I'm still in the process of writing the epilogue of Love Wont Let You Go, but this kinda came around :P

Rated M for possible future chapters, rating may change.

Sorry how short it is, kinda just a introduction chapter!


When Kurt first found out his father was getting remarried he was happy for him, he truly was. Since Kurt's mother died his father, Burt, didn't date much. He had the odd girlfriend but no one stuck around for longer than a few months. So when Kurt started seeing more of his recent girlfriend, he wasn't surprised when his dad told him he was going to pop the question, and was even less surprised when she had said yes.

Kurt really did like his dad's new girlfriend, she didn't try to hard to make friends when she obviously didn't care much like the other 'flings' and she actually did share the same interests as Kurt. Such as fashion and music and she wasn't even slightly phased by the fact Kurt was gay, in fact she welcomed it and was very supportive of him and even offered advice now and then.

Kurt was wary of her at first as she was extremely beautiful, he didn't think his dad couldn't get a woman as beautiful as her, it just irked him a bit and he thought she was after his father's money or something. He soon dropped this theory after he got to know her a bit and realised she genuinely liked his father and he was glad his dad finally found someone.

Her name was Angela Anderson, she had long thick curly hair and hazel-green eyes. She had a killer fashion sense and a great figure, Kurt was glad he finally met someone who was as fabulous as him.

There was only one problem.

Angela had a son, a son who was Kurt's age. Kurt hadn't met him yet but Angela did speak about him quite a lot. From how Angela described him he seemed like the perfect boy, private schooled, straight A's, popular and can sing like a dream. Angela was obviously incredibly proud of her son but Kurt was worried, Burt and Angela already decided that her and her son (Blaine, if Kurt remembered correctly) would move in with Kurt and Burt who had recently moved into a bigger house. Kurt was worried about having to live with another boy around his age, what if he was homophobic and as soon as he met Kurt decided he no longer wanted to live with him in case he 'peeked at his junk' or 'gave him gay disease' like most of the jocks at his school believed he'd do. Kurt didn't want him and Blaine not getting along to get in the way of his father's love life.

Kurt finally met Blaine a few weeks before the wedding and it was completely by accident. He was at the Lima Bean waiting for his father and Angela; they had called him previously and told him to meet them there after school since they had some news for him. While he was waiting a slightly shorter boy with curly hair gelled down and a uniform which Kurt recognised as Dalton Academy (he had competed against them at regionals once) casually walked over to Kurt's table and sat down.

"Er can I help you?" Kurt asked, looking up from his phone (he was playing a very intense game of angry birds and he didn't like to be interrupted of course) with a confused tone.

"Just wondering what a gorgeous boy like you was doing sitting here all alone." The mystery boy answered back with a wink which made Kurt's stomach flip.

Kurt blushed and he could swear he looked a shade of deep red right about now. "I-I erm I'm waiting for my dad…"

"I see, I'm kind of relieved." The boy grinned and Kurt could look at that smile all day. Kurt mentally kicked himself, he didn't get speechless and heart eyed at boys. He was Kurt Hummel for god's sake. Kurt still found himself hanging on every word this cute mystery stranger said. "I thought you might have been waiting for some boyfriend, I was afraid I'd have to steal you away." Another wink. Kurt was beginning to think this guy had something wrong with his eye.

"Nope, no boyfriend." Kurt giggled tilting his head and fluttering his eyelashes, a bit of harmless flirting never hurt anyone right?

"Ah, that's a shame. For other guys I mean, not for me of course because now you're available," The boy reached over and started lightly stroking Kurt's fingers and Kurt quickly moved his hand back and looked around him, worried.

"Look I'm flattered but you can't just do things like that." Kurt said, flustered.

"And why not?"

"This isn't exactly a homosexual acceptance café is it?" Kurt sighed. "We're in Ohio."

The boy laughed then and Kurt could listen to that sound all day, it was like music to his ears.

"If you say so-" Kurt was about to say his name when someone beat him to it.

"Kurt!" his dad called from the door, coming in with Angela smiling behind him, following.

"Mom?" The boy in front of Kurt asked in surprise and Kurt thought the air was being sucked out of his lungs as he placed the pieces.

"You're… you're Blaine?" Kurt stammered out, in awe.

"Uh yeah… shit." Blaine cursed. "I'm guessing you're Kurt?" Kurt nodded, unable to say anything else. "Hi I'm Blaine, your future step brother."