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Chapter 4. Procceed.


I wake up with a grunt. " Come on we can't stay here for long," Rukia says with a foot stump to my stomach.

" Ugh…what?" I straighten up, my stomach churning from the wake up call.

" Ichigo get up! We have to go," she demanded.

What's the freaking rush? I almost say, but groaning I stood up. The carpet had seemed like a suitable place to sleep in before. Now I was beginning to regret it. My whole backside was stiff. Not to mention how sore I felt from yesterday's run.

" They will be looking for us like wild. We'll have to make it to Hitsugaya's house as soon as possible," Rukia paced around the room, her hands crossed in a calculating way.

" Rukia, calm down," I sigh.

" Calm down! Don't you get any of it at all! Are you seriously that dumb?!" she exploded right in front of me.

I let out a scowl. Yelling at me, first thing in the morning?

" Stop! All I know is that you seriously have a dept with the Yakuza and now you got me into this-" I touch the wound in my head, it stung from just touching it. " I also know that we're in for it, whatever happens it involves both of us now."

I stare at Rukia. Her arms were still crossed, she sighs.

" Why couldn't you have listened to me? Ugh!- I'm sorry Ichigo this is all my fault if I hadn't-," she stops herself before saying the rest of the words.

What? What had she done? " Now would be the perfect time to tell me what you did Rukia," I persisted.

" It's none of your business Ichigo," she retorted back.

" If they are after me as well, I deserve to know what you did to piss them off," I can't believe how she won't answer the question.

" We have to head over to Hitsugaya," she ordered instead, she was dodging the question..

" Who is Hitsugaya?"

" He's the only person we can trust right now," she grips her shoes, sliding her feet in them.

The machine gun still laid on the corner. I wanted to go back to when Rukia was laying beside me and though most morning we would end up fighting, there were plenty of days when we were both content. My scowl deepen. I really need to stop comparing my life back then with her to now. It's not the same and things won't go back to how they used to be. They never do.

" Okay so where is this Hisu-dude live," I asks, rubbing the tense shoulder I slept on.

" Down by Mizu street- it's a long way but if we leave now we might just make it before they start locating us," Rukia tied her short hair in a bun.

" Great," I sarcastically murmured.

I'm still waiting to wake up from this bizarre dream I'm having. We set out around 6 in the morning. My head ache, my back ache, and my neck hurt horribly. As we strode along side each other Rukia kept glancing around over her shoulder. She didn't necessarily speak to me as we walked. An awkward silence filled us. Meanwhile she continued with her paranoia my mind kept processing what happen yesterday over and over. I scowl as I walk. Come to think about it, my house is completely destroyed and Kenpachi will probably fire me now. I'm jobless, homeless, and apparently with my ex-wife. I have some serious bed luck. Rukia glance over her shoulder again.

" Stop it already!" I muttered, already getting on my nerves. " If you keep looking back that just looks more suspicious! Besides the fact that you're getting on my nerves," I shove my hoodie up and my hands on my pockets.

" We always have to be on guard! They could be tracking us down at this very moment. We definitely have to be careful," she snapped, her arms crossing in front of her.

" It's like 8 in the morning, people are out everywhere. Do you seriously think they'll make a show of haunting us out this early, and if by some crazy reason they come then let them. The police will notice enough to arrest them,"

In between what I just said Rukia's face expression changed.

" We can't involve the police! Don't you think at all!" she yelled, then catching herself she whispered. " Think a little Ichigo."

" I had enough of your complaining! This and that!" I mutter annoyed. " Why can't we involve them, the reason we're probably in this mess is exactly because you're afraid to ask help from the cops."

Rukia took a step back. She opened her mouth ready to burst a snaky reply, but then her eyes lower. " It's not that easy," she said continuing to walk.

" I would've got help if I could, but I can't and right now is too late," her tone was low.

That bad then? Whatever Rukia did must really be affecting her. Hell, I wish I knew what, but Rukia had a good tendency to hide things well and frankly she always scared me when she got depressed like this. It was in a way what started our divorce. I had to kill this strange atmosphere tension in the air.

" Okay so ever since you left my dad has been practically begging me to take you back, he won't shut up about it. Neither does Yuzu for the matter it's getting on my nerves," I say this to change the tension, which I'm sure Rukia knew very well.

" Why wouldn't they? I'm the best thing you ever had carrothead," she smirked, her chin lifting up.

" Most annoying thing I ever had," I corrected.

Rukia shot me a glare. It was easy to talk about stuff before the divorce. It felt natural to talk like this to Rukia. Just like we used to. My mind reluctantly turns back. Where did we go wrong?

" We're here," Rukia announced, looking relief.

" How is this Hitsugaya going to help us exactly," I decide to ask.

" He's always informed of them. He's been tracking them down for as long as I can remember," she answered in a hush tone.

" Tracking?" this all sounded like a movie of some kind.

Rukia knocks at the door, first 1 time, then twice, followed by 3 more when the door opens.

" Rukia I've been so worried about you!" a girl answers the door.

" I'm fine Momo, I have to talk to Hitsugaya," Rukia quickly says.

The girl whose name was Momo glanced over at me. " Is he a friend?"

I open my mouth to introduce myself as her ex-husband when Rukia says " Yes! He's my friend. Don't worry you can trust him," she shot me a warning glare to keep quiet about our marriage.

" Come in," Momo nodded letting us in. She locked the door behind us, smiling.

Seriously? These people are paranoid.

" Toshiro is at the study," she says " I'll go get him. Stay here."

" Who is she?" I ask confuse.

" She's Hitsugaya's girlfriend. He saved her from the same guys who are chasing after us, she almost died that night he saved her. Momo hasn't remembered that night," Rukia whispers quietly.

" And I wish you wouldn't bring it up," a boy probably the same height if not an inch shorter than Rukia appeared by the door. He had his arms crossed, a serious look to him. What's up with him? He looks like a kid to me.

" I'm sorry Hitsugaya," Rukia mumbled

" What happened yesterday? You hanged up on me," he asks her.

" Something came up," Rukia purposely avoided looking over at me.

" Ichigo Kurosaki?" he said it as a matter of fact.

" Yeah that's me,"

" Hitsugaya, Ichigo helped me out and now they are after him too. We need your help," Rukia explains.

" I figured that out yesterday after a call from Rangiku,"

" Wait, you know Rangiku?" I ask.

Momo giggled in the corner.

" Oh he knows her real well, right Toshiro," she smiles at him.

Hitsugaya face colored a bit. " That's not important. What's important is that now you two are the main targets. They won't rest until they find you both."

" I know. Everything's just getting more and more complicated," Rukia sighs, her hands coming to her face.

" Hold up! I have to know what's going to happen now. Thanks to all that shit what am I suppose to do?" I protest.

" There's not much you can do. Run away is probably the best option if you want to live," Hitsugaya replies.

" I can't run away for the rest of my life! I don't even know why I'm in this mess!" I yell, standing up.

" What else would you do? Go against them?" Momo asks.

" That's insane! We can't go against them! They're the top yakuza in this place!" Rukia shot up from the couch.

" Let me get this straight, you want to continue ruining away for the rest of our lives?"

" No, just until they calm down. Be logical Ichigo if we keep well hidden they might think we're dead," Rukia argues.

I was never one to hide in the corner like a coward. She knows this, that's why she's shaking her head at me.

" Hold up Kuchiki, I think Ichigo has the solution. You can't keep running. We must stop them," Hitsugaya nodded like he saw the answer. " There might be a way we can do it."

My attention turns to him.

" How?" Rukia skeptically asks, sounding incredulous.

" You'll have to work together. Can you do that?' Hitsugaya eyed us both.

Work together…I glanced over at Rukia, who equally met me glance. A spark flying across us.

" What do we have to do?" we say at exactly the same time.

I guess I'll have to stick with my ex-wife a while longer.

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