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Chapter 1: The New Student.

"Damm that Suoh, always getting all the girls." Hikaru Hitachiin muttered. "He's not even that great of a guy, so why does everyone like him?"

"I dunno, Hikaru." Repiled his twin brother, Kaoru. "Maybe 'cause he's really likeable?"

"I think you two need get over it." Said Haruhi Fujioka. "He's a decent enough guy, though I do agree he's a little over the top.

The Ouran Highschool was a private school for those with money. Some speical cases, like Haruhi, can get in through a test of intelligence, but otherwise it's a very snooty school. And of course, everyone had it out for the son of the school's president, Tamaki Suoh.

"All he ever does is flirts with everyone! It's annoying!" Said Hikaru.

"Yes, it is. But you don't know him, so don't complain until you do." Said Haruhi. "I've talked to him more than once, he's nice, just annoying."

Tamaki looked up when he heard his name being spoken by other people. His violent eyes clouded over slightly when he saw who it was. The Hitachiin twins, of course. They hated his guts, and he's never even talked to them. Though Haruhi is with them, he likes her, she's a sweet girl and very smart. Maybe they're not trashing him too much.

"Don't you agree, Tamaki?" Asked one of the girls sitting with him.

"Hmm? Sorry, I didn't hear you. What was it?" He asked, smiling. How could he not hear them, they were almost sitting on his lap.

"I said, wouldn't it be great if those Hitachiin losers and their lesbian friend left the school? You do agree, don't you, Tamaki?"

Another case like this. "I think everyone should be allowed to stay at Ouran, it's a great place to be." He repiled.

"You're only saying that because you're the son of the guy who owns it."

It's people like this who make Tamaki wish he wasn't so popular. "You know, I have to go. I'll see you around, everyone." He stood up and walked away.

"Bye, Tama-chan." Everyone said.

Hikaru snorted. "Bye, Tama-chan." He mimcked. "They're all so stupid, falling for his damn charm. I'd be happy if he'd just kill himself."

"Hikaru!" Haruhi smacked him in the face.

"Ow, what the hell was that for?" He asked, rubbing his sore cheek.

Kaoru looked down. "Moron, he heard you." He muttered quietly.

Tamaki stood there in shock from what he just heard. Disliking someone you don't know is one thing, but wishing they die is another thing all together. He regained himself and walked over to them.

"You're Hikaru, right?" He asked.

"Yeah." Said Hikaru.

"You and I have never spoken to each other before, so I don't understand how you can hate me so much. What did I do to make you hate me?" Tamaki asked, slightly shaking from anger.

Hikaru's eyes narrowed. "You were born, for one. You think you're the greatest thing ever, when you're not. You act like a whore, trying to get it on with everyone."

"Hikaru!" Kaoru exclaimed. "You don't mean that, take it back!"

"Kaoru's right. You've stepped out of line." Haruhi turned to Tamaki. "I'm sorry, Tamaki-sempai, my friend is normally not like this."

The twins and Haruhi could both see that Tamaki was on the verge of tears. His voice cracked when he started to speak again. "I see, that's how you think of me." He started to shake even more. "Glad to know you judge people on what you see, insted of getting to know them. If I did that, I would have said you were a brat. But now I see I was wrong, you're just a stupid jerk, and I don't talk to jerks, so I'll be on my way." He turned on his heel and walked off, leaving them behind him.

Haruhi glared at Hikaru. "You're such a idiot sometimes, Hikaru. Why would you say things like that to him?"

"I don't like the guy, so I'm not going to be nice to him." He shrugged his shoulders. "Why should I care what he thinks?"

"Moron, his dad owns the school." Said Kaoru. "He could get you kicked out. You also didn't need to call him a whore, that was low."

"I call what I see." He shrugged again.

"So I guess that makes me a lesbian cross-dresser." Growled Haruhi. "Because no one bothered to get to know me, they just decided to judge me 'cause I like guy clothes. Really Hikaru, you can be a real big dick sometimes." With that said, she stormed off angrily.

