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Jace had been staring at Simon for over 10 minutes now. He wasn't saying anything, just staring. Clary and Simon were talking and trying to ignore him simultaneously. They were discussing the weather, or something. Simon shifted uncomfortably under Jace's gaze and threw him a 'What are you doing you loon-job' look, but Jace was in his own little I-hate-Simon world and didn't seem to notice.

''Cut it out Jace,'' Clary said, a scowl forming on her features. Jace seemed to snap out of his trance and look at Clary.

''What?'' he said, seeming to not realise what he'd been doing.

''You were burning holes into the side of Simon's head,'' she replied angrily.

''Oh.'' Jace said. ''I was just...thinking.'' A menacing grin spread across his face. Simon gulped.

''Okay...'' Clary said, looking a little creeped out. She turned and continued to talk to Simon and Jace looked off into the distance.

''Hey look who it is!'' Jace shouted. He smiled and started to run to meet the three unicorns that were making their way over to us. There was a leggy, black-haired beauty and two males – one with black hair like the female and one with a crazy, multicoloured mane, who Clary swore looked like he sparkled in the sun. They finally reached the middle of the field where Clary and Simon stood. The female eyed Clary with dislike and the black-haired male looked at her with caution. She could see simalarities between them – they both had silky coats and there was something about both their features that was just beautiful. Clary felt rather intimidated.

''Hey there cutie-pie,'' the multicoloured male said with a huge smile. ''I'm Magnus, Magnus Banicorn.'' Clary smiled in return.

''Hi,'' she replied, feeling awfully shy next to such an outgoing character.

''Don't be shy hun,'' Magnus said with a reasuring glance, ''I don't bite.'' He winked at her. Everything about him screamed 'GAY' – from his multicoloured hair to his sparkling horn and the way he kept stealing glances at the black-haired male, who was trying very hard not to look back. Jace coughed, undoubtadely so the attention was back to him again. Always wanting the spotlight.

''Clary this is Izzy and Alec Hornwood, my step-siblings,'' he said with a smile. Clary nodded in their direction with a half-smile. She decided that she didn't like them very much and from the stares they were giving her, they didn't like her either.

Jace smiled to himself again. It felt good to finally introduce his family to Clary. He could see that Alec and Izzy didn't seem to like Clary all that much, but that wasn't the point. The point was that they had finally met the love of his life, his reason for existing, his everything, his world. They would grow to love her as he did. Beside him Simon coughed. He turned to look at him. He had a strange look on his face and had gone slightly pink.

''Er...aren't you going to introduce me Jace?'' Simon said looking straight at Isabelle and letting his long fringe sweep over his eyes in a failed attempt to disguise his sudden shyness. Isabelle looked quite disgusted. Jace snorted. This was going to be very amusing.

''Why of course Simon, how silly of me,'' Jace started, ''Izzy, Alec, Magnus this is Simon.''

Simon lifted his head a bit more to get a better view of Izzy. She still looked disgusted.

''Simon was quite the ladies man in his old village Izzy,'' Jace said, a grin spreading across his face at Clary and Simon's bewildered glances, ''He tried to sexually assault several females, and was known to be quite the pedophile.''

If possible Izzy looked even more disgusted. Simon let out a growl and tried to charge at Jace, but he was too slow and Jace easily moved out of the way. Jace started laughing.

''It's not true Isabelle!'' a very annoyed Clary said, shooting Jace an angry glance ''Jace is lying!'' Izzy didn't look convinced or bothered.

''Whatever,'' she muttered in a bored tone, ''Can we go now guys?''

Simon perked up upon hearing this and stopped trying to injure Jace.

''Sure Isabelle! Where would you like to go?'' Simon said with an eager smile.

Izzy gave Simon a repulsed glance and Jace snickered.

''Ew, nowhere with you,'' Izzy said as if it where completely obvious and walked off.

''Sorry about that,'' Alec said, not looking at all sorry.

''She's quite the handful,'' Magnus said with a hint of distaste, ''That little ball of sunshine and happiness,''

Alec shot Magnus a warning look for his sarcasm which was quickly replaced with a softer expression of fondness.

Jace cleared his throat and they both turned their heads to look at Jace. Alec looked quite embarrassed and Magnus just looked annoyed.

''Um..we should probably go follow her,'' Alec said shifting uncomfortably, ''Bye.''

''Tah-rah my little dandelions,'' Magnus said with a grin.

They both walked off after Izzy, an awkward looking Alec followed by a lovestruck Magnus, who Jace swore was skipping after him.

Simon looked heartbroken. He began sniffling and blinking a lot. Jace was actually convinced he was going to cry. 'Perfect' Jace thought.

Clary gave Simon a 'sorry' glance.

''I'm sure there'll be plenty more females Simon!'' she said with a small smile, ''Cheer up!''

Simon just stared blankly into the direction Izzy had gone.

''Don't give him false hope Clary!'' Jace laughed, ''Noone in there right mind would ever come in a 200 mile radius of Simey-Wimey.''

''Oh shut up Jace,'' Clary said angrily, ''Isn't it time you left as well?''

Now it was Jace's turn to look heartbroken.

''You want me to leave?'' Jace said giving Clary his best please-say-no face.

His look caught Clary off guard for a minute.

''Well I- I mean- um...'' She stuttered.

''Yes she does,'' Simon said harshly, ''And so do I.''

Jace gave Simon a glare which he returned.

''Yes Simon's right Jace, you should go.'' Clary said, not looking very sure.

Jace stared at Clary for a while to see if she would change her mind but she just looked away and pretended to be very interesed in the grass at her feet.

''Fine.'' Jace said venomously looking at Simon, ''I'll see you tommorrow then Clary?'' He smiled at her.

''Um, yeah. Right, sure.'' she said not meeting his gaze.

Jace sighed and started walking home. 'Well this is going to be a fun' he thought to himself.

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