. Ozera, Guardian Belikov" I nodded to both of them. With a small glimpse so that Belikov wouldn't be alert because of me, I noticed their appearances. Ozera was thin and pale like all Morois. But what caught my attention were his blue eyes. They weren't like Veronica's though, they were deep, dark blue. After him, my eye caught a glimpse of the guardian too. My first reaction was to freak out a little by the intensity in his eyes when he looked at me. I wondered why until I realized who he was. It was HIM! The one who stole my life, my dreams, my best friend away from me! He was the one who captured me and Lissa 4 years ago and drugged us back to St. Vladimir's. I was so angry right now, the adrenaline rushing through my veins and my heart pumping more than when I was about to fight Strigois. I wanted to lounge at him and kill him with my bare hands and his body stance told me he knew it. But I hadn't moved yet. The only change on me was the fact that my hands were transformed into deadly fists and my teeth were clenched. I saw his hand move towards the Moroi. That move brought me out of my bubble. I wasn't acting rational. I immediately relaxed my body and stood up straight before Ozera saw too much. All of this had happened in a matter of seconds. I resisted the urge to even look at him and turned my body to the Moroi's and talked to him with a strained voice so that I wouldn't growl at him. Morois come first.

"Mr. Ozera follow me. I'm going to take you to the feeders and then we will be ready to leave." I could see he knew something was wrong and narrowed his eyes to both of us before answering me.

"Yes, thank you." I walked him to the feeder's room and opened the door for him. I nodded him to enter and closed the door once he was inside. Afterwards, I went back at the entrance to walk Belikov to his seat. I kept my face and mind as blank as possible in efforts of controlling myself. I was on the edge, I felt it. If I thought anything about him I would lose it and kill him on the spot. I reached the doorway and kept a distance as I looked at him. I couldn't help but glare.

"Follow me guardian Belikov." I informed him. I had only removed my eyes off of him before he talked to me.

"Rose-" He stopped mid sentence when my eyes shot back at his. Couldn't I be superman just once so that I could burn him with my eyes? Only my friends call me Rose. Stick it to your head before I do it for you. "Guardian Hathaway" he corrected himself, his accent thick. His eyes showed hesitation.

"As you can see guardian Belikov, I started before he could continue, I'm not a guardian anymore. So I would like you to call me Ms. Hathaway if you don't mind of course." My voice was full of sarcasm and anger and I wasn't going to hold for long, especially if he wanted to talk to me. I decided to stop it for his own good. I put my guardian mask on and interrupted him once again. "Now, follow me or else we will go back on schedule." An emotion crossed his face but he covered it with his own guardian mask sooner than I had the chance to identify it.

"Show the way Ms. Hathaway." He agreed and raised his hand toward the inside of the plane as a gesture for me to go first. I would be first anyway. Are you afraid of having me behind you? I spun around on my heels and led him to his seat.

"Would you like me to bring you anything?" I offered him as my training as a flight attendant kicked in.

"A glass of water would be nice, thank you." His face showed nothing so I couldn't tell if he was just mocking me and enjoying the fact that I was basically his servant for the next 10 hours. I nodded and headed off to the feeder's room first to take the Moroi to his seat as well. I slightly opened the door and peeped in to see if he was done. He was whipping his mouth and the feeder's neck, who had laid back with a goofy grin and closed eyes, seeing that a few drops had slipped. Nausea hit me in no time with the sight. I opened the door nonetheless and made sure to make some noise in order to be noticed.

"Oh, hello there miss. I just fed thank you." Ozera informed me.

I nodded. "Are you ready to go to your seat Mr. Ozera?" I politely asked with a fake smile and raising my eyebrows.

"Please call me Christian. It looks like we're on the same age anyway." He said with a half grin. "And yes, I'm ready to go." My smile became a little more real. I had heard many rumors about the Ozeras being impolite, introverted and 'about to become Strigois anytime'. He looked like the exact opposite though.

"Rose Hathaway" I said and raised my hand to shake his. He lifted one of his eyebrows and we shook hands.

"As in, the famous Rose Hathaway, daughter of Janine? Honestly, it's my pleasure to meet you. I've heard so many things about you." Wow… I'm having a conversation with a male and he's not hitting on me! This was my type. I would definitely hang out with him had the circumstances been different. The way he told me those little, two sentences showed how wicked he really was.

"Why don't we walk while we talk?" I said and continued without waiting for an answer. "And what might these things would be exactly?" I saw he was taking it easy with the walking so I slowed down.

"We have a lot of time to talk about that. Now, tell me. Where do you and my friend Dimitri know each other?" I tensed as soon as I heard his name.

"We don't. We had met once at St. Vladimir's that's all." Which technically wasn't a lie. He snickered at that.

"Yeah, that's all. It didn't look that way to me. And I'm very observant if I want to." He playfully narrowed his eyes to me on the last part. Maybe he was my type a little too much. Especially on the stubbornness part… I had to answer though because he would probably not forget it and I was stuck with him for many hours to come.

"I wasn't careful so I literally run into him and nearly caused us to fall. It was embarrassing." I said the latter in a tone that said 'this talk is over' while looking at him directly in the eyes. Thankfully, he got the message and that conversation officially ended. At that moment we had reached the front of the plane. I went serious again as I showed Christian his seat next to Belikov and gave Belikov the glass of water he requested for.

