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Power Rangers: Dino Thunder

Spoils of War - Chapter 6

Drago growled in annoyance as the press of tyrannodrones slowed his movements to short ineffectual jabs against their armored bodies.

"Gale, a little help?" He threw out a sharp elbow, earning himself a little breathing space and run another one through the chest, sending it tumbling to the ground knocking over several of his partners. A shrill cry echoed across the quarry as a gust of wind lifted the tyranndrones back and almost immediately he felt someone tackle him from the side. He caught himself on his forearm, twisting around to throw them but he still ended up on his back, the breath knocked out of him.

Trent groaned, his red-tinted HUD flickering with static as Zeltrax loomed into view.

He heard a voice but couldn't quite make it out and Zeltrax raised his sword.

~Move, you idiot!~

Trent's eyes widened as he rolled out of the way as Zeltrax's sword stabbed dirt.

Howling in rage, Zeltrax yanked it free, swinging as Trent felt his head swim violently as his eyes watered.

A blur of yellow suddenly went cannoning into him with a flying dropkick, sending Zeltrax hurtling into Elsa.

Ptera hauled Drago/Trent to his feet.

"Pull yourself together!" She hissed. "Galestorm, get us out of here,"

Triassic Range

Ethan contained a burst of laughter as the three Raptors went for the ball with a vengeance, shouldering each other out of the way.

"Beck! Be nice your sisters!" Ethan yelled.

The red Raptor was distracted enough for Melody the yellow Raptor to take advantage of it, tripping him over with her tail and snatching up the ball in her jaws.

Padme, the blue Raptor, immediately seized the ball - Melody let out a protesting muffled shriek and they started a fierce tug of war as Ethan's morpher chimed.

"Go for Ethan,"

"Brachio here. Still no luck finding Ptera,"

"That's alright," said Haley over the line, her fingers making clicking sounds on the keyboard. "I've found Huntsong - she's got a lock on Kira and Drago's position,"

"Where?" The Raptors crowded around Ethan, curious and he jumped. "Whoa, a little space please."

Padme just lightly headbutted him in response.

"Not now!"

"The quarry." Haley said. "Looks like Mesagog's gotten interested."

"That has bad news written all over it," Dr. O agreed. "I'm gonna go ahead,"

"Huntsong will meet you," Haley said. "And Blackstone stands at the ready."

"Go for it - the sooner we get Kira back the better." Ethan agreed. The line went off and Ethan stepped back, shooing his Raptor back.

"Dino Thunder, Ranger Mode!" His blue ranger suit appeared in a burst of color and he jumped on his Raptor.

"Don't worry, Mel," he said to Melody. "We're gonna get Kira back,"

Melody trilled.

"Careful out there, Ethan. You're still a little bruised. I'll keep Connor on stand by,"

"Will do, Hayley,"

Ptera stumbled as they appeared in Galestorm's navi deck. Drago shoved her away.

"Let go!"

"Some gratitude. I just saved your life." She spat from the floor.

"And I'm very grateful." Drago snapped. He seemed dizzy, holding his head as he leaned over the console feeling his head swim. "But was that really the wisest decision?"

"Maybe not. But it's what I do,"

The sensors trilled at that moment and Ptera stood, brushing herself off. "It's Huntsong,"

"And something else," Drago frowned placing his hand on the control sphere. "Oh, lovely,"


"Invisi-portal. We're caught in the gravity well,"


Conner breathed a sigh of relief as the final bell rang and started shoving his books into his backpack. He'd already gotten Kira and Ethan's homework for the day, sacrificing his lunch to do so - no need to have everyone jumping down his throat.

"Remember to finish chapter ten of your reading." Ms. Wells, called over the clattering. "We'll be doing a class discussion next week on World War 1 and how unresolved tensions led into World War 2." Some people paused to write it down, others - including Conner dashed out of the classroom.

Conner heard his dino bracer beep and he went for his cellphone in the crowd hall, brushing his hand over his communicator.

"Conner here, talk to me,"

"We've got a lock on our missing friends," Haley announced. "Beck will met you in the usual place; can you be there?"

"I'm all over it."