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Chapter 17: Father To Son.

The car pulled up to the front of Ouran, and came to a stop. The chauffeur opened the door for Yoshio Ootori. He step out and brushed his suit off, and checked his watch. It was 12:37, lunch time. For a second, he thought Kyoya may still be a sleep, knowing his lazy son, but it was late in the day already. So one would assume he was out of bed by now. Yoshio pulled out his phone and wrote a quick email to Kyoya.


I'm at Ouran now, I will meet you at the small café at the end of the street.

Your father, Yoshio.

He slid his phone into his coat pocket smoothly. "I'll be down by the café if you need me, so park the car nearby." He said to his chauffeur.

"Yes sir," the chauffeur answered.

The walk down was a pleasant one, as it was a nice day, with the sun shining, and a slight breeze to make it perfect. After about fifteen minutes of walking, Yoshio walked inside the small café and sat down at a table in the corner of the room. He ordered a medium coffee with milk and waited for his youngest son to arrive.


Kyoya had already got up, showered, and fed himself. Tamaki left earlier to see his father, but promised to come by later in the day. Kyoya just shooed him away, slightly irritated since Tamaki woke him at eight thirty to tell him that.

Now he sat in front of his desk, trying to get some of his homework finished for tomorrow's classes. While his email loaded, he was going over his notes. Satisfied with his work, he looked up to check his email, when he saw the one on the top was his father. Droping his notes on his desk, Kyoya read it twice, just to make sure it was really from his father, but it was.

He pushed his chair away and grabbed his jacket off the hook as he walked out his door. Making sure it was locked before he went, Kyoya quickly made his way to the front door. Only a few students were lingering on the staircase, as it was Sunday afternoon, most were either off with their friends or were doing their homework.

Pushing the large doors open, Kyoya walked outside as a slight breeze gently blew his hair around. As he was walking, he spotted Haruhi and Renge sitting under one of the many trees of Ouran doing homework together. Perfect, thought Kyoya. I don't know where the café actually is. I'll just ask them quickly.

"Oh, hey, Kyoya. What's up?" Haruhi asked when he walked over.

"I was wondering if either of you knew were the café is." He asked. "My fa- I mean friend is waiting there for me, and I just got his email now"

Haruhi and Renge glanced at each other. They both know Kyoya was going to say father, but caught himself. Haruhi shrugged it off and answered, "Yeah, you just go to the end of Ouran's driveway and take a right, and just go all the way down, and it is just right there. You can't miss it."

Kyoya smiled and nodded. "Thanks, I'll see you later then." He started to walk off when a thought occurred to him. He turned around and raised his voice slightly to say, "Can you not tell Tamaki? I just don't want him bothering me."

The brunette gave a thumbs up, while Renge said, "Can do."

"Thanks again!" And off he went.

"Like it's not obvious who's he is meeting." Renge said, rolling her eyes.

Haruhi nodded. "I know, right?"

Kyoya picked up his pace as soon as he saw the place he was looking for. Standing in front of the building, he composed himself and calmly pushed the door open. Walking inside, he looked around and saw his father sitting in the corner of the room drinking a coffee. He walked over, pulled a chair out, and sat down smoothly. "Father, I wasn't expecting you," Kyoya said. "You never returned my email so I had assumed you ignored it instead."

Yoshio put his coffee down and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "No, I just never replied. That was rude of me, I apologize."

If Kyoya was surprised at his father's apology, he didn't show it. Instead he said, "I asked to meet you tonight, why so early?"

"I do things at my own pace." His father replied.

The youngest son nodded his head, as if he expected that kind of answer. "Alright, let's get down to business, shall we?"

"You said you wanted to speak to me. What was it about?" Yoshio asked.

This was the part Kyoya was worried about. He had to play his cards right, or he'd screw everything up. Better start with the hardest one first, then. He pushed his glasses up. "I am sure you know by now, so there's no point in hiding it. I'm dating Tamaki Souh, Yuzuru's son. And I'm sure you disapprove, so there's no need for you to say so. I just want to say this is a great opportunity for the Ootori business. You could make a partnership with Yuzuru. I actually spent the day with him yesterday, and he approves of mine and Tamaki's relationship, so I'm sure he'd make a partnership with you."

Yoshio nodded. "Yes, it would be a good opportunity for Ootori, but would people said about you two? Hmm? Do you think they would approve?"

"Not to be rude, Father. But in this day and age, less and less people are going to care if two men are dating." Kyoya said a little stiffly.

"But what if it destroys the Ootori name?"

Kyoya stared at him for a minute. "I... want to give two different choices, though you don't have to choose either of them. One, you can disown me and kick me out of the family, so no one can give you any disrespect. Or two, I'll be willing to listen to you and enter the family business, and do whatever you wish of me, as long you leave Tamaki alone."

His father stroked his beard for a few minutes, thinking to himself. Kyoya didn't say anything, in case his father decided to change his mind about listening to him anymore. The next few minutes were agony for Kyoya.

Finally, Yoshio spoke again. "You would gave up your freedom of choice to be with the Souh boy? Even after all those years of ignoring my wishes and doing whatever you pleased?"

For the first time since the conversation started, Kyoya looked down. "Yes." He said softly. "I would."

He looked up again when he heard his father... chuckling. Now he was confused.

"You know, Kyoya. For the first time in a while, you're just like me." His father said, still chuckling. "Alright, I'll humour your deal with this. Go to a school of your choice, do whatever you want with the Souh boy, and have your own life. As long if it benefits the Ootori company."

Kyoya was confused again. "Wha... why? Don't you want me to be a doctor or something like that?"

Yoshio looked out the window he was sitting by. "After your mother die, I'll admit I changed because of my grief. But I think this is something she would approve of. Yuuichi, Akito, and Fuyumi never question me, not once. But ever since you were old enough to speak, you always had to know if there was a different path you could take to solve your problems. I should have know you were going to be diffrent, but after your mother died, I wanted to force you to do things you didn't want to do, just so you would be like your brothers." He looked at Kyoya again. "So I will tell you to go after your dreams, but I will always going to be there for you if you need me, Kyoya."

"Father..." For the first time in a long time, Kyoya hugged his father and smiled. "Thank you..."


Years later...

Tamaki and Kyoya ended up together after they finished school. Tamaki went on to work in business and took over the Souh family business after his grandmother and father retired. He then visited his mother after all the years he didn't get to see her, and was happy to see she was doing well. Kyoya went into business as well, and worked under his father for a few years before opening his own. He and Tamaki adopted two children.

Hikaru went into gaming design and became quite successful with it. Kaoru went into the fashion industry, and followed in the foot steps of their mother. Hikaru settled down with a nice women he met while working and had a little girl, while Kaoru found love in the form of a male model.

Haruhi moved to Boston to finish her last year of school, then went to law school to become a lawyer, just like her mother. Renge stayed behind and worked as an editor for boy's love novels. Haruhi and her kept in touch and eventually got together a few years later.

Takashi opened a small dojo to teach kendo to young kids, while running a petting zoo on the side. Mitskuni took over his father's karate dojo, and became the dojo master. The two of them kept their relationship a secret, in fear they would get in too much trouble with their families.

The End.


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