"Here you are." I told him and gave it to him. Even I could hear the coldness in my voice as soon as I addressed him.

"Thank you." He said. His body though told me in on a secret. He was on defense. That was the emotion I couldn't identify sooner too. He knew he was in trouble big time. It felt nice to know so. I could even take advantage of it if I wanted to. After I 'politely' waved him off I went to the kitchen.

I drunk two glasses of water and steadied myself on the sink before collapsing from the numerous feelings that hit me again since I was avoiding them. How could he appear in front of me after destroying my whole life? And talk to me! How dare he do that to me? HOW? He made me suffer for everyday of my life. Every day I woke up and knew that my dreams hadn't come true and it was his fault. Every time I saw my charge, I was reminded of that once again. Every time I needed help with something she wasn't there. Because of him. I had sworn to myself that if I ever saw him or Kirova, I would smash them to pieces with my bare hands. They made me suffer! They couldn't protect Lissa from those things she was followed by. And when I did it for them I was SENT AWAY! No way I'm gonna leave it this way.

Suddenly I heard glass breaking and falling on the ground and in the sink. I looked down narrow eyed and realized that I had been holding the glass in my hands the whole time and that I had broken it. A few drops of blood fell on the ground beginning from my fist but I didn't open it since I couldn't feel any pain. I punched the wall in front of the sink as an attempt to release some more of the tension. Maybe I could imagine it was Belikov. I smiled deviously at that thought…

"Fucking perfectly great!" I semi whispered semi shouted through my teeth.

Dimitri's POV (Just a small part. I want you to see Rose through someone a little more objective)

"Here you are." At least now, she's not angry like previously. On the other hand though she was very good regarding her self control. Especially in comparison with the last time I had seen her. I was afraid of moving or even talking right now. Maybe she would snap. But no. Earlier, when she was ready to attack, the moment she noticed Christian again she controlled herself immediately.

"Thank you." I finally answered before anyone noticed my hesitation. Before she gestured me and turned away though, I caught a glimpse of a wry smile. What was it about? I didn't want to think about it.

We fastened our seatbelts on and the plane took off.

"D, what happened?" Christian didn't wait a second more. "Why is she like this when she's around you? I asked her too but I'm sure she was lying. That's no reason for a look like that! Seriously, I've seen you fight and I know the wicked skills you have but with her as your opponent… I suggest you make friends with her." This was the day he chose to be observant. Truth to be told, I had heard the rumors of how deadly she could be if she wanted to and I had never thought the possibility of her being able to defeat me. I guess I was stuck to that girl who tripped when I slightly pushed her to avoid her attack. But now, seeing her like that certainly made me think about that possibility a little bit more. But then again why would she be a flight attendant? Wait a second. Did Christian just say he talked to her?

"You talked to her?" I tried to sound as indifferent as possible although he would figure it out. It was 'the sharp-eyed Christian' day.

"Yeah… I asked her if you two know each other or something and she said 'we had met once at St. Vladimir's that's all'. I didn't believe her and I pressured her to tell me in a roundabout way." As far as I'm concerned he stopped at that point in order to annoy even further.

"And what did she answer?" He grinned at my question, obviously expecting it and with a prepared answer. Maybe he had rehearsed it too.

"She told me she had fallen on you and that she had nearly knocked you down. And that it was embarrassing." He rolled his eyes as he said that. Why didn't she say the truth? Maybe she didn't want to think of it. I had thought millions of times the effect this change would have on her life. Who knows…

All of the sudden, we heard smashing behind us. Both of us looked behind us and I went alert. I stood up and walked slowly, measuring each footstep and checking my surroundings. Christian was following me. As I was about to call Rose's name to check if she was okay we heard swearing and a loud thump, followed by three more even louder. It was in the kitchen. I ran in there with all my speed. Out of the blue, my stomach was twisting and I was worried sick for her. We reached the doorway and I stopped dead on my tracks and just gazed toward the scene in front of me. Broken glasses were everywhere on the floor and the sink where Rose was standing, some of them with blood and water as well. The wall had a little blood too. A few strands had escaped Rose's ponytail and had fallen on her forehead and eyes. Her face was a mixture of complete and pure anger along with a face I had seen once more in my life and had thought of it a thousand times. That face was the one of desperation. Her mouth was turned into a twisted smile that showed everything but happiness, her body looked solid as a wall, I was actually afraid she might hurt her muscles, and her left hand… it was nearly soaked with blood up until her elbow. I wondered where all that blood had come from. Her knuckles were bloody too, probably the reason for the wall to have blood too, but the most blood came from her palm. Why? What happened? Then, it clicked. Rose had smashed a glass with water in it with her bare hand. The amount of blood told me that she had put all of her strength. Christian suddenly touched my back, most likely to hold himself from falling due to the shock. That simple contact though awoke me and I started moving.

"Rose… what happened to you?" I said as I stepped forward. She turned around and faced me.

"You!" she pointed at me with her left hand's finger, causing more blood and glass to appear. "Stay away from me!" she threatened. I felt like this was a déjà vou but ignored it and concentrated on her moves. I pushed Christian further back with my right hand and then tried to calm her down. I raised my hands showing that I meant good and tried to sooth her down. But she wanted none of that. She lounged at me with a speed and force that I had never seen before. Oh boy… Here we go…

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