Hello! I am technically in an ichiruki fangirl mode this whole couple of months. Meaning I've been getting a whole lot of Ichiruki fanfics ideas. This is one I thought of just...what yesterday? I felt like I should write it! Why? Because...I want to support the Ichiruki team as much as possible with stories. So this is a preface. Meaning it sort of happens somewhere in the story, like a preview. I hope you guys cont. reading. Rated T. but may change to M if suggested by readers.



" Rukia!" I called in panic. Wherever she is I really need to find her. Fast. I tried not to think that something horrible had happened to her. I glanced around. Finally I see her. In the ground.

" R-Rukia!" I called in panic.

She doesn't answer.

Am I too late? I never told her...

" Damn it, shortie if you die on me, I'll- I'll- I'll-," I couldn't even find the words. If she died on me, I would bring her back to life just so I could kill her for dying on me.

She wasn't breathing. Numb. She felt cold. Is this how it ends then? Her dead? Cold. I shove a deep hard kiss, in desperation I bring her lips towards me. Her lips are still warm. But she doesn't feel the tears crawling down my face.

" Babe, Come back to me," I breath in her hair.

No respond.

She is cold...

I puff air into her body. I won't, can't, damn it hell no will I let her die on me..

1,2,3-air-push. 1,2,3,4...push-air. Come back Rukia, come back. Is she dead..?...NO!

" Ichigo, she's not coming back, she's dead," My dad placed a hand on my shoulder.

" NO!" I yell back.

" She's not dead!"

I push-1,2,3,4. Orihime starts crying. Renji is paleā€¦hope is gone in his eyes.

" Ichigo," Yorouichi tries to comfort me too.

I shook her off. Come back Rukia, I know you're in there!

My Rukia.

My Wife...

Me Ex...

My Lover...

My Best Friend

Damn it come back to me! We still have a life to fill again. Rukia...you can't be gone. You're the light in my impasse. Everyone is losing hope. Everyone lost hope. As a lifeless short body lay in my hands. I didn't. I'm not going to lose hope. I'm still trying. Come back to me- i didn't have a chance to tell you how much I love you...

I brought her face to my chest.

" I didn't have a chance to tell you I love you Rukia..."

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