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Chapter 1

Jace slowly munched on some grass. Sometimes it was hard being the most amazing unicorn of all time. It was an exhausting lifestyle but somehow he managed to do it, without even trying. All the female unicorns in Idris wanted to have his little unicorn babies but Jace had to restrain from impregnating the entire unicorn population so that other inferior unicorns could have mates also. He was very considerate like that. Jace scanned the valley. There were several females staring at him. Jace smirked, he couldn't help it. He was very dashing. They couldn't resist his charm, grace and long, golden mane. Jace stood there basking in the glow of appreciation for a while before he saw, out of the corner of his eye, a beautiful unicorn with hair as orange as the sun. She was shorter than him and had a slightly chipped horn but she still took his breath away. He wondered how he had not noticed her before? His gaze travelled to her eyes where he stopped suddenly. Her green eyes were staring back at him with such a murderous glare that Jace took a step back. She looked ready to stab him in the eye with her horn. Jace was well and truly shocked. Noone had ever looked at him like this before. He was perfect in every way? He couldn't think what on earth he had done to make her hate him?

Clary had been standing staring at Jace Waycorn for over an hour now. He had just stood there, eating grass and looking around him, all while wearing that stupid smirk. As if he were better than everyone else. Clary hated him with a passion. Him and his stupid golden mane and golden eyes and perfectly shaped horn and well groomed coat and- Clary stopped herself. She hated Jace. She just had to keep reminding herself of that. His arrogance annoyed her, how he thought he was so much better than everyone else. Superior. She wanted to bite his perfect ears off and stab him with her horn. She was in a foul mood already today and stupid, cocky Jace Waycorn was not helping. Not one bit. Ever since she had moved to Idris with her family, the Unifrays, less than a week ago she had been angry. She had not wanted to move from their previous home - the island of Brooklyn - where she and her best friend Simon, a black unicorn with slightly impaired vision and a strange sense of humour, had grown up together. She missed Simon terribly. Him and his dreadful jokes. But her father, Luke, had been determined for them to move to Idris. He claimed it would be a 'better lifestyle' for them all. Clary wasn't convinced. Sure the scenery was nice to look at but the company was atrocious. The only good thing that had happened to her since she moved was that she had found a butterfly on the end of her horn the day before. She loved butterflies and seeing this one had made her day a little brighter. Sadly the butterfly was dead. The rest of her new life here in Idris pretty much resembled that dead butterfly. Since first laying eyes on the creature that is Jace Waycorn her life had gone down hill. A very steep hill. She hadn't officially talked to him yet but she had been watching him for 5 days now and she had come to the conclusion that if she and him were the last unicorns left on the planet she would eat him. And she would enjoy it. She continued to stare at Jace now, his very existence a thorn in her hoof, she wanted to tear him apart, she wanted to rip his stupid little head off she wanted to- she stopped herself again. He was looking straight at her, a strange look on his face. What the hell?

Jace quickly composed himself. What was he thinking? Of course she didn't hate him. Who could hate such a beautiful creature like himself. A smirk spread across his face. He was going to make this unicorn fall head over hooves for him if it was the last thing he did. They were going to make lots of baby unicorns together. He could see it now. His future with this mysterious unicorn. He very much enjoyed the thought. Gathering up all the charm he could muster, Jace strutted up to the fiery haired female, the future mother of his children. 'Why hello there beauti-' He was cut off by something slamming into him and pinning him to the ground. Their hooves digging into his chest and his horn resting at an uncomfortable angle.

He was strutting up to her. STRUTTING! He had the nerve to even think of coming up to her like that. Her blood boiled. She saw a haze of red. How dare he? 'Why hello there beauti-' Clary cut him off before he could finish by charging at him and knocking him to the ground using her front hooves. 'Don't. Even. Think. About. It.' She growled at him, emphasising each word by pushing him further into the ground. She gave him an extra shove for good measure and then got off him. 'Leave me alone.' she said venomously and with that she stomped off cursing him under her breath. Clary hoped that she had gotten her point across. She didn't like Jace and she wasn't going to fall for his charm. Not now. And not ever.

Jace lay there in shock for a few minutes before getting up. He couldn't believe she had just done that. She hadn't even told him her name. If anything their encounter had made him like her even more. Want to know her even more. He wondered what her name was? He liked his females with a bit of spice and this one had a whole bowl full. Maybe her name was Spicy? He couldn't wait to go home and tell Alec about his adventures. Alec Hornwood was his best friend and adopted brother. He told him everything. Alec might never appreciate what he said but he still did. A smile spread across Jace's face. This fiesty female was making him the happiest he'd been in a long time. There was an extra spring in his step. She wanted him to leave her alone and never talk to her again? 'Challenge accepted' he muttered to himself with a smirk and galloped all the way home.