Kaoru shook his head. "You know, you say you like her, then you go and piss her off. But really, did you have to blow up like that?"

"No." Hikaru sighed. "I'll say sorry next time I see him, okay?"

"Whatever, just make sure you tell Haruhi that." Kaoru stood up and looked at the clock. "It's time to get to classes."

"Let's go, then." So the two of them left, leaving the spot where they were sitting at. Leaving behind the words that were said there, too.


"Did you hear, a new student is coming to Ouran." Whispered a girl.

"Yeah, I heard it's an Ootori." Said another.

"Oh, there he is." She pointed out the window to him. "Isn't that Kyoya Ootori? The last son of the Ootori bloodline?"

Tamaki looked up from his homework. Ootori, huh? This should be interesting. He thought. "Is he coming up the driveway now?" He asked someone.

"Yeah, looks like he's alone." Anwsered a boy.

"I better go greet him, then. I'll be back soon." He grabbed all his books and shoved them in his bag.

The walk down was always weird. Tamaki liked when people smiled and waved to him, but a lot of the time people just glared at him. It was hard being the son of the president, all the girls wanted to go on dates with him all the time, so all the boys were mad at him for it. And when he wouldn't go on dates with them, he normally found hate mail the next day.

There was only two people who he really was friends with. One being Mitsukuni Haninozuka and the other being Takashi Morinozuka. Haruhi was nice to him, but they weren't friends, mostly because she was friends with the Hitachiin twins.

He opened the front the doors and walked down the steps quickly, making sure not to trip on his way out.

Kyoya Ootori picked his bags up off the ground. "Thank you for driving me here." The driver nodded and took off, leaving Kyoya by himself. "Couldn't have been any nicer than that." He muttered under his breath. He started to walk up the driveway when he saw one of the most beautiful people he's ever seen.

He had blonde hair and purple eyes. Fair skin that slighly shined in the sunlight. Kyoya couldn't believe his eyes, why was a god standing there?

"Hello, you must be Kyoya Ootori. I'm Tamaki Suoh, and I'll show you around Ouran." Even his voice was perfect.

"I am." Kyoya lifted the bags a bit higher. "Alright, but could you show me to my room first?"

"Of course." Tamaki swooped over and a grabbed them from his hands. "Let me carry those for you, Kyoya-kun."

"All right." Kyoya walked beside the blonde. "Do you know who my roommate might be?"

"Do you have a piece of paper with your room number on it?" Tamaki asked.

"Yes." He dug around in his pocket until he found it. "Room 204. So do you know who it is?"

"Oh, that's my friend's room. His name is Honey, he's a really nice guy. You'll love him."

I doubt it, with a name like Honey. Kyoya thought. "So, you're the president's son? What's that like?" He asked.

"It's all right, I guess." Tamaki shrugged. "I think that life at Ouran's great, though. Most of the time."

"What does that mean?" Kyoya asked as he opened the door for Tamaki.

"Thank you." Said Tamaki. "Anyway, you don't really have to worry about that. Some of the kids think I'm something I'm not, so they like to pick on me."

Kyoya nodded. "That's not very nice. Why don't you do anything about it?"

"Because if I told my Father, they would be kicked out, which isn't very nice itself. I think if you want to go to Ouran, you should be allowed to." Said Tamaki.

Kyoya was amazed by this. The rumours he heard about Tamaki made him sound awful, and in reality he was a really nice guy. He didn't even realize they were at his room until Tamaki told him.

"We're here." Said Tamaki.

"Oh, thank you for showing to my room, Tamaki-san." Said Kyoya. He took his bags from the blonde boy.

Tamaki knocked on the door. "No problem. If you ever need help, my room number is 304, so I'm a floor above you." He said smiling.

"Who is it?" Asked the muffled voice from the other side.

"It's me, Tamaki." He repiled.

The door burst open to reveil a cute, short, blonde-haired, brown-eyed boy. "Tama-chan! I haven't seen you lately."

Tamaki ruffled his hair. "Sorry, Honey. I've been busy with some stuff, we'll hang out soon, okay?"

"Okay." Honey looked at Kyoya with intrest. "Who's that, Tama-chan?"

"This is your new roommate, Kyoya Ootori."

"Hiya there, Kyo-chan. My name is Mitsukuni, but you can call me Honey." He stuck out his hand for the dark-haired boy to shake, which he did.

"Hello, I'm Kyoya. And if you don't mind, could you call me Kyoya?" Kyoya asked, pulling his hand away and pushing his glasses up.

"Nope, I can't. I'm seventeen, which means I'm older than you, Kyo-chan." Honey said happlily.

What the hell? Kyoya thought. "How do you know I'm younger then you?"

"Takashi told me. And Tama-chan told him, that's how I know."

Tamaki smiled guitlily. "Looks like I've been caught, time for me to go." He patted Kyoya on the top of the head. "I hope you enjoy your stay at Ouran Highschool, Kyoya-kun." With that said, he left quickly, leaving Kyoya alone with Honey.


Haruhi sighed as she looked out her window. Life at Ouran wasn't at all like what the website said. It had said you'd be treated with respect and kindness, and so far that wasn't the case. Her dad worked at a gay bar and dressed like a woman, so she also got into the habit of dressing as the opposite gender. On her first day here, some girl called her a lesbian because of it.

But a few weeks later in, she talked to Tamaki Suoh for the first time. He was very kind to her, and even gave her some of his lunch, since she couldn't afford the food here half the time. It wasn't so bad after that, bullyling was something she could ignore well, because she was use to it.

Then soon after that, she met the Hitachiin twins. Kaoru was very sweet and caring, while Hikaru was a joker.

She grimced when she thought of Hikaru. He was nice most of the time, except when he was having a bad day, then he was a total jerk. Haruhi sighed again, something must have set him off today.

"I should go talk to him." She mumbled. Hikaru was never the same after his mother's death. Kaoru had told her that he became moody after that, and got mad at people when he was not feeling well that day.

"Hello, Haruhi! How was your day?" Her roommate Renge Houshakuji asked, as she walked into the room.

"Not to bad, I guess." Haruhi sighed. "Hikaru is being a jerk again, that's all."

"Oh, how?" Renge asked as she sat down on Haruhi's bed.

Haruhi laid down. "You know Tamaki Souh, right?"

Renge nodded. "Yeah, we share a class or two."

"Well, Hikaru was in a pissy mood today and started to bash Tamaki's name around and said that he wished that Tamaki would just kill himself. And you know Hikaru's luck, so Tamaki overheard and got mad at him, so Hikaru called him a whore." She finished with a sigh. "I just wish he wasn't so stupid sometimes."

"Sounds pretty bad." Renge shook her head. They sat there for a minute when Renge remembered what she was going to tell her roommate. "Did you hear about the new student?"

"The Ootori kid, right?" Haruhi sat up. "Is that who it is?"

"Yep. He's sharing with Honey, and he's Tamaki's age. He has dark black hair, really dark eyes that almost seems black, and glasses. Does he sound like your type, Haruhi-chan?" Renge asked with a grin.

Haruhi shook her head. "Nope. You know I'm not intrested in getting a boyfriend just yet."

"I know, just joking with you." Renge laughed loudly. "Maybe I'll snag him for myself. What do you think, Haruhi?"

Haruhi snorted. "I think there's no one right for you, Renge. You're too... unique, to put it nicely."

"Haruhi, you can be such a nice sounding bitch sometimes." Renge laughed again.

"I know. That's why everyone here hates me, they don't understand me." She stood up and brushed herself off. "Alright, let's go meet the new kid."

"Ooh, should I dress up?" Asked Renge.

"Nope. Let's be ourselves, and see where that takes us."

"Okay." Renge sighed.

They left the room, making to lock it behind them. If you don't lock your door, sometimes people will come and destroy your stuff. So Haruhi always made sure to lock the door on the way out.

I wonder what the new kid is like... Haruhi thought as her and Renge walked towards the boy's dorm.


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