Halo. Maj name ish Kitteh and I am new 2 to invader Zim town. I start hi-SKOOL tomorrow while I spend today playin w/ mug cats. Mug sistar says that I was honna be forever alone cuz I plays with my Cato. I tell her "Fuck you" and then I goez to hen.

I up the necks day and then got freddy for SKOOL. I lurve SKOOL because I is really smart and mug teachers luv meh! I put on my fishnets and my shit and my high hellos on my feet. Then I combed my rainbow hairs because my natural hair color wuz rainbow hairs. I slit my thigh because I got really sad because I don't like SKOOL and then I went to SKOOL. But only afterz I ate sum Wheatley. Yum. :3

Da SKOOL wuz called PORTAL HIGH SKOOL because the author loves MarissatheWriter because her writing ish kewl and fuel of INTENSE ACTON AND... POPCORN.

"Class," says Ms. Sweaters "I'd like to introduce you to newest APPENDAGE to the student body. Her name is...Mary-Sue." she pointed to a GURL who has beautiful blonde hair and wuz wearing a tank tops to skool. Tank tops were knot in the school but apparently they are at SKOOL. Mary was introduced after I was because I came to class first. She came after lunchtime because she was special. But I dunno y she so special.

While Ms. Bitters talks about SPAGHETTI, I started staring at Zim and Dib because that's what all da OCs do in invader Zimmerman fics. Zim wuz all tall and muscular because he had grown a lot from eatin lotsa PIZZAPIE and DINNER. I look at Dib to and saw MARY starin at Dib too. I bet she looooves him. :3

I had my lunch at the cafeteria which looks like a normal cafeteria except it has FOOD. Mary-Sue skipped everyone in line and then sat to a lot of hawt boys cuz they wanted her to be their girlfriend. I sat next to dip because I had nowhere else sit and there were no other couches to go behind.

Then Dib sat next to my table. Gaz wuz playin a Mario video game. And Zim was doing...MARY?