This takes ideas from both my fiction 'Dominance Over Memoria' and Xlucy0117X's fiction 'The Prize'.

Sort of AUish, diverges from Canonical Events. Credit for this Prelude goes to Xlucy0117X and I thank her for allowing to edit and add this chapter into this expanded version of her fiction

Sort of a sequel to Dominance over Memoria but it was different enough that i decided to put it in a separate post.

Occurs after Trent tells Kira his identity as the White Ranger (Truth and Consequences, episode 14) and after Tommy is released from his amber prison (Ep. 15) but remains trapped in Ranger mode. I'm not too sure about the other episodes and how they fit in but I'll worry about those later. For now, ignore all those other episodes.

Sorry this up so late - I was trying to get in a few chapters before I posted.

Spoils of War - Chapter 1

Reefside Library - Rooftop

Tyranno's white dino spikes clashed with the gold-tinged blade of the Wing Pentact*. Growling Tyranno pressed forward, pushing the White Ranger, Drago, backwards. Drago seemed unfazed by the attack and even folded an arm behind his back as Tyranno launched a knee into his abdomen. Surprised, the air rushed out of Drago's lungs allowing Tyranno to seize his arm, tapping the dagger out of his hand from the bottom with a knucklestrike and launching a roundhouse kick that sent him off-balance and crashing to the ground.

"Not so tough now, huh, Drago?" Tyranno mocked.

Kira watched Tyranno and Drago's battle from behind the crates, trying not to move too much. Stupid. Instead of waiting for Conner after Halley had picked the White Ranger up on the radar lurking outside of the library, she'd gone after him.

She had been hoping to help Trent break free of Drago's control. But it seemed Drago was too powerful now. Even when Trent was in control Drago could forcibly morph his human host at will. But he had not been merciful - she didn't even have time morph. It was still painful to breathe and she felt as if she was covered in bruises from head to toe. She could barely move let alone fight.

This was pathetic. I need more training and conditioning if I'm match him, let alone surpass him.


In ranger mode, Ethan and Dr. O rushed over, avoiding Drago's attention as Tyranno distracted him.

"Are you alright?" Dr. O asked, his voice concerned.

"I've been better." she admitted, wincing.

"No luck reaching Trent in there?" Dr. O asked and he sighed when Kira shook her head. "E- Tricera, watch her. I'm gonna help Tyranno,"

Ethan had proposed a few weeks ago that they call each other by codenames - the names of their respective dinozords while in morph. It was to reduce the chance of fellow students or random civilians connecting their Ranger modes to their civilian identities but they were still getting use to the codenames.

Tricera nodded as Brachio drew his brachio staff and jumped over the crates to join the fight.

Drago was on his feet now and the two Rangers were furiously exchanging kicks, jabs, punchs and spikes against dagger, sparks flying.

Drago stepped back as Tyranno aimed a kick at him and the lack of a target sent the Red Ranger off-balance. Drago pumped a sharp kick into the lead Ranger's torso and launched a barrage of golden arrows traced through the air via the white dagger, sending Tyranno skidding backwards, falling hard onto his side.

The impact knocked the air clean out of his lungs, inducing a racking cough as his vision blurred and his ranger suit dematerialized.

"Hey, remember that Dino Gem trick, Dr. O showed us the other day?" Tricera asked. "The energy heal?"

Kira nodded, bringing her arm up and placing her hand on her dino bracer. Yellow energy rippled from under her fingers and her tense muscles relaxed. Tricera peeked around the crates spotting the demorphed Conner injured on the ground.

"Kira, I'm gonna get Conner. Will you be okay?"

"Yeah, I should be fine,"

"Stay put," he said but not with Conner's bossiness. "I think Drago's beginning to have so sort of sick fascination with you," He crept towards Conner, trying to keep a low profile and Kira made a face.


The White Ranger laughed, his mocking voice, echoing through the helmet. "Hard training pays off doesn't it?"

The last time he had fought the Rangers, he had seen the face of the demorphed Ptera Ranger prompting his aggravating host to attempt to regain control and leading him to get his ass handed to him by Tyranno and Tricera in their super dino modes. But with a few adjustments and a few mind-focusing techniques, Trent was back under his control, trapped in his own body while they were in ranger mode.

