Naruto (c) Kishimoto Masashi

Everywhere she went –

– blue-eyes noticed.

Whichever radio channel she listens –

– ears peaked.

Though she has cut off any contact –

see the phone carelessly tossed onto the backseat?

– to them, she isn't really 'gone'.

Damn keeping in touch with the news.


chapter 2/5




She ponders why this has happened.

The radio was great; for informing – warning – Ino that she is now deemed 'missing'. She still feels gratitude for the radio host with the sweet voice.

She shifted her position on the none-too-spacious backseat, twisting her bottle cap tightly closed while doing so.

Sweat and leather don't go too well, judging by the protesting noises her leather seat is making. Inwardly, Ino apologises to her baby – it can't be helped, she can't stay in a hotel.

Twisting once more, she sighs.

Let there be rain.

As if her wishes were granted, or a shooting-star has appeared –

Just like the clouds
my eyes will do the same
if you walk away
Everyday, it will rain, rain, rain
~it will rain, bruno mars

– the blond smiled.

This one is sensible.

"Hey, Ino?"

Abruptly, blue eyes swung open.

"This one is dedicated to you."

"I know it's sweltering hot, and you're probably – well, never mind."

"I can't make it rain, but I hope..."

"I hope this cheers you up."

Tears sting; threatening to overflow and spill onto pale cheeks, forcing her to sit up.

That's not fair! – Ino imagines herself whining to her lazy childhood friend.

But she isn't there, and he isn't here, and they aren't face-to-face.

The temper tantrum will just take place in her head, then.

She wore her silly, lopsided smile.

Exiting the (very) cramped confines of her car –

– awe.

The summer night skies were simply dazzling.

Maybe she had made a wish upon a shooting-star, given the amount.

Blue-eyes closed –

– feeling a little of the weight ease.

It doesn't feel bad at all –

everything feels

– so much better.

This spur-of-the-moment trip isn't so bad after all.


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