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Chapter 15: Fathers.

Yoshio Ootori was never considered a good father. He was and always will be a businessman. He wanted his children to strive for the greater things in life. He owned over fifty hospitals, forty-five police forces, and was quite wealthy because of it. And he wanted his children to do the same. Yuuichi was already a doctor, and was going to take over the healthcare system that Yoshio owned. Akito was finishing medical school, and was going to take over his father's police forces. Then there was Kyoya, who didn't want to follow in his father's or brother's footsteps. He wanted to be his own person.

Shuffling through some old papers, Yoshio pondered where he went wrong with his youngest son. Kyoya wasn't being raised any differently than Yuuchi or Akito, or even Yoshio himself when he was young. Somewhere deep inside himself, Yoshio knew the death of his wife, his children's mother, was part of the problem. Kyoya had become depressed after that, and he never really recovered.

He glanced at the photographs on his desk, the ones were Kyoya was holding hands with that Souh boy, and actually looked happy for once, something Yoshio hasn't seen in quite a while. Maybe it was for the best that Kyoya was happy with somebody, even if that somebody was Yuzuru's son.

Rubbing his tired eyes, Yoshio pulled out his cell phone. He saw that he had twelve unheard messages. Ignoring most of them, he tapped the one that was from Akito.

Playing unheard message:

"Hello Father, I just took a few pictures of Kyoya with that Souh boy, making out with him. I sent you the pictures by e-mail."

End of message.

Yoshio opened his e-mail from his phone. Finding the one from Akito, he opened up the folder with the pictures in it. Indeed his son was kissing Souh's son with quite... passion. The corners of his mouth turned downwards in slight disapproval. Then he saw the e-mail from Kyoya. That's quite... strange. I wonder what he wants...

From Kyoya Ootori

To Yoshio Ootori

Subject: Let's Talk Business.

Hello Father.

I have a feeling that Akito already sent you something, but I would like to talk to you. I'd like to plan a meeting with you at some point this week, maybe Sunday night if you don't already have other things booked.

I was going to call, but you never have your phone on.

Write back soon, please.

Your son, Kyoya.

Yoshio scratched his beard. "Well, well, looks like my son does know a thing or two about me after all." He pulled out his schedule, and flipped to Sunday. Surprisingly, he had nothing written down. And that was also tomorrow.

Dailing a number into his phone, he held it up against his ear. "Hello? Yes, this is Yoshio. I need a car ready for tomorrow, I want it ready by 8:00 A.M. Thank you." He hung up and placed his phone on the desk. Leaning back in his chair, Yoshio wondered when he became so old and tired.


Hikaru chucked the game controller on his bed. "I never liked this game anyway..." He muttered under his breath. He fell on the bed beside it. Putting his arms under his head, Hikaru looked up at the ceiling. I wonder where Kaoru is? He should've been back by now.

"I guess I should go look for him." He got up and stretched. "He probably just got distracted or somethin' like that."

He pulled his shoes on and walked out the door. As he walked down the hallway, Hikaru couldn't shake off a bad feeling in his stomach. Faster and faster he walked, until he finally reached the door leading outside. Pushing it open, he tried to calm himself down.

Chill, ya big dummy! Why are you freaking out? He thought. It's not like Kaoru's dead or something, he just hasn't come back to your room, that's all.

But why couldn't he shake this awful feeling off? And then he saw why.

Kaoru was sitting under the big sakura tree in the courtyard, his knees drawn towards his chest. His eyes and cheeks were red and puffy, and he was chewing on his lip.

"Kaoru, what's wrong!?" Hikaru ran over. "Why are you crying, Kaoru?" He asked, putting his arms around his little brother.

"Hi-Hikaru..." Kaoru sniffed. He buried his face in Hikaru's chest. "..I'm an idiot..."

"Why are you an idiot?" Hikaru asked, rubbing his little brother's back. "'Cause that's normally me, ya know?"

Kaoru smiled slightly. "I should have known that Kyoya liked Tamaki, but I guess I tried my hardest to ignore it, 'cause I didn't want to admit the truth out loud. So I told him I liked him, hoping that maybe I was wrong, but I wasn't." Fresh tears started down his face. "So I'm an idiot, because I set myself up for heartache."

"Well, who cares!?" Said Hikaru. "The whole point of being young is so you can make dumb mistakes, and learn from them. 'Cause if you didn't make them while you're young and stupid, you'll make them when you're older, then it will fuck up your life. So, yeah, you are upset right now, but that doesn't mark your whole world to suck forever!" He huffed.

The younger twin stared at him for a minute. "That... was one of the smartest things you've ever said."

"Huh? I say smart things all the time, little bro. You just haven't noticed."

"I think I would have notice if my idiot brother said something intelligent for once." Kaoru snickered.

Hikaru gave his brother a noogie. "Shut it, ya little craphead. Anyway, why don't we go get somethin' to eat? To cheer you up, hm?"

Kaoru nodded. "Sure, just let me clean up first." He stood up and rubbed his face, "I'll only be a second." He said.

"Take your time." Hikaru rested against the tree and watched his brother go. He smiled a bit, because he realized those words made him realized how awful he's been, but it made him feel... free in way. I'll have to make it up to everyone now, but that's okay. I think I'll start with Souh...


Tamaki was staring out his window when Honey ran into the ran yelling, "Tama-chan! Tama-chan, it's your dad! Your dad is here!"

The blonde teen fell off his chair. "What?! My father is here?! Do you know why?" He asked, getting on his feet.

"Nuh-uh!" Honey shook his head quickly. "Me an' Takashi saw the car pull into the parking lot, so I came to tell you!"

"Gah, but why is he here?" Tamaki grabbed his hair. "Not that I care, but it's strange!"

Honey nodded in agreement. "I dunno, but we should go see. Let's go!" He grabbed Tamaki's hand and pulled him out the door.

The blonde boys walked down the hall as fast as possible, without bugging the other students. Some of the students were already gathering around the entrance, so Honey had to push them out-of-the-way.

Yuzuru was talking to one of the staff members when Tamaki finally made it through the student mob. "Father, Father what are you doing here?" Tamaki asked, surprise in is voice.

His father looked up. His face broke into a grin. "Tamaki, my son! How are you?" He walked over and kissed his son on the forehead. "You've grown so much!"

A blush appeared on Tamaki pretty face. "Father! Not in front of everyone, please!" He grabbed his father's hand. "Let's go inside." He had to push through everyone again, and they were trying to grabbed at Yuzuru, and Tamaki's father wasn't making it any easier, as he tried to shake everyone's hand.

Finally, Tamaki managed to get his father inside one of the empty classrooms. He locked the door tight, and then he turned towards his father, who was sitting on the teacher's desk. "Father, can you please tell me why you are here?" Tamaki ran his hand through his hair. "Not that I mind, because it is nice to see you again, Father."

Yuzuru chuckled. "It's nice to see you as well, son. But why are you so surprised to see me? I did send word."

"I-I know, but I thought you meant home, like our house." Sighed Tamaki.

"Well, I was going to go home, but I wanted to meet Yoshio handsome son, Kyoya." Yuzuru grinned. "He is you lucky guy, right?"

Tamaki blushed deeply. He cleared his throat, "Well, yes. We are dating now. But you want to meet him? Really?"

"Why now?" Yuzuru stood up. He started to walk around the room. "I mean, why wouldn't I want to the boy who made my son happy, hm? So where is he?"

"He wouldn't be in here, Father. He went up to his room after breakfast and I haven't seen him since." Tamaki shook his head. "You are as weird as I remember."

"I see. I want to speak with him, please." Yuzuru picked up a book from one of the desks and started to flip through it. "If you don't mind, Tamaki."

"No, no, of course not, Father. I'm sure Kyoya would like to meet you as well." Tamaki pulled out his cell phone and sent Kyoya a quick text saying, 'Kyoya, my father would like to meet you in person, come quickly. We are in classroom B-7. Love you 3 :D :3'

"There, I guess we wait now." Tamaki sighed. Please come quickly, Kyoya.


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