Drago raise his Wing Pentact again but stopped, flipping backwards to avoid the sphere of fire that struck where he had seconds before.

"I am your opponent," Brachio extended his swordstaff in front of him and brought it up, sinking into a fighting stance.

"About time. I was waiting for a good opponent,"

Brachio leveled his staff threateningly, circling Drago. "Trent, why are you doing this?"

Drago tapped this side of his helmet. "Trent isn't doing anything but watching, Black Ranger. I'm in control of this body."

"Then what are your plans, White Ranger?"

"Please, call me Drago,"

"Why won't you release Trent?" Brachio demanded.

"Hm..." Drago pretended to think. "I need a host body. And I'm bored. Thought you guys could entertain me. But your students are pretty weak,"

The energy heal made her bruises less sore but she still wasn't in top fighting condition. But now the gem was glowing, alternating between white and yellow and it was vibrating.

She looked and Drago seemed distracted by the yellow and white glow coming from his belt long enough for Brachio to get in a few punishing strikes, unleashing a concentrated energy strike.

Drago fell to his knees, raising his Wing Pentact and bringing it slashing down in a wave of golden energy that Tommy was forced to block with his staff. Drago traced a series of golden arrows in the air, sending them hurtling towards the Black Ranger and causing a cloud of dust and smoke as he threw a last second, countering fire slash.

Tricera had managed to get Conner to safety on the otherside of the rooftop.

Kira looked down at her flashing dino gem, thoughtfully. "I think Drago's beginning to have so sort of sick fascination with you." Ethan had said.

"Maybe I can use that to my advantage..." Her morpher flashed into existence.

"Dino Thunder, Ranger Mode." she whispered quietly, pressing the button and her suit materialized around her, going automatically into Super Dino Mode.

Drago stood slowly, looking up as Brachio bursts from the smoke, high in the air and came down with a slash across Drago's torso. Drago grunted in pain and pushed him back before tapping into his crash sprint, slashing at the veteran Ranger several times with his Wing Pentact

Dr. Oliver grunted in surprise and dropped to his sore knees. Placing his hands upon the ground, he caught himself before he could fall.

"Hey, creep! Why do you try me on for a size!" Tricera challenged, having moved Tyranno to a safer place to collapse. Drago scoffed, tracking Tricera's movements with his eyes as the blue-clad Ranger dashed towards him.

Drago countered with a roundhouse kick, rotating on the ball of his left foot and snapping out his right, trying to slam Tricera's hip with his shin.

"Tricera shield!" The shield-wielder blocked a well – aimed kick, and tried to get one of his own in. The White Ranger deflected it with a flick of his wrist and placed another kick square into the man's chest before a rain of golden arrows struck, hitting vital points.

Tricera collapsed, his suit flickering dangerously.

Seeing all of the Rangers were down, the White Ranger began to stride away before a hand clamped on his shoulder. Looking down at it and seeing a yellow glove, the White Ranger batted it off and turned around, spying his favorite ranger, just standing there. Her wings and spikes were out and her thundermax saber was in her hand, hanging loosely at her side.

"Ptera, what are you doing?" Conner yelled from the sidelines and Brachio looked up.

"Ptera, stop!"

Drago and Ptera both ignored the fallen rangers. "I'll make you a deal," Ptera said.

"Oh...?" Drago interested and he casually, circled the at ease Yellow Ranger. He heard her ragged breaths through the helmet and he chuckled lightly. "Well, little bird? I'm listening."

"You're not Trent." she said, just to be sure. "You're something else, right?"


"Okay, Drago," she took a breath and continued. "If you leave Reefside and my friends alone, I'll be your prisoner,"

Brachio watched the exchange with wary eyes behind his helmet, trying to catch his breath. Drago was strong.

What is she saying to him?

Drago actually stopped his circling to stare at her. "And why would you do that? What do you get out of this?"

"Our gems reacted to each other. They've never done that before."

She has a point...

Drago looked at the ground and continued to circle her."And if I agree to your terms...?"

What am I doing? ! What doI get out of this? Well...maybe if I'm close by, I can get through to Trent.

"You'll have to fight me first!" She caught him by surprise, slashing his torso with her right arm spikes and spinning out to deliever a slash down his torso with her saber. Kicking him backwards, she sheathed her saber and took off with a swift movement, shooting into the air.

Drago coughed painfully and laughed. "So you do still have some fight in you!" Ptera kept her altitude steady, watching the hail of arrows he sent her way and flew upwards, angling her path over the arrows and dropping suddenly too fast for him to counter, landing right behind him. Her elbows shoot back catching him hard in the left kidney and she spun around as he countered her spike arm strike with his dagger, gripping her other arm in his hand.

"Not bad, little bird. But you're running on adrenaline and dino energy - you can only go for so long."

Kira panted. He was right. Her bruises from their last battle only a short while ago were already beginning to flare again and she had barely begun! Might as well make every shot count.

He yelped in shock as she suddenly bash her helmet protected skull into his own and she hooked her leg around his sending them both crashing to the ground. Drago got his legs up and kicked upwards, throwing her over his head onto her back.

The impact stunned her long enough for Drago to roll to his feet and stomp down on her arm. Almost instantaneously, he heard her audible gasp of pain as her arm reeled away, and her suit began to dematerialize. Understanding her lack of strength, he waited for her give up.

"I win, little bird."

She groaned in pain but there was a faint smile on her pale lips. What did she have planned with this little deal she had made? Maybe he should just leave her here...? Drago scowled. But then that would spoil his fun. Besides...he could use this to his advantage. "Maybe this time," This time indeed. He was beginning to like this game.

He hauled the defeated Yellow Ranger to her feet, hooking his arm around her neck and aiming his Wing Pentact at Brachio threateningly as the Black Ranger lurched to his feet.

The demorphed Red Ranger stood up, slightly swaying with his shaky legs. "Get away from her!" He shouted at him angrily.

Rolling his eyes dramatically, Drago wished he could see his annoyed expression. "Or what? You're gonna fall on me?" Conner seemed to bite back his own taunt. Drago adjusted his arm on Kira's neck, applying just enough pressure in the right place to make her pass out. Of course, an extra surge of energy from his dino gem helped the process along.

Draping her across his back and keeping one hand on her arms, he sheathed his dagger and looked at the two demoralized male Rangers and Tricera's unmoving form. "Ya know, I think I deserve a prize. I mean, I've defeated you guys more times than you can count. No, don't worry, no need to get me anything, I'll just take this stupid girl here. You know I hate yellow, right?" He smiled at their painful silence.

"Trent, fight it! You don't have to watch this!" Brachio pleaded. "We can help you!" He began to get up, but was stopped when he felt the knife – like pain stab him. He moaned, and fell back to the ground. He couldn't let him take her, she didn't deserve this. Accidentally stumbling upon his experiment and becoming the Yellow Ranger wasn't her fault…well, not really. She was a good person.

"Getting old, Dr. Oliver?" The Black Ranger jerked his head up in shock.

"Why are you surprised? I have access to Trent's thoughts."

"Shut up!" Conner snapped.

"You're not a real person. Just a spirit possessing someone else's body." Brachio accused.

"It doesn't matter who I am if you still can't beat me."

The veteran Ranger lunged to his feet suddenly, his sword snaking out and closing the distance between them; Drago lunged back Kira still on his back and swung a crescent kick deflecting the blade before he darted forward and delivered a fast startling palm strike to the helmet to distract him - and then in a blur of speed he was gone.

... Okay, I was trying to have it make more sense (in my mind) with more action and I just took it and twisted it something that barely resembles, Xlucy0117X's fiction 'The Prize'.

Be warned - I have portfolios, projects and tests to do/to study for so this'll be on the backburner. I'll edit the chapters I have and get those up ASAP.

*Wing Pentact - the Japanese name for the Drago Sword. Does Drago's dagger look like a sword? No, it doesn't it's a dagger. And 'Wing Pentact' sounds much better than 'White Dagger', which was my name for it.

Commonly when characters have codenames, I refer to them by codenames when they're in 'alter ego mode' and by civilian names when they are not